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The Demented One
2006-08-14, 12:21 AM
Totemic Revenant
Size/Type: Medium Undead (Incarnum, Incorporeal)
Hit Dice: 16d12+14 (116 hp)
Initiative: +5
Speed: Fly 30 ft. (perfect) (6 squares)
Armor Class: 19 (+5 Dex, +4 deflection), touch 19, flatfooted 14
Base Attack/Grapple: +8/–
Attack: Incorporeal touch +14 melee (1d6 Constitution damage) or +2 Ghost Touch Claw +16 melee (1d4+4)
Full Attack: Incorporeal touch +14 melee (1d6 Constitution damage) and 3 +2 Ghost Touch Claws +11 melee (1d4+4) or +2 Ghost Touch Claw +16 melee (1d4+4) and 3 +2 Ghost Touch Claws +11 melee (1d4+4)
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks: Constitution drain, soulmelds, ghost claws, twilight aura
Special Qualities: Undead traits, incorporeal traits, darkvision 60 ft., DR 10/silver, SR XX, essentia pool, chakras, siphon soul
Saves: Fort +4, Ref +9, Will +14
Abilities: Str –, Dex 20, Con –, Int 4, Wis 18, Cha 18
Skills: Concentration +7, Hide +12, Knowledge (Nature) +1, Listen +7, Move Silently +12, Spot +7
Feats: Weapon FinesseB, Undead Meldshaper, Bonus Essentia, Weapon Focus (Touch), Double Chakra (Totem), Dodge, Ability Focus (Incorporeal Touch)
Environment: Any Forests
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 12
Treasure: None
Alignment: Always Neutral Evil
Advancement: By Class Level
Level Adjustment: –

Totemic Revenants are gestalt undead born when a mass of animal souls fused around a core of incarnum. When a totemist dies in a state of great rage, he may become a formless mass of tainted incarnum known as a proto-revenant. The proto-revenant feeds on the incarnum of animals and magical beasts around them, gradually developing into Totemic Revenants. Strange creatures, these incorporeal undead can shape soulmelds solid enough to interact with the material world. Totemic Revenants are humanoid in shape, with savage, feral features. There head is inevitably that of a great dead elk, with two nine-pronged antlers. Any soulmeld a Totemic Revenant shapes appears as a decayed, rotting thing, a sick parody of life. Totemic Revenants hunt down animals and magical beasts, killing them and feeding off of their essentia. However, they have no qualms about attacking other creatures–it will attack anything that reminds it of its past life without mercy.

Constitution Drain (Su)
Living creatures hit by a Totemic Revenant’s incorporeal touch attack must succeed on a DC 24 Fortitude save or take 1d6 points of Constitution damage. The save DC is Charisma-based. On each such successful attack, the Totemic Wraith gains 5 temporary hit points.

Soulmelds (Su)
A Totemic Revenant can shape up to four soulmelds from the Totemist class list with a meldshaper level of 14th. Each has an essentia capacity of 3, or 4 if bound to the revenant’s totem chakra. The Totemic Revenant above has the blink shirt, girallon arms, totem avatar, and worg pelt soulmelds shaped.

Ghost Claws (Su)
Any natural weapons a Totemic Revenant gains through its soulmelds gain the ghost touch special ability.

Twilight Aura (Su)
Each round, all non-undead meldshapers within 60 ft. of a Totemic Revenant must make a DC 22 Will save or have 1d3+1 of their soulmelds, determined randomly, unshaped. The save is Charisma based.

Essentia Pool (Su)
A Totemic Revenant has an essentia pool of 5. The Totemic Revenant above has invested 2 points of essentia in each both its blink shirt and girallon arms soulmelds, and 1 point of essentia in its worg pelt soul meld.

Chakras (Su)
A Totemic Revenant can bind two of its soulmelds to its totem chakra. The Totemic Revenant above has bound its blink shirt and girallon arms to its totem chakra.

Siphon Soul (Su)
Whenever an animal or magical beast dies within 60 ft. of a Totemic Revenant, it must make a DC 22 Fortitude save. If it fails, its soul is drawn into the revenant, granting the revenant a bonus point of essentia, which lasts for 1 hour. It cannot be resurrected until the revenant is destroyed. The save is Charisma based.