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2009-05-03, 07:32 PM
Hey guys I am running a half-drow bard who is the self-elected part face. OTHER then persuasive what are some feats that would up my Diplomacy and intimidate or any other things that would make me very social

2009-05-03, 07:38 PM
Diplomacy is inherently cheesy. So, awesome. Don't waste your time on skill feats like Persuasive. Instead, grab some sweet Spell Focus Enchantment and Charm the suckers.

2009-05-03, 08:01 PM
There's a tactical diplomacy feat on PHB2. Don't know if it's good, though.

2009-05-03, 08:11 PM
"Wanderer's Diplomacy" from PHBII adds some functionalities to Diplomacy. However, since most of those are stuff you'd roll with Diplomacy anyways (in any game that's not strictly using skills only for what they're written). It's rarely worth it. Imperious Command [DoTU] is really the best "skill expander"-feat; to be face what you really need are:
-Max ranks in communication & synergy skills.
-Charisma-based character that starts with max Charisma and puts all level-up & stat boosts to it.

That's it - feats don't really help to a relevant degree and as they're a precious resource for other aspects of your character (such as spellcasting, combat, etc.), it's generally just not worth your time to pick up those. And with those two things, you'll easily be able to beat checks against anyone but a Cleric (Wis-based and Sense Motive in class - pretty much the ultimate social bulldozer). Now, if you want help, use magic. Glibness, Divine Insight, they'll add obscene numbers to your rolls, so much so that you might just be looking at epic skill checks midway to level 10.

2009-05-03, 08:15 PM
There's "Master Manipulator" and "Wanderer's Diplomacy" from PHB II, each grant you multiple new uses for Diplomacy (2 for MM, and 3 for WD).

(Darn half-ninja's)

2009-05-03, 08:31 PM
There's "Master Manipulator" and "Wanderer's Diplomacy" from PHB II, each grant you multiple new uses for Diplomacy (2 for MM, and 3 for WD).

(Darn half-ninja's)

Wanderer's Diplomacy actually expands Diplomacy with 1 option (which is really bleh unless playing a Very By The Book Randomally Generated World). The other is a totally useless version of Sense Motive and the third allows you to use Bluff instead of Diplomacy in combat. *shrug* Pretty worthless overall - no reason not to use Diplomacy in combat (since it's plenty good already and easier to pimp out aside from Glibness), the Sense Motive-use is completely obsoleted by Tongues and the Diplomacy...well, it doesn't exactly require a feat. Gather Information should be able to do it out of stock.

Master Manipulator is good stuff as far as skill uses go, but those are specific skill uses or skill tricks at most - you'd be an idiot to blow a feat for something you'll get to use once in the entire damn game, and being able to slightly impair someone's sense checks by talking to them.

2009-05-04, 01:10 AM
My bad on Wanderer's Diplomacy. I should have said new uses for the prereq skills.

And as far as "Master Manipulator", the first ability is a nice way of distracting those (guards, merchants whoever) that need to have their attention pulled away from an allies doings. The second ability is great for a more social campaigns.

Actually I could see both of them made into actual Intraction Skill Tricks (a la Complete Scoundrel) as opposed to being in feat form. I would probably change it this way in my game.

2009-05-04, 11:35 AM
Consider a dip in Marshal for Motivate Charisma. Basically gives you double the ability modifier to almost everything you care about.