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2006-08-14, 08:47 PM
I've been working on this class for a campaign which is lower magic than normal. In the campaign, much arcane knowledge has either been lost, or known to few individuals. The basic concept is an emergence from a Dark Age. The alchemist has evolved in this world as an attempt to fill the void left by the lack of availble arcane magic.


With the lack of readily available arcane magic, alchemy has experienced
a great resurgence over the last several centuries. Alchemists build
upon years of research to create useful items through non-magical means.
Alchemists may be of any alignment and vary in degree of religousness.
Many alchemists are humans, dwarves, and gnomes, though members of all
races become alchemists. Intelligence is the most important ability for
an alchemist as they make great use of the Craft(Alchemy) skill.

Hit Die: d6
Class Skills: Appraise (Int), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int),
Decipher Script (Int), Disable Device (Int),
Knowledge (all, taken individually) (Int), Profession (Wis), Use Magic Device (Cha)
Skill Points at First Level: 24 + (Int Mod * 4)
Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 6 + Int Mod

Alchemists are proficient with simple weapons and light armor. Alchemists are also
proficient with potions as grenade-like weapons. Thrown potions may target creatures
or a square (as appropriate, which potions are appropriate are left to the discretion
of the DM). Potions have a range increment of 20'. If an Alchemist makes a successful
ranged touch attack against a creature with a potion, the target is effected as if
they has ingested the potion themselves, though a saving throw is allowed if applicable.
Also of note, the Alchemist may use her craft potion ability to create potions with spells
which are noramlly not allowed. Which spells are specifically allowed are up to the
discretion of the DM (Potions of Fireball used as grenade-like weapons make sense, but
a Potion of Ligntning Bolt would tend to be rather non-sensical).

Level Base Attack Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Special
1+0+2+0+2Alchemical Aptitude
2+1+3+0+3Detect Magic (1/day)
3+1+3+1+3Identify (1/day)
4+2+4+1+4Bonus Feat: Skill Focus Craft(Alchemy)
5+2+4+1+4Poison Resistance +2
6+3+5+2+5Potion Lore
7+3+5+2+5Detect Magic (2/day)
8+4+6+2+6Potion Crafting
9+4+6+3+6Identify (2/day)
10+5+7+3+7Poison Resistence +5
11+5+7+3+7Transmute Potion
12+6/+1+8+4+8Detect Magic (3/day)
13+6/+1+8+4+8Improved Potion Crafting
14+7/+2+9+4+9Identify (3/day)
15+7/+2+9+5+9Bonus Feat: Great Fortitude
16+8/+3+10+5+10Rapid Crafting
17+8/+3+10+5+10Improved Transmutation
18+9/+4+11+6+11Greater Potion Crafting
19+9/+4+11+6+11Poison Immunity
20+10/+5+12+6+12Greater Transmutation

Alchemical Aptitude: Alchemists may craft alchemical items even though they are not a spellcaster.

Detect Magic (Su): An Alchemist has learned and experienced enough to be able to effectively mimic the detect magic spell without actual use of the spell.

Identify (Su): Alchemists have learned a great deal about magical and non-magical effects and how to identify them. This allows an alchemist to mimic the identify spell by making a DC 15 Craft(Alchemy) skill check. If the check fails it still counts as a daily use of the ability.

Poison Resistence: Alchemists frequently come into contact with caustic and harmful liquids and have built up resistence to them. At level 5 they receive a +2 bonus to saves versus poison. This bonus increased to +5 at level 10.

Poison Immunity: At level 19 alchemists have become so resistant to poin that they become completely immune to its effects.

Potion Lore: Alchemists deal with potions so often that by level 6 they can identify an unknown potion as a full round action.

Potion Crafting: At level 8 an Alchemist can create potions with 1st level spell effects at 1st caster level. This requires 4 hours of work and raw materials equal to half the potions market price. At the end of the 4 hour period, the Alchemist makes a DC 20Craft(Alchemy) skill check. Success indicate a successfully brewed potion. For every 3 points by which the Alchemist surpasses the DC, the caster level of the spell effect increases by 1 Failure results in a loss of the raw materials.

Transmute Potion: Once an alchemist reaches level 11 they as so skilled at potion manipulation that they can change a potion's effect. An Alchemist can change a potion into a potion of another type of equal or lesser market value with a DC 25 Craft(Alchemy) skill check and 1 hour of time. Failure results in the loss of the potion used.

Improved Potion Crafting: As Potion Crafting, except this creates a potion with a 2nd level spell effect at 3rd caster level. The DC of the Craft(Alchemy) skill check increases to 25. For every 3 points by which the Alchemist surpasses the DC, the caster level of the spell effect increases by 1.

Rapid Crafting: The Alchemist has learned many shortcuts and quicker solutions to the creation of items. This allows the alchemist to quarter the time required to create items using the Craft(Alchemy) skill. This include all Potion Crafting abilities.

Improved Transmutation: Upon reaching level 17 an alchemist is so skilled at transmuting potions that they can use their Tranmute Potion ability as a full round action.

Greater Potion Crafting: As Potion Crafting, except this creates a potion with a 3rd level spell effect at 5th caster level. The DC of the Craft(Alchemy) skill check increases to 30. For every 3 points by which the Alchemist surpasses the DC, the caster level of the spell effect increases by 1.

Greater Transmutation: At 20th Level, the alchemist has master the interaction of different substances. This allows an Alchemist to combine any number of potions to create a new potion of market value equal to or less than the total value of the combined potions. This takes a full round action and requires a DC 35 Craft(Alchemy) skill check. Failure results in the loss of the combined potions.

2006-08-14, 08:50 PM
I already made an "Alchemist" class, but it
A: Had a different base idea
B: Never got completed.
The incomplete version still lies in the boards.

2006-08-14, 08:56 PM
I'll have to check that version out. My main concern about this class as it stands now is that I think its a bit underpowered. Though, I don't want o be giving it too many abilities either. I kind of picture a higher level character of this class to be able to toss around a large variety of spell effects, though all lower level, with the ability to transmute his available potions to whatever fits the situation.

2006-08-15, 10:07 AM
I like it, but I see room for improvement. Why does the alchemist have Disable Devic as a class skill and not SPellcraft (I know you said low magic world, but perhaps it is still applicable)

If you are worried that the class is underpowered, bump its skillpoints up to 28+ Int Mod at first level and 7+ Int Mod at each consecutive level. If I played this, I know I'd be more of a skill monkey than anything else.

Perhaps a bonus to the range increment of alchemical substances thrown, such as + 20' too all of them. Wicked throwing arm. ALternativly, allow your alchemist player to obtain some kind of vial launcher or modified crossbow with arrows that can hold these potions at their tip. Lower magic usually means slightly higher tech, although I don't know if hat is true in your campaign. I always though the idea of DR/ vs. alchemical weapons may be handy if your potion blow up in your face once in a while.