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2009-04-28, 01:46 AM
In general, any game where a person creates a character and pretends their selves to be that character through various mediums and gets to be the character in the game can be called RPG. In the middle of 90s, the crisis period, was considered as a period where most of the games were called the soulless games. The Dungeon Master style was followed, they had writing and contained only detailed stories. The truth is that these games just did not inspire any interest purely due to monotony and repetition in the series of games, and in general, there were very few games developed in the nineties where there was no variety in them and this lead to lack of public interest .This was the Dark Ages of RPGs.

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2009-04-28, 02:39 AM
And the point would be....what?

I started playing in the 90's. It was not called the 'soulless games', the Dungeon Master style is still followed because it just plain works for most groups. And the vast majority of games played today were created in the 90's (WoD, GURPS, etc.).

You have a very, ahem, personalized history of the gaming of this period, and furthermore aren't making any sense.

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If you're going to advertise your stuff, you should probably do it with a bit more substance and style. Kind of weak to take the first two paragraphs of your website, and c/p it here.

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"The Dark Age of Roleplaying games"? Why?
Back in the nineties, much more people played true (e.g., tabletop) roleplaying games than today. The World of Darkness was created in the nineties, some of the more interesting settings in roleplaying games (e.g. Dark Sun) originated in the 90s.

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Guys, it's a spambot.

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