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2009-04-23, 11:51 AM
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2009-04-23, 12:58 PM
I like this concept. This is essentially what a lot of console RPGs do with late-game bosses, giving them extra actions per turn. It does seem a bit verisimilitude-breaking, yes, but darn it, it's fun running single monsters and it stinks how easily they crumble under ordinary circumstances.

2009-04-23, 01:04 PM
Sweet. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who thinks it's a good fix :)

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2009-04-23, 01:31 PM
I like it. I'm curious why you choose to have the itinerate turns at -7 instead of -5. Then again, I have 'taking 10 on initiative' rule, so it's easier to list 'Initiative 17/12/7.'

I've been experimenting with something similar, but instead of being the somewhat artificial 'it's a solo monster' argument, I tied it to size. Tiny and Huge monsters get one itinerate turn at -5 initiative, Gargantuan and Diminutive at -5 and -10, Colossal and Fine at -5, -10 and -15. I figure that Dragons should be incredibly scary, but have a hard time justifying that evil wizard do something the PCs can't.

I also have the rule that the creature can't take the same kind of action in itinerate turns as it took in previous ones. So the dragon uses a breath weapon, full attacks and casts a spell. The pixie mage casts a spell, moves and activates a staff. It keeps the playing field somewhat fairer: that dragon can't take three full attacks on the fighter. Which also balances it if it falls into PC hands.

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