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2006-08-18, 12:22 AM
This is a feat I came up with a little while back when I was thinking about polearms.

Choke up
You are sufficiently skilled with polearms that you are able to attack adjacent enemies, though at reduced effectiveness.
Prerequisite: Str 13, Dex 15, proficiency with polearms
Benefit:With this feat, you are able to 'choke up' your grip on a polearm weapon in order to attack enemies closer than would ordinarily be possible. Such attacks suffer a -2 penalty to hit and a -1 penalty to damage for each 5 feet inside the polearm's normal attack range. Despite being able to attack closer than would otherwise be possible, your threatened area remains the same.

2006-08-18, 12:26 AM
It's been done. PHBII, lets you change grip as a swift action, no penalties, Prereq BAB +3.