View Full Version : PEACH : Bavmorda/Simbul/Dark Willow in Faerun

2009-04-23, 06:45 PM
Assuming all three characters from their respective universes are as powerful as eachother, I decided to rank Bavmorda as the E aspect of the Mother/Maiden/Crone Trinity I hear so much about. The Simbul is the "Mother' and Dark Willow is the "Maiden".

Simbul is the good
Bavmorda is the evil
Willow is the neutral

I think this idea would work well with the other idea I have about Simbul being kicked out of Aglarond by Thay. I'm thinking that Thay unites, kicks out the fleeing Simbul, and the Simbul is somehow soul spliced with Willow, who is running away from enemies in the Buffy universe. Bavmorda makes a pact with Willow from another dimension to splice with her in order to escape the Nether world.

I think a good idea for Simbul to be spliced is for her to botch a wish spell which combines all three of their magics to accidently over-ride the rules of Toril to turn her into a lesser goddess. So, every three years one of Triune Goddess becomes dominant.

New Aglarond
Races: Buffy stuff, Willow stuff, and Dungeons and Dragons stuff
Population: 450,000
Trade: I don't know

I want to know where to put the map of this stuff up.

I also want an honest but moderately restrained critique on how you view a Willow/Buffy/D&D crossover.

2009-04-24, 09:34 PM
This is pretty reasonable, as crossovers go. So, is it/they/she replacing Mystra, or competing with her? What's their portfolio? Who, if anyone, worships them?

2009-04-24, 10:11 PM
How about good magic users, evil magic users, and neutral ones...? Not a replacement, but a female version of Azuth? (I forgot about him)