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2005-07-28, 12:41 AM
A new setting I have been dreaming up. Wanted to see if there is any other setting like it, or mechanics that would work well with it.

Evolva is a post apocalyptic world. A nuclear war has destroyed most civilization, and the world was left in ruins. A few corporations seeing the war on the horizon built underground cities. These are few and far between, and generally withdrawn from the outside world. There are some that survived in the top world, with small townships dotting the deserted world above. Those above have begun to change, those born into the world above are born with the taint of radiation mutations. Each day brings change into there lives. Some come to be able to excrete a substance for various purposes, some grow extra limbs, and some gain hightened senses.

The main idea behind this setting is that every so often the characters undergo changes to their body. And each mutation can become more powerful with more mutations taken in that category.
For example: Excete Goo is a entry level mutation. When taken the character must specify where, and what kind of goo is exceted. Such as: Sticky goo out of the hands and feet, or acidic goo out of the hands with enough volume to throw. More powerful acid, or stronger goo is another mutation, or the mutation of a propulsion mechanism in their arm to shoot it.
Extra Limb another entry level mutation. Must specify what limb it will turn into. For an arm it starts as just the upper and lower arm. Effective to hit with but not to manipulate anything. An upgrade would be a hand. I have been thinking of using d20 modern but slightly modified by giving the characters mutation points every level, and having different parts more expensive. Entry level rather expensive, and then upgrades cheaper to a point, and then expensive.

Still have a lot to do, but hashing things out now. Anyone have any suggestions or comments?

2005-07-28, 12:45 AM
someting similar with mutations....hmmm also involved nanites (thier substitute for magic really).....name is escaping me at the moment.....involved killer rabbits and hundred legged horses....dang have to go look it up.

evolving wasn't really ythe main point but there was a race for whom it was....could also be a robot..."pure" human etc.

2005-07-28, 12:49 AM
DUDE! MUTATIONS ROCK! (why i loved the first few versions of the evolutionist class. saved em, too.) this osunds great. perhaps you could just kind of make the mutations work with any system, could you not? perhaps make the different levels of mutations feats? a mutation feat tree?

2005-07-28, 12:55 AM
I was thinking of feats, but that would take too many feats. Unless I had a feat that gives you access to a certain mutation tree, and to a skill relating to that that mutation. Enough ranks in that skill gives you access to upgrades without additional feats, and the character must choose what type. The only worry I have about all this is it turning too superheroish. But if the setting has enough flavor and the powers are balanced by tougher creatures i think it could work. And I am now thinking about making up the feat and skill trees to use in any d20 game with feats and skills.

2005-07-28, 01:08 AM
bah! theres no such thing as too super heroish. after all, the galaxy is pretty near infinite. somewhere out there, a virus, bug, poison, special radiation, could make any character grow these crazy mutations. and maybe a skill that you can only take ranks in if you the feat. and...every 2 levesl up, you make a DC # check with that skill. if you get high enough (it grows steadily every time) you can purchase a new mutation of the appropriate type? nah...too confusing...

2005-07-28, 03:25 AM
How about Mutation: Cancer, or maybe Mutation: Hideous Retardation? Think those would fly?

Role some percentile, and anything below 100% results in one or both of them.

You should put an explanation into your world as why everyone didn't die of radiation posioning and instead got kickass abilities. Drugs, magic, nanotech, sythensized symbiots, etc.

Abilities should only be able to be used a few times a day, of course, and require some serious energy to use. Have sugars a precious commodity and food play a real role in the campaigns. Throwing goo for free is just something that wouldn't happen.

2005-07-28, 05:36 AM
Now your just being angry, that's not very nice to do.
The reason so little people are left on the surface is ofcourse also due to the fact that many died because of the mutations.

(Note that cancer is in fact the random speed-splitting of cells. There is a (very slim) chance that this is beneficial, for example, the cancer could grow you an extra arm or leg.)

2005-07-28, 12:30 PM
Just to clarify, I know that this would not happen. But that isn't really the point of RPG's now is it? There doesn't have to be a explanation for why they just don't all die from cancer or such. The solution is just have it set at some very very distant time in the future. Things change, maybe humans just grow more resiliant, maybe nuclear weapons change, maybe the whole chemistry of the world changes and makes it fine for everyone. The point is you don't have to explain how everything works exactly, and you don't have to follow realities guide lines. And I like this idea for a setting, and from High Priest's post alone I can tell others think so too. And so I don't mind bending reality a bit.

2005-07-28, 01:07 PM
Hmm, work with Grafts(Lords of Madness, Libris Mortis, Fiend Folio), Drifts(Masters of the Wild, Complete Divine), and one other thing that slipped my mind while typing this up.

Edit: It came to me. Warp Flesh table from Book of Vile Darkness.

2005-07-28, 02:15 PM
one suggestion: for the love of the 12 gods, please don't call it Evolva!

2005-07-28, 03:03 PM
The general system addition could be known as muravolvation! mutaions radiadiotion and evolva ALL PUT INTO ONE! basically, Evolvas a pretty DECENT name. its not great, but the name doesnt matter, now does it? we dont need a new one. yet...

2006-08-16, 06:01 PM
Anything ever come of this?