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2009-05-04, 09:23 PM
At the moment, I am currently running two separate Cthulhu games, with plans to open up a third soon. I have seen people keeping campaign journals of some of their more interesting games, and think that I would like to give it a try. This first game began a while ago, so some of the older sessions might be a bit rusty, but none of it was too far back in the past.

This first group met for its first session on an all nighter, to celebrate my birthday. The original idea I had for their adventure was based off of an episode of Supernatural, and was quite lacking in the pacing department. It was my first time DM'ing, and I have hopefully improved since. I'll begin the summary in a later post, but first, here is the party:

Robert Greene: a private investigator who has had a bit of a frail constitution ever since he took a bit of gas in the War. His player is pretty savvy, has a tendency to take charge of things and...circumvent the law.

Molly Greene: Robert's twin sister, a journalist for the Boston Globe. Has an irate boss inspired by Peter Parker's.

James Patterson: an aspiring archaeologist, currently an assistant teacher to Cyrus Walters at the Miskatonic. Yes, I know, James Patterson is an author. The name was a bit of a joke.

Anna Montgomery: an author who chiefly writes mystery novels, attended school at the Miskatonic under Cyrus Walters.

2009-05-05, 09:04 PM
The setup: All four of our adventurers have some connection to the Head of Archaeology at the Miskatonic University, Cyrus Walters. One day, he asks them to all meet him at his house in order to discuss some urgent business.

Session 1
The summary: The four meet at Cyrus's house, and become acquainted. He reveals that recently, he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, and had only a few months to live. He traveled to doctors everywhere seeking a cure, but found no help. He was about to reveal his illness to his friends and get his affairs in order, when he at last attempted a last ditched effort--a faith healer named John Stane. He attended one of Stane's sessions, was called up, and lo and behold! He was healed. However, the experience was not the pleasant, holy thing he had expected...he had sensed something....wrong during the process, and since has been plagued by disturbing dreams. He asks the players to look into the affairs of Stane for him, as they are the only friends he can trust.

After agreeing to help him, (though the private investigator required a fee), the players dispersed and met at a nearby cafe to come up with a battle plan....(to be continued)

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Ooh, I look forward to this.

2009-05-07, 09:14 PM
Session 1 (continued): The group met in the cafe, and got acquainted with each other. They decided to split up and do some research, at which point they found out a few interesting things. For one, they discovered that a few high profile deaths had occurred at practically the same times as several of Stane's supposed healings. One was a politician who was publically advocating gay rights (quite a bold stand in the 1920's,) and another was a woman who was campaigning for women's right to abortion. Another was a serial rapist. They also, in researching faith healers, found references to Protestant preachers in colonial times near the Boston area who were known for preaching a philosophy of "give to the innocent and take from the wicked," and apparently gathered large hordes of followers. These preachers were later accused of witchcraft and killed by British officials, though their followers put up stiff resistance.

The group swiftly came to the conclusion (partially OOC, as their charries were not entirely occult savvy yet) that Stane was somehow healing people he deemed "innocent" by killing the "wicked." They checked with Cyrus's doctor, and confirmed that he had genuinely been healed. After this, they decided to investigate Stane's church.... (to be continued)

2009-05-14, 09:28 PM
They arrived at the church, a medium sized building that had been bought by Stane and his wife a few months ago, when they apparently moved to Boston. It was Wednesday, so the church was empty. The group went around to the back door, but it was locked. Everyone looked away while Robert did....something....near the lock, then suddenly the door wasn't locked any more! Imagine that.

The group proceeded into the church very cautiously. You could tell a few of them were veterans of Cthulhu. They never let anyone in the group out of sight, and proceeded slowly. They searched Stane's office but found nothing other than religious texts--hardly a surprise in a church. The main room where services were held was empty except for its pews and a grand piano. They found a door leading to what was apparently a changing room for the choir, also full of junk, but were not able to find anything else of interest. After a few more attempted Spot Hidden rolls (they simply refused to believe that nothing was there), they finally left.

After they left, the group decided to do a bit more research. They discovered that an editorial writer at the Globe, an open atheist named Nathan Brown, has written several scathing articles condemning Stane as a fraud and a thief. The group comes to the conclusion that Brown is almost definitely Stane's next target--and the next sermon is on Sunday. Robert decides to take matters into his own hands and warn Brown (Robert has a rather strong tendency of taking charge of things, I'm trying to make games right now involve the other characters more). He then left for the apartment complex in which Brown lived, having learned his address from Molly. To be continued....

2009-05-14, 10:33 PM
Very well written, I'm enjoying it so far. Waiting for more.


