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2009-04-19, 06:30 PM
I was thinking about a goofy race idea(for the hell of it).

Essential, a human spinoff, with these modifications:

It does not gain the skill point bonus as normal for humans.

However, it gains the ability to flux its ability scores. At first level, roll a d6. That is the creatures flux modifier. At any time, as a full round action, you may 'borrow' points from one ability score to give a racial bonus to another ability score(you may only borrow from one score, and may only benefit in one other score at any given time). For the purpose of learning anything, this race is always treated as having the best relevant flux. For instance, if it had a base stats of (str 12, dex 9, con 11, int 13, wis 10, cha 14) and a flux of 3, it gains skill points as if it had 16 int. It also qualifies for str-based feats as if it had 15 str. In combat situations, choosing to flux can have both positive and negative possibilities, since feats with stat requirements are unusable if the player does not have the scores to use them.

2009-04-19, 06:45 PM
You'd need to take out the randomness to judge it properly; something that can flux 1 point is working on a very different power level than something that can flux 6.

For instance, if it had a base stats of (str 12, dex 9, con 11, int 13, wis 10, cha 14) and a flux of 3, it gains skill points as if it had 16 int.

This should probably not apply to skill points gained; having a flux value of at least 2 would be the same as getting that human bonus point back, and 4-6 would be straight-up superior even if you never actually used it to play with your scores.

I would say a flux of 4-6 would warrant an LA, while 2 or less wouldn't; that'd basically be the 4E human's 'choose your own ability bonus' thing, and getting to set your own +2/-2 plus get a bonus feat is certainly not strong enough for an LA.

2009-04-19, 07:19 PM
The biggest problem I see is that it's incredibly easy to roll a 1, then say "I'd rather just play a human." As such, I think most of the Flux Humans you'd see in actual play with have 4-6 flux.

Which, of course, means +4 to +6 to the most important ability score to the character. Want a sorcerer? 18 Cha and 10 Int, then just flux the +4 out of Int and into Cha - voila, the worst drawback of low Int (lack of skill points) has just disappeared, as you are always considered to have Int 14 at level up, and you can still run around with 22 Cha at level 1!

....needless to say, it doesn't sound like a great idea. Flux 2 (possibly able to be increases with feats) might be reasonable, as virtually everyone will simply flux from a dump stat into whatever is important to the class. You might also want to specify that it requires constant thought, to prevent spellcasters from just sitting at a +2 to their spellcasting score.

(Then again, all combat classes will just be sitting at +2 for their relevant ability...)

2009-04-19, 09:23 PM
I would keep the flux at either a 2,4,6 because only then is it guaranteed to have an effect on the stat bonus, which 90% of the time is all that matters. A D3x2 would still be random, and yet always have an effect.

I think it would generate too many problems to have a stationary flux score. It would cause problems with character generation as already mentioned above in terms of fairness with other "Flux Humans" due to that not all are born equal, and the character is forever stuck with that stat as a class ability. Instead, I'd have it as a Su ability that has either a x/day, or a long cooldown, and that each time the Flux is used, the character chooses the two stats, then rolls.

Also, I would keep the base stats prior to any fluxing for feats, skills or what have you. Have the flux count as a temp bonus and negative rather than a racial or permanent in any way.

2009-04-19, 09:54 PM
Give them the flux as a spell like ability, that lasts minutes = character level, and they roll each time they use the flux. This way you dont only get people who have +6 to primary spellcasting stats.

Make it useable a number of times per day equal to your highest ability modifier.

2009-04-21, 07:46 PM
Maybe you should make it so that you roll every day for your amount of flux? Because that way, some days a Flux Human would have insanely high important stats, but other days, it wouldn't be as good. The odds would go along with being good, but there would always be a chance for error. A few more questions/comments: if you changed out from one stat while dying (if you have diehard, that is), and added to con, how would the extra hp work? would it be like a barbarian's rage, or would it be temporary HP? Also, I don't think that you should be able to use it to increase your int for skill points. Why? Because (with my first idea, that is) your int and number of bonus skill points would change. Or, if you don't use my idea, because its not the actual stat, but a mod, like from equipment.

2009-04-22, 12:11 AM
Ability score modifiers (even if they're balanced) are a net gain to a race, since most folks will end up choosing a race with a bonus to something important for their character, and a penalty to something unimportant. This is all the more true when you get to choose which scores get both modifiers, and more true yet if you can change which score gets the bonus, as situations require. A flux human wizard, for instance, will almost always choose to take +2 Int and -2 Str or Cha, and there's no race on the books anywhere that gets that adjustment (all of the LA 0 races with +Int get -Con, which at least hurts a wizard somewhat). Plus, of course, this flux wizard is often ending up with more than a +2, and +4 or more to any ability score (especially a mental one) is extremely rare for a LA 0 race.

One option might be to make it possible to gain a penalty. Every morning, pick two ability scores, and roll a d4. If you roll a 4, you get +4 to the first, and -4 to the second. Roll a 3, and you get +2 to the first, and -2 to the second. Roll a 2, and nothing changes. Roll a 1, though, and it reverses: You get -2 to the first, and +2 to the second. This way, you're still averaging good ability scores, but you run the risk of making yourself worse for the day.

2009-04-22, 12:57 AM
Okay here's an idea.

Flux humans gain the use of a racial power, Ability Flux, Once per day for every three levels or something.

Now when they use it you roll a d6.
1 = Nothing happens
2-5 = Shift that number of points, lasts 1 round/3 levels (Minimum 1)
6 = You become fatigued and cannot use Ability Flux until you rest

This way they get an ability that might be able to give them a sizeable boost in a pinch, but might also backfire. Also it's not permanent so Casters can't just sit on a +2 INT or whatever stat they use forever.