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2006-08-16, 09:04 PM
The information for this PrC is still unfinished; it's a work in progress. It would be just PEACHy if I could get some feedback as I designed it, though.

Child of Stone (PrC)

Class: Barbarian lvl 10 BAB +10, ability to Rage 3/day
Skills: Craft 4 ranks in some specialty that can be made with stone (often weaponsmithing)
Special: The character must come from a clan or race that honors, reveres, or worships stone (qua stone)

Class Skills
Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Handle Animal (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Listen (Wis), Ride (Dex), Survival (Wis), Swim (Str)
Skill Points at Each Level: 4 + Int modifier

Full BAB
Good save: Fortitude
Weak saves: Reflex, Will

Class Features
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The Child of Stone gains no proficiency with any weapon or armor
+2 competence bonus on appraise checks that are related to stone items
+2 competence bonus on craft checks that are related to stone
For purposes of determining multiclass penalties, treat Child of Stone levels as Barbarian levels

Lvl 1: Intuitive Napping, Stonespeak
Lvl 2: Heart of Stone
Lvl 3: Refuge of Stone
Lvl 4: Infusion of Stone, Improved Stonespeak
Lvl 5: Call to the Stone, Divining Stone, Barbarian Rage
Intuitive Napping: When crafting a weapon or armor made significantly of stone, the item automatically gains a +1 enhancement bonus
Stonespeak: When using some sort of stone as a ranged weapon (e.g., improvised or in a sling), the weapon receives a +2 bonus to hit
Heart of Stone: The Child of Stone gains +4 bonus on Will saves. Does not stack with barbarian Indominable Will class feature.
Refuge of Stone: Once per day the Child of Stone can cast Meld into Stone (as spell) with a CL equal to the number of levels in Child of Stone
Infusion of Stone: Twice per day the Child of Stone can cast Stoneskin upon herself (as spell) with a CL 15 equal to twice the character's Child of Stone level
Improved Stonespeak: When using some sort of stone as a ranged weapon (e.g., improvised or in a sling), the weapon receives a +2 enhancement bonus in addition to a +2 bonus to hit
Call to the Stone: Once per day the Child of Stone can cast Stone to Flesh (as spell) with a CL equal to the character's combined levels in Barbarian and Child of Stone
Divining Stone: The Child of Stone may "speak" with a stone of uncommon type (e.g., obsidian, jade, etc.) twice per day, gaining the same benefit as if one of the following spells had been cast with CL 10: Locate Object, Locate Creature, Scrying
Unyielding as Stone: The Child of Stone gains damage reduction 3/-. This damage reduction stacks with any other DR benefit

2006-08-16, 09:08 PM
Most of the time Prereqs don't require a certain class to get in. However, you could alter it to a +10 BAB and the ability to rage 3/day. Then they have to have at least 8 levels in a raging class, and 2 in a non-raging one.

2006-08-16, 10:24 PM
Got it, Psionic Devotee. Good advice. I'll make the change.

2006-08-16, 11:57 PM
Seems ok to me so far. Nothing screams overpowered to me. The only thing which may be problematic is the 2 uses of stoneskin per day. They each last 150 minutes and can each soak 150 points of damage. I'd do some playtesting first, but you may be better off with only 1 use per day or using a lower caster level, such as 10. Remember, stoneskin has an (semi)expensive material component for a reason. I'm assuming you're planning on full BAB and saves as Barbarian?

2006-08-17, 07:07 AM
Yes. The player won't receive the other benefits of additional levels in barbarian; but the BAB and saves will progress in the same manner.

2006-08-17, 03:15 PM
Clarification is needed, I think...

Of what variety is the bonus to craft/appraise checks, i.e. what does/doesn't it stack with? (i.e. dwarven bonus, Ioun stones, etc)

Infusion of Stone - I'd make this grow more powerful as the Child's affinity grows; I'd say its caster level (given that you've only listed a 5-level progression) should vary from 7 to 15 (5+2*CoS levels)
You should also specify that the Child of Stone can only cast on themselves - while implied, that needs to be made explicit.

Barbarian rage - I disagree with the inclusion of the rage itself as a class feature, given the relatively defensive nature of the rest of the class. Instead, I'd think a bonus of DR 2/- at 5th level (or some kind of natural armor bonus) would be a better parallel to things like the Elemental Savant, Dragon Disciple and Alienist (as examples of a much broader trend of transformations in the 10-level prestiges) It would also be slightly better (though not much better) than the DR bonus gained as a barbarian through the same levels.