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The Demented One
2006-08-18, 08:46 AM
Crossbow Guardian
Size/Type: Medium Construct
Hit Dice: 6d10+20 (53 hp)
Initiative: +5
Speed: 30 ft. (6 squares)
Armor Class: 18 (+5 Dex, +3 natural), touch 15, flatfooted 13
Base Attack/Grapple: +4/+4
Attack: Light Crossbow +9 ranged (1d8/x3)
Full Attack: Light Crossbows +9 ranged (1d8/x3)
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks: Crossbow Mastery
Special Qualities: Construct traits, damage reduction 5/magic, darkvision 60 ft.
Saves: Fort +1, Ref +6, Will +1
Abilities: Str 10, Dex 20, Con –, Int –, Wis 11, Cha 1
Skills: –
Feats: –
Environment: Any
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 5
Treasure: None
Alignment: Always True Neutral
Advancement: 7-14 HD (Medium)
Level Adjustment: –

Crossbow Guardians are mindless constructs often used as sentinels, soldiers, or trainers. They are constructed wholly from wood, and have a vaguely humanoid shape, though their flat, crescent-like head bears no resemblance to a man’s. They have three arms, two in their normal location and a third coming out of the back and curling over the Guardian’s head like a scorpion’s tail. Each arm has a crossbow, rather than a hand, at its end.

Crossbow Mastery (Ex)
A Crossbow Guardian takes no penalty on its attack rolls for using crossbows one-handed or attacking with multiple weapons. In addition, it never needs to reload its crossbows–the mechanisms operate themselves, and the bolts are magically fabricated.

The body of a Crossbow Guardian is assembled from 100 pounds of alchemically treated wood, worth 100 gp, and three light crossbows. Masterwork or magically enhanced crossbows may be used, and their effects or bonuses are passed on to the Guardian. Assembling a Crossbow Guardian’s body requires a DC 12 Craft (Woodwork) check.

CL 7th, Craft Construct, arrow mind*, cat’s grace, minor creation. Cost 5,240 gp + 250 xp. Price 10,000 gp.
*From Spell Compendium

The Vorpal Tribble
2006-08-18, 10:59 AM
Pretty handy guy. What'd be cool is if its head itself could become a giant longbow (using stats of the Bonebow from Frostburn), that'd require two hands just to hold it still while the one behind drew it back. Could really jack up the damage with all the hands pulling on it.

As is though I'd say its more a CR 5.

2006-08-18, 11:18 AM
Sweeeeeeeeet. Maybe a level adjustment for using that as a cohort?

The Demented One
2006-08-18, 01:11 PM
Sweeeeeeeeet. Maybe a level adjustment for using that as a cohort?
Mindless constructs can't be gained as cohorts, but you can buy them.

2006-08-18, 01:42 PM