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Berserk Monk
2009-05-02, 12:11 AM
Basically, I'm trying to design my own tabletop RPG. Currently I'm a freshman about to finish their first year, but I'd like to develop this and do it for my senior thesis. Anyway, one of my biggest problems is picking classer. It's a humor themed game so I'm trying to balance out the comedy with the seriousness. Basically, I want to make Munchkin but with characters you create, story arcs, and more D&D themed mechanics. Here's the current list:

Fighter classes:

A warrior that fights for a cause (literally any cause). Some spell casting abilities (smiting others maybe). D&D equivalent: paladin (but can be of any alignment). Humor: making a character that bases their whole life around some stupid, trivial cause.

A warrior that serves someone else that can't think for themselves. Like, practically a mindless drone. D&D equivalent: fighter (with a hint of barbarian if you plan it right). Humor: to quote Eugene: "You're mindless, good at hitting things, and you do what wizards tell you. You're finally the perfect fighter!" I just sort of like the comedic idea of making a henchman that can slaughter several enemies.

An uncivilized warrior. They know nature and how to hit things. That's about it. D&D equivalent: combo barbarian and ranger (without the bow). Humor: playing an uncivilized character that goes" Grrr, me hit stuff. Me want chicken! Me hungry!"

Rogue classes:

A trickster that relies on magic to fool others. Major spellcaster, but has some non-magical abilities too. D&D equivalent: mostly bard, but some illusionist. Humor: I think just the ability to create ridiculous illusions and have others believe them is pretty darn funny. If you read Wizard's First Rule, you might remember the part where Zeb made the horde of humans think they all lost their trouser titans.

A skilled duelist and ruthless thief. Relies more on tricks in a fight that straight up fighting. D&D equivalent: Rogue with better BAB and fighter feats. Humor: everyday is talk like You're a Pirate Day, and pretend you're Johny Depp or Orlando Bloom.

A suave talker that can sweep anyone off their feet and into his/her bed. Spellcasting abilities. The diplomacy whore on 'roids basically. D&D equivalent: a bard built around the spell charm person. Humor: who has never played D&D and tried to take that pretty elf bar wrench back to their inn room at least once. That's the idea of this class.

Healers/ "Divine" spellcaster classes:

A servant to dark gods. Major spellcaster. D&D equivalent: a combo evil cleric and sorcerer. Humor: dark humor. Rather than save that orphanage, let's sacrifice it so I can give myself and all of you a buff.

A servant to the gods willing to help others. Major spellcaster. D&D equivalent: cleric (obviously). Humor: kind of hard to get into right now. The priest is just an alternative to the cultist, (someone wanting to be good rather than evil). For some of these, the real humor comes from the class abilities and spell titles. Also, there's the list of deities based around idiotic concepts.

A divine caster that puts more faith into nature and spirits than one specific god far off on some other plane. Major spellcaster. D&D equivalent: combo druid and cleric. Humor: Like with the priest, some of these lie in the class abilities and spell selection.

Offensive, hardcore spellcasters:

One who believes in the concept of the four elements and studies how to manipulate them. Major spellcaster. D&D equivalent: Wizard. Humor: Lies in the spell which I can't fully get into right now.

One who studies how to change their physical being to grant them power. Major spellcaster. D&D equivalent: Wizard that specializes in transmutation and has the wildshape ability. Humor: just really what they can turn into and how they can alter the shape of others. Also, see spell list.

One who studies how to transport other creatures to fight for them. Major spellcaster. D&D equivalent: combo wizard that specializes in conjuration and a druid minus pretty munch all druid class features except the summoning spells. Humor: mostly what you can summon (see spell list).

So what do you think?

2009-07-14, 07:44 PM
I think no one has anything to say about them.

2009-07-14, 07:58 PM
Something (http://www.worldofmunchkin.com/rpg/) you might want to take a look at.

2009-07-14, 09:42 PM
"Melee are funny, haha!"

"... Casters? No, they're not funny. Uh, spells are, though!"

I think you're going about the casters wrong. Look at Kingdom of Loathing's classes for some inspiration. Disco Bandits and Pastamancers!

Also: thesis for what?

2009-07-15, 02:12 AM
You refer to the spell lists a lot, but don't give them.