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2009-04-28, 10:04 PM
Essence-Shaping Vambrace - Artifact 3
Speed 5, Accuracy +2, Damage +4L, Rate 2, Range 50, Attune 5

An Essence-Shaping Vambrace resembles a pair of fingerless gauntlets—each terminates at the palm with a slight indent into which a Hearthstone may be placed. Once attuned, the vambraces allow the wielder to charge a bolt of Essence by grinding one against the other. Bolts form just above the palmguard of one or both vambraces, and their shapes are often iconic to the Exalt (their Solar inventor’s took the form of six-pronged stars).

When inset with a Hearthstone or Hearthstones, the user may add a number of +1 (as per superior equipment, but stackable) bonuses to the bolts generated equal to the Hearthstone’s level, and the bolt takes on the Essence characteristics of that Hearthstone. This last effect is mostly cosmetic. While used to power bolts in this manner, the Hearthstone does not render it’s usual bonuses.

Urnklaive - Artifact 3
Speed 5, Accuracy +1, Damage +17B/4, Defense +2, Rate 2, Minimum Strength 4, Attune 6; O, P

A strange weapon for a strange Exalt, the Urnklaive was designed by Urja Reixa, heir to the Exaltation of the sorcerer Tarim. Urnklaives are large urns roughly the size of a heavy-set man and notably pointed at their ends—there is no way to set down an Urnklaive once it has been taken up. Their bearers often carry an Urnklaive on their back, a sign of a warrior’s travail.

In combat, an Urnklaive offers a unique fighting style based around it’s weight: as a reflexive action, the user may fill the Urnklaive with liquid Essence coalesced from their anima itself. Each mote adds about twenty pounds to the Urnklaive’s heft, incidentally adding 2B to the weapon’s damage at the expense of a point of Accuracy. A user may only fill an Urnklaive with a number of motes worth of liquid equal to their Essence. Normal liquids do not confer this bonus, and while the liquid Essence is real, it confers no nourishment if consumed.

Anima-Barding Regalia - Artifact 4

Anima-Barding Regalia, originally a product of Lunar ingenuity (and, despite their protests to the contrary, arrogance) in the immediate aftermath of the Usurpation, unattuned anima barding resembles a mess of poles that seem to fade into nothingness towards either end. These ends are, in fact, partially dematerialized. Attuning an Anima-Barding Regalia is an ordeal that requires nearly an hour of effort and the aid of at least one other person. The Exalt flares their anima banner at the totemic level and each of the six rods is inserted slowly into the Exalt’s flesh first, and then attached to the anima banner. Once completed, the anima banner is affixed in place relative to the Exalt and is often stretched beyond their normal proportions. The gestures of the Exalt are telegraphed by the anima, with the poles bending and flexing as needed. The six points of insertion are, for those brave enough to undergo the process, the backs of both hands, both shoulders, and two poles at the neck. Different arrangements may be needed for unusual anima banners.

Mechanically, attuning an anima-barding regalia requires the investiture of 8 motes of Essence. An attuned Exalt may count their Essence as being 1 higher for all purposes except training or mote pool calculations, is continuously under the effects of their anima banner, and is considered both materialized and dematerialized for the purposes of interacting with spirits (whichever is more advantageous at any given instant). Incidentally, time spent attuned to anima-barding regalia counts as training time for raising Essence as the very fabric of an Exalt’s being stretches and expands; this does not circumvent the age restrictions on raising Essence beyond 5.

An additional effect is conferred by magical material:
-Orichalcum regalias burns with an endless glory: by spending a point of temporary Willpower, an attuned Solar may count his Essence as 1 higher than normal, raising his total to 2 higher, for an action.
-Moonsilver regalias—the original designs—may shapeshift with the wearer, adjusting to fit any new form or disappearing Elsewhere for the duration of that shape’s assumption (except True Forms, which do not receive the benefit of this discretion)
-Starmetal regalias, if such things were to be made, would stretch the Sidereal’s halo further out into concentric shapes not unlike stained glass. An attuned Sidereal is no longer subject to Arcane Fate: while attuned to the regalia, those he meets will not forget him.
-Jade regalias, if a Terrestrial would choose to descend into such barbarism, would double the distance of an attuned Exalt’s anima banner—useful for wrecking elemental destruction.
-Soulsteel regalias mutilate an Abyssal’s already tainted anima, causing mortals and ghosts to flee or cow themselves before the Exalt if they look upon them and fail a Valor check.