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2009-04-29, 06:00 PM
My player wanted to try a sandbox game but with time actvated events (like in fallout 3. I think that was the game he used as his Ex). I thought cool I can try it. But I have very little idea as to what I am doing with this. Anyone one got any Ideas? I am totally lost.

Edit: Some info 2 player Wizardish and Melleish and its gestalt.

Edit:edit: Starting level is 15 and I never played that high a level befor so any help with that would be nice too.

2009-04-29, 08:41 PM
Could you specify what you mean by "time activated events"?

2009-04-29, 11:28 PM
Could you specify what you mean by "time activated events"?
I think he means he wants a campaign calendar - with events that occur whether the players do something or not. Fairly easy to do - take a spare calendar and use it for your game. Mark each day as it goes by and note when other entities are going to do their actions.

Also, it would help if you said what system you're using.

2009-04-30, 09:36 AM
This sounds like how I run my games, but I prefer to think of it as a sandbox with rollercoasters. Most of the game is open, but touching certain aspects of the game will make plot happen. Some triggers are GM controlled some happen when players wander somewhere.

The way I run this kind of game is I come up with a ton of plots before I even consider who is playing. You don't need a ton of detail, just a couple paragraphs, and for Pelor's sake, don't stat anything yet. Your plots should be NPC driven. Start looking for commonality in the plots. Merge NPCs together so that they exist in several plots.

I highly recommend getting player backstory for this kind of game. It'll give you new plots and let you merge your players personalized plothooks into the generic ones you already wrote.

The key to a good sandbox game is to keep things rolling in the background. I've seen some fall flat because plots only advance when the players are there. If an NPC is trying to hire the PCs to do his dirty work, but the PCs are busy elsewhere, have the NPC hire some other adventurers. Now you've got a rival adventuring party running around. The more that happens in the background, the more alive your world feels.

Now, you don't have to have thirty plots going at once. That'd be crazy. Start with one or two. But as the players meet NPCs, start other plots rolling.