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2009-04-21, 01:58 PM
SO I'm kinda looking to run a dark and mysterious campaign, one that cuts the PCs off from any information while creating a puppet master feel to the world... but I kinda need some help, anyone know some good strategies for those games?

Further info:

The setting is in modern day America, in a fictional city in Nevada, the players will start as cops and quickly find themselves being infected by magic after a series of bizarre happenings. In doing so all technology will begin to malfunction around them, until they literally can't touch intricate modern devices without destroying them... They slowly will begin to find dark patches of city where steamcraft has been reinvented, refined, and put into large scale use by a nearly nonexistent populace. This subculture seems to claw at the cities edges and generate mayhem and crime using various seemingly impossible powers and resources. What I'm looking for after that is the idea that maybe something with a deeper purpose will begin to move forward and use them without their knowledge...

2009-04-21, 11:57 PM
The World of Darkness setting, published by White Wolf, is a lot like this. You might want to look up some information on it online for ideas.