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2006-08-16, 04:39 PM
Arcane Crusader

Arcane Crusaders are the spellcasters in crusader armies. Combining the Paladins power to destroy evil and the power of Arcane magic to asist crusaders. By learning to combine their powers they can make their magic more harmfull to Evil.
Arcane Crusaders are most common Paladins who at some point discovered that they had the ability to cast Arcane magic and became Sorcerers. When they then want again want to fight evil, they learn how to combine their powers.


Proficiency: All simple and martial weapons.

Alignment: Lawful Good.

Skills: Concentration 8 ranks, knowledge(religion) 4 ranks, knowledge(arcana) 4 ranks.

Spells: Able to cast 2nd-level arcane spells.

Special: Smite Evil class ability.

Class Skills:
Concentration, Craft, Decipher Script, Heal, Jump, Knowledge(arcana), Knowledge(religion), Profession, Spellcraft, Swim

Skill points each level: 2+int mod

Good Saves: Will

BAB: Medium (as cleric)

Hit Dice: d6

Class Features:

Proficiency: An Arcane Crusader gains no proficiencies.

Level Special.......... Spells per day
1.... Smite Evil 1/day. +1 level of Paladin
2..................... +1 level of Paladin and arcane caster
3.................... +1 level of Paladin and arcane caster
4.... Smiting Ray ...... +1 level of Paladin and arcane caster
5.... Smite Evil 2/day. +1 level of Paladin and arcane caster
6.................... +1 level of Paladin and arcane caster
7.................... +1 level of Paladin and arcane caster
8.................... +1 level of Paladin and arcane caster
9.................... +1 level of Paladin and arcane caster
10.... Smite Evil 3/day +1 level of Paladin and arcane caster

Smite Evil (su): As the Paladin ability. On level 1, 5 and 10 you gain an additional use of smite evil each day. Your Arcane Crusader level stacks with other classes with the Smite Evil ability to determine the extra damage on smite evil.

Smiting Ray (su): From 4th level you can smite evil using a ray. You can expend 1 use of smite evil when you cast a ray spell to gain a attack bonus equal to your Charisma bonus and if the spell does damage you do extra damage the same way as a normal smite evil. If you accidentaly smite a non-evil creature you do not gain benefits, but the use of smite evil is still used.

Spells: At every level you gain an extra spells per day as if you have gained a level in Paladin, if you have at least 1 level in Paladin. Instead of Paladin you can choose another divine caster class that has smite evil as a class ability in which you have at least 1 level.
From 2nd level and onwards you gain extra spells per day (and spells know, if applicable) as if you had gained another level in an arcane spellcaster.

2006-08-16, 04:42 PM
I would reccomend putting in a clause stating that you can continue gaining class levels in paladin after starting this class. Also, you'd have to start sorcerer to get in, otherwise you'd lose your smite evil ability.

Fax Celestis
2006-08-16, 04:44 PM
The problem I can see is that there really aren't that many spells for a paladin...so your incredible amount of +paladin spellcasting levels really doesn't have much effect.

It's an interesting idea, though I'd personally change the spellcasting levels to +1 level of divine spellcasting class/+1 level of arcane spellcasting class. After all, someone's going to want to get into this class using something other than a paladin and a sorceror. Sure, you'd have MAD problems, but Paladin/Wizard and Jusiticiar/Sorceror aren't out of the question. Celestials with wizard or sorcerors could qualify too, though it wouldn't be a very effective choice for them.

2006-08-16, 04:52 PM
Don't you keep Smite Evil when you multiclass? You only lose it when you are no longer Lawful Good.

And the Paladin level are not supposed to have much effect.

And you can be a Paladin/Wizard, the arcane casterlevels can aply to Wizard.
And does Justicar have Smite Evil as a class ability?

Fax Celestis
2006-08-16, 05:53 PM
And does Justicar have Smite Evil as a class ability?
IIRC, yes.

2006-08-16, 05:57 PM
Then you can use the Paladin spell levels for that class, there is a line about that under 'spells:'.

Fax Celestis
2006-08-16, 06:04 PM
Wow. Totally missed that. Nevermind then. Carry on.