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2006-08-21, 01:12 AM
Okay. I think this is the right forum, forgive me if I am wrong.

If any of my real life friends who play Demise of the Brotherhood are reading this - stay out!

In my homebrew game system, the PCs are going to eventually end up overhearing a bargain made between a bunch of orcs and a werewolf. The conversation would go something like this;

...an' we're da orcs. We don't take orders from no one! 'Specially from no stinkin' pink skinned HUMAN! We'ze only work wit' youz cuz you gives us a foight we'ze can win.

Calm down, Bloodskull. You will have your prize soon enough. Just go ahead with the plan as pre-arranged.

*grunt* An' once we'ze takes over da mound o' dirt da dwarvez call a Mountin', we'ze gonna be unstoppable! Da mines are 'uge! Dey go everywhere, we'ze gonna be da strongest Clan in da world! This line is met with much enthusiastic shouting and yelling.

Yeeessss... The dwarves are so ignorant they never even noticed their mines were being caved in. Despite your lack of subtlety, Bloodskull.

When we'ze win dis battl', you'ze betta get outa da way, cuz me and da Clan're gonna stomp on yer lifeless 'ead if you'ze stay afta our bargain is up! This is also met with applause.

Very well... this will have to be cut short, my good orc. I smell some intruders at the door...

So how is this? The orcs are dumb and using a mine shaft to invade the dwarven mountain from within.

2006-08-21, 01:45 AM
The plan is decent. The exposition could use some work, though. It sounds like they're performing for an audience.

I'd suggest putting it in this format:

SCENE: Orc chieftain & werewolf giving a speech to the orc tribe.

-Orc chieftain congratulates orc sappers on the successful cave-in.
-Orc chieftain gives the peptalk explaining the plan. (To emphasize how stupid they are, have him forget the plan at key points until the werewolf reminds him.)
-Werewolf brings up a few concerns, orc chieftain shouts him down with stuff like "You ain't the boss o us" and "If you stick around afta the bargain, we'll have yer head on a pike next to the dwarves!"
-Werewolf looks ready for a few snide replies when he sniffs the air and notices a new scent:

Werewolf whispers, "I believe we have intruders."
Orc chieftain shouts, "INTRUDERS! STOMP EM!"
Werewolf groans at the lack of subtlety.

2006-08-21, 02:19 AM
Hmm. I see your point. It sort of explains itself like they're purposely letting people overhear... I'll have to fix that.