2009-05-18, 05:44 PM
Robert impersonated the relative of the writer Brown to get up into his apartment. Once let inside, however, he dropped the facade. He told Brown, quite plainly, that someone was going to try and have him killed on Sunday, and that he needed to get out of town. Brown was, understandly, quite alarmed and threatened. He ordered Robert to leave, and Robert complied--his job was done, his warning given. He then went home to get some sleep, as it had gotten quite late.

The others did a little more research, which uncovered little but for this: there were mentions in the texts concerning the colonial preachers of an ancient rite from Biblical times. While the book which contained the description of the rite was vague, it spoke of the need for an altar, and a vial of 'innocent blood.' It also spoke of a "Reaper." With that, the three declared their research to be at its end for the night. They made an agreement to meet at the restaurant where they had eaten before for lunch the next day, and to continue their work from there on.

They met for lunch just as planned, and shared the information they each had gathered. While the group was rife with hypotheses, no one knew for sure yet how to stop Stane. They made a choice for their next action--they were going to visit the house of Stane himself. To be continued....

2009-05-28, 10:08 AM
Robert and Anna decided to visit the Stane household together. The door was answered by his wife, Mary. She seemed nice enough, and went to get her husband. He came to the door, and Robert and Anna actually had the gumption to tell them that they were here as insurance agents for the police because the church had been broken into, or something along those lines--it wasn't a terribly good cover story. They used this as an excuse to ask questions, but they received few helpful answers. Everything the Stanes did or said gave off the appearance of being a very polite, friendly couple. They soon left to have lunch with the rest of their group.

The group decided that, if they wanted to save Brown's life, they needed to disrupt the ritual of healing by finding this altar and destroying it. They came to the conclusion that the blood would be inside the church, and returned to it. They searched it very carefully, every inch--they could not seem to believe that nothing was there. They looked at the piano, in the changing room, they even started praying. It took them ages, but eventually they decided that the altar probably was not there. At that point, they figured the only possible remaining location was the Stane household...to be continued.

2009-05-28, 10:27 AM
The thick plotens.

This is getting interesting. And I have certainly had times were my party scoured a place for something that had never been there for hours.

2009-05-29, 09:50 AM
Continuing their insurance agent ruse that I really should not have let them get away with, the four of them went to Stane's house. I believe it was the next day, by this point--I know it was not night time. Once again, Stane's wife answered the door, and invited them inside. This time, they accepted the invitation and went into the kitchen, where they were soon joined by Stane himself. Molly and James asked Stane if they could look at his deed for the church, which was in his office. They used this as an excuse to search it, while Robert and Anna talked to the Stanes. As they talked, they began to realize something.

Stane appeared to be entirely normal. He showed no signs of guilt, or fear, or nervousness--he seemed genuinely interested in the breakin, but nothing more. The discussion somehow turned to the subject of whether helping the 'innocent' was more important than harming the 'guilty'--certainly a subject that Stane would care about if he were stealing the lives of criminals and people he considered morally corrupt to heal those he deemed worthy. However, it was his wife that seemed nervous. It clicked about midway through the conversation for Robert and Anna--it was not Stane that they were looking for. To be continued...

2009-05-29, 10:21 AM
Hmm, seems to be entirely copied and pasted from the episode. I mean they even do everything in order it happened in the show.

Now all they have to do is go to the basement to find the alter.

Curious though: Did you forget, didn't care, or didn't mention here that the faith healer is blind?

2009-05-29, 10:32 AM
This is really interesting. I've always wanted to see a Cthulhu game played, but I guess this is the next best thing.

2009-05-29, 10:54 PM
Hmm, seems to be entirely copied and pasted from the episode. I mean they even do everything in order it happened in the show.

Now all they have to do is go to the basement to find the alter.

Curious though: Did you forget, didn't care, or didn't mention here that the faith healer is blind?

I decided not to have him as blind in the game, but I cannot remember the reason why. And yes, it took quite a bit from the episode, and it's almost eerie how closely they followed the Winchesters' route. This was my first game that I had run other than The Haunting, so I wasn't feeling too confident about diverging from canon.

2009-05-30, 03:54 AM
*thumbs up*

An interesting read. I'm looking forward to see what comes next.

2009-07-13, 10:37 PM
Upstairs, James and Molly found a book hidden at the back of a bookshelf. It was full of strange symbols, and some of those symbols matched the ancient Hebrew that had been in the book they found the description of the ritual in. Then, they went down to the basement. Note: this is where things start diverging a bit from the Supernatural episode.

