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Frog Dragon
2009-04-25, 10:51 AM
Without any special rules angry mobs are no threat. They can't even hit any decently levelled characters while with mob template, cleave anf fireball don't cause that much damage.. Wut?

So here's my attampt of making mobs a threat without making them function like a swarm of overgrown insects.

Also I'd say this mob template is for DM:s only to make lots of weaklings a threat and maybe playing out army combats a bit better

So here's my attempt

Mobs may be formed by any ten or more characters. Mobs break down if reduced to 6 or less characters

A mob has a hp equal to the average hp of all the participants. This does not change even if the actual average moves due to casualties.

Each time a mob loses hp equal to it's average hp (nonleathal or lethal) in one round, remove the mob member with the least armor class. Area Effects or characters with many attacks may kill many mob members simultaneously.

A mob's armor class is the lowest armor class in the bunch.
Fortitude save is averaged
Will save is the highest of the bunch
Reflex is the lowest in the bunch
Initiative is the lowest of the bunch

Strength is averaged (+4)
Dexterity is lowest of the bunch
Constitution is highest of the bunch
All mental stats are highest of the bunch

Cleave functions normally if you take out it's average hp attack again
Great cleave allows as many attack equal to the number of squares you can reach provided there are enemies in those squares.

Area effects deal their damage once for each mob member they hit. The mob roll saves once. When calculating casualaties always go from low AC to high and if at the middle of the calcualtions you find that the attack crossed out enough people to leave the mob at under 7 memebrs then immediatly disapply the template

Mobs AttackingA

A mob may make one attack for each five attacks it posesses (calculated by putting the amount of attacks together from each member of the mob) the attacks deal 5x damage using the highest attack bonus in the bunch and the weapon most frequent in the mob. The attack has a square from whicch it leaves. The mob gains a +1 to attack (max +15) for each mob member within 2 squares of the square the attack leaves from

A mob may choose the squares the attack leaves from

A mob's reach is the normal reach of the creatures it is composed of

Mob vs Mob

Any damage done in excess of the average hp of the opposing mob is applied to another mob member continuing this until running out of damage.
This makes it possible for a mob to kill many members of the opposing mob in one attack

Mobs and grapples/trips

A mob may be tripped normally calculating with the size of the creature in the mob. This removes a mob member for 1 round

A mob member may be grappled normally but other mob members can also assist normally. While doing this they cannot grant bonuses to attacks made by the mob. In a grapple the damage made against the grappled creature accumulates over turns

A mob takes up space equal to the combined space the creatures in the mob would seperately take up.
A mobís space is shapeable. It can occupy any contiguous space and it can squeeze through any space large enough to contain one of its component creatures.

Mobs and spells

damage from spells that deal continuous damage to one creature accumulate. A succesful hold person or similar effect removes the held creature. From the mob for the spell duration. The mob may leave the held person by leaving the space so the held person must rejoin the mob after the spell ends.

CR: ??

What do you think? Would it work or does it need changes. Also tell me if i have screwed up wordings. I'm not too good at wording these things.

Frog Dragon
2009-06-12, 01:53 PM
So... people. Any comments?

Baron Corm
2009-06-12, 03:26 PM
I think that most of these rules stretch plausibility and common sense for me, but it seems like a good way of making commoners more deadly to higher levels. Basically all you had to do was increase their attack and damage. A fireball will still take out a horde of commoners, so if the party has access to that spell (or any AoE that does 2 or more damage), the whole thing is moot.

2009-06-12, 05:00 PM
Unfortunately, I think these rules would be sort of a pain to use. It's really tough to build one of these. I think you'd be better off making a template that you can apply to a single kind of humanoid (like, for example, a commoner 1) that transforms it into a swarm. After all, the swarm subtype has pretty much all of the abilities you want, I think. No need to reinvent rules that already exist. :smallwink: