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2006-08-17, 08:57 AM
Educated Insight
You are studious of your opponents defences and have learned ways maximize their weaknesses.

Intelligence 15, Insightful strike

Provided you have the necessary skillpoints, you may apply your Insightful Strike as well as any other precision based damage upon creatures that would normally be unaffected by these effects. You must do nothing but study the creature for three rounds, before you may be able to use this feat. If you do not use this feat against the creature you studied within the next twenty four hours, you forfiet the use of this feat and must spend another three rounds studying the creature.

Knowlege (Religion) 2 ranks, Heal 2: Your knowledge of anatomy and the way negative energy animate undead allow you to strike precisely at undead creatures.

Knowlege (nature) 2, Survival 2: Your Knowledge of plant biology and the wilderness allow you to strike precisely at plants.

Knowlege (the planes) 2, Craft (Alchemy) 2: Your knowledge of elementals and the physics that govern their material bodies allow you to strike precisely against them.

Knowledge (Arcana) 2, Craft (Smithy) 2: Your knowledge of the magic of animating objects and structural integrity of objects allow you to strike precisely at constructs.

Knowledge (Dungeoneering) 2, Craft (Alchemy 2): Your knowledge of the damp environments and the creatures that reside there and the physical qualities of liquids allow you to strike precisely against oozes.

You cannot deal precision based damage against undead, constructs, plants, oozes or elementals.

(Simply because I love Swashbucklers and Insightful Strike but hate these limitations)

2006-08-17, 09:28 AM
First, peach is abolished. So you shouldn't put PEACH on the right of topics any more. Second, this goes in the homebrew section.

That being said... seems a bit weak. You have to study them for three rounds, then you get one sneak attack? It's usually over by then. Also, it should be "Any type of precision damage", such as a rogues sneak attack. A more useful modification is that you can make one attack with a weapon as a full-round action to apply precision damage.

Shhalahr Windrider
2006-08-17, 09:49 AM
I fully endorse NullAshton's post above.

Also: change the first phrase to "Provided you have the necessary skill ranks..." Once you spend a skill point, you no longer have it, you instead have ranks. That phrase really confused me when I first read the description.