The basement was fairly basic, a bunch of tools lying around. If I recall correctly, one of them might have picked one up to use as a weapon if necessary. All the walls were brick except one, which looked suspicious. As they approached it, they noticed two things. One: they heard a scratching sound. As they attempted to go back and forth and control how loud the scratching sound became, they noticed the second thing--there were shadows, moving of their own accord, with no apparent owners. One of the shadow things attacked James, and as soon as his blood was spilled the thing became visible. It was a horrible little creature with tiny, stunted wings. Another two became visible as well, and James and Molly called for help. Soon, the entire group was down there, with Stane and his wife close behind...

2009-07-13, 10:51 PM
One of the shadow things attacked James, and as soon as his blood was spilled the thing became visible. It was a horrible little creature with tiny, stunted wings. Another two became visible as well, and James and Molly called for help. Soon, the entire group was down there, with Stane and his wife close behind...

...I hope you forgot to write about the SAN check. I hope you forgot to write all the horrible, writhing tentacles it had. You are clearly doing Cthulhu wrong. At this point they should be screaming to themselves and having horrible nightmares that will plague them for the rest of their miserable mortal life (the next 5 minutes). No, not the characters, them.

2009-07-13, 10:58 PM
Yeah, there was a SAN check that I forgot to write about. But no, they were not nearly as scared as they should have been. Keep in mind, this was my first game, and the atmosphere was a bit...lacking. Even today, I have a bit of trouble making my games as mean as they should be. But yeah, the shadow things did creep them out.

2009-07-14, 12:30 AM

Carry on :smallcool:

2009-08-03, 04:06 PM
Hey All,

I am the player of Robert Greene (the Savvy one :smalltongue:). Since SOMEONE has negelected this I figure I'll throw my perspective in.

First off it wasn't his birthday it was Molly Greene's player.

Secondly, Robert did nothing illegal at that door in the church, the door knob just needed to be jiggled. Ask anyone there, they didn't see anything.

Ignore Mr. Calinero's second paragrapgh his memory is fading.

What happened was we all ended up in the basement and someone (read: me) has the idea to try and break through the one wall that looks strange. I picked up a shovel and procceeded to hit the wall. Cue shadow nastiness. I get tackled and pinned by these things, my friends proceed to start for the stairs (No harm done, we know Cthulhu. Monsters come you run.) I manage to slip out from under the shadow thing.

Mrs. Stane meanwhile is starting to cast her crazy spell, only not at Brown but at me (I had said some not so nice things and pointed comments... they were deserved). So I ran towards her with my nifty knife and manage to get in a fairly decent cut, causing her to drop her 'focus' and release "The Reaper". Mr. Reaper is pissed she has been using him and kills her. Violently. Mr. Stane gets knocked out and in the process of all this the house gets lit on fire (I forget the details).

We grab Mr. Stane and run outside where someone called the fire dept. or whatever. Long Story short Mr. Stane dies and we get off telling Cyrus his doctors must have just been mistaken.

What does come out of this is we are now locals at the Cafe and the employees there uh... understand our needs for privacy and have selective hearing around us. It has proved useful in later adventures.

I know this is a thread just for the Faith Healer but I am going to go ahead and talk about the rest of our adventures here too.

Feedback and Comments appreciated.

2009-08-03, 04:17 PM
Feedback and Comments appreciated.

Dont hijack a thread and steal your DM's thunder, even if you were in the story? Besides, he was doing a better job telling it than you, even if he got fuzzy on a detail here or there. :smallconfused:

2009-08-03, 04:43 PM
Before the next adventure it is time for some deeper background on Robert and the Greene family in general.

The Greene children are twins who happily resided in Philly. They had a peppy younger brother and everyone got on just so wonderfully. During the Great War the younger brother (name eludes me at the moment. Shame I know) died. Robert was gassed and has severe problems with it (Con 7). Molly moved to Boston to be a journalist (and a successful one thanks to a high wealth role at the begining of the game).

After the Great War Robert returned to live near his parents, and work as a cop. In the line of duty he was involved in a high profile serial murder/kidnapper case. He eventually solved the case and went sprinting off on his own to try and stop the next murder. As he got there it turns out it was some Cult stuff. Robert tried to save the child but alasm, it was not ment to be and the child dies. One Cultist escapes after Robert kills one (or two) others and is injured. A couple of months later Roberts parents are killed in a hit and run accident... while on the sidewalk... on the opposite side of the road that the car should have been driving on... Roberts convinced it is a reprisal attack and moves to Boston to be closer to the remaining family member.

Anna has a rat she adores.

This is all relevant for the next adventure, as you will see in my next post (tommorrow probably).

2009-08-03, 04:47 PM
Dont hijack a thread and steal your DM's thunder, even if you were in the story?

Besides, he was doing a better job telling it than you, even if he got fuzzy on a detail here or there. :smallconfused:

He's free to take it back and tell me to stop, but last night he was cool with me updating from my perspective.

As for the second part, please be constructive on style comments.