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2006-08-21, 11:27 AM
Recently I’ve been working on a d20 game set on Kundala, the planet on which Eric Van Lustbaders pearl saga was set. Below are the two major pc races.

Major Races
Before time, the great goddess Miina bade her sacred dragons to create life. Together, the dragons used their power to form a glitterin decahedron of infinite power and complexity, known as the Pearl. From the Pearl, the planet of Kundala and its inhabitants were born.The Daemons followed, but for their treacherous nature Miina imprisoned them in the demi-plane named Otherwhere, and sealed their prison for eternity.
The dominant species were the Kundalan, who formed great civilisations using sorcery and the divine guidance provided by their holy mistress. Numerous abbeys were constructed in her name, and these were ruled over by the most powerful member of the Kundalan, known as Mother.It is said that Miina herself spoke to this woman, who watched over the Pearl Ramahan (commoners) as they went about their daily lives, in which all genders, races and nationalities were equal. However, this harmony was not to last, for the race slowly became more and more corrupted, caring more for personal gain and power than the ideals they would once have given their life for.
102 years ago, the corruption reached it’s climax. A group of males, longing to possess the power Mother held, attempted to overthrow her. They disposed of Mother, and stole the Pearl for their own. When they gazed into it, the artifact showed them not the future as it did for Mother, and this lead to their downfall, for they did not have knowledge of the coming of the Vo’rnn- an alien race of conquerors and destroyers who landed on Kundala and claimed it for their own.
Now, in the present day, many Kundalan’s have been wiped out, and those who survive struggle against their hatred for each-other while under the rule of the tyrannical V’ornn. Some resist, but the rest try their best to make a living while being taken as slaves and killed indiscriminately. Worse, Miina has abandoned them for their loss of faith, and only the devout believe she ever existed. The Kundalan have fallen on dark times.

Game Statistics:
Kundalan have the same racial stats and appearance as Humans.

Kundalan weapons are primitive- an composite longbow was considered the height of technology befre the V’ornn arrived.

The V’ornn have no knowledge of their home planet, which was destroyed by a supernova. The computer data-bank which stored their history was badly damaged and in some parts destroyed. Those who remember the origins and purposes of the V’orrn are long dead.
The V’ornn took their anger out on the solar systems around them, directly responsible for the decline of many species, and wiping out a few, including the Krael, themselves.
However, they made the mistake of invading the planet Hellespenn, home to the Centophenni, a race which was so intelligent, it had discovered how to harness raw energy (which the V’ornn refer to as Goron). The V’ornn themselves were nearly destroyed in the aftermath, and have been forced to flee across the universe, destroying as they go.
102 years ago the V’ornn invaded Kundala. They found the planet in turmoil, and took control with ease. They have since become completely in command, and work to wipe out the last cells of the cunning Resistance. They have remained on Kundala longer than any other planet they have annihilated (sp?). Only the Gyrgon know why, and as usual their motives are completely hidden.

The V’ornn cast system:
The V’ornn have a strict Caste system, listed here in order of most to least powerful:
- Gyrgon (Semi mechanical scientists)
- Bashkir (Merchants and Politicians)
- Genomatttek (Doctors and Physicians)
- Khagggun (Military)
- Mesagggun (Engineers)
- Tuskugggun (Females)*
- Deirus (Doctors, who treat the insane and the dead)

V’ornn have blue skin of varying shades and are utterly hairless. The average adult V’ornn is six foot tall, and they live for around 500 years.
Racial Statistics:
- +2 Strength, -2 Wisdom
- Medium
- V’ornn base speed is 30ft.
- Caste Bonus: According to what caste they belong to, V’ornn gain save bonuses, stat bonuses, proficiencies and immunities.**
- Automatic Languages: Common
- Bonus Languages: Centophenni

* Don’t flame me. It wasn’t my idea.
** I’ll explain this later.

Just want to see what people think of how I stated it out. If you haven't read the book, still feel free to post since your opinions on the racial stats are what I want to hear most. So... PEACH, I guess.

2006-08-21, 01:26 PM
So, what would the PCs be playing as? Rebellious Kundalans? V'ornn who grow a concience?

2006-08-21, 01:58 PM
Not necessarily. They could play a V'ornn merchant who finds himself tied up in a Gyrgon plot, or normal kundalan whose village is destroyed by the V'ornn, and they get tracked into the forest.
The reason Kundala struck me as a good setting to put a campaign in is that there are so many possibilities for writing campaigns and role-playing.