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2006-08-10, 03:52 PM
Supernatural Warrior
HD: d8

BAB as fighter

Fort: Good

Ref: Poor

Will: Good

No armor or shield Prof.
simple and martial weapon prof.
skill points 2+ INT
Choose 5 skills to be class skills.

Techniques: 1 new technique at every odd level

Max level: Starts at one and improves at 5th, 9th, 13th, and 17th

Techniques: A supernatural warrior learns techniques. Techniques are supernatural abilities. Most techniques are melee or ranged attacks. However, some techniques grant other abilities. To learn a technique you first must have all lower techniques in that technique tree.

Movement Tree

1. Speed Boost
2. Up the Walls
3. Improved Speed Boost
4. Dimension Door 3/day
5. Teleport Move

Melee Tree

1. Melee Skill
2. Dive Attack 1/day
3. Weapon of Light 3/day
4. Improved Melee Skill
5. Melee Expertise.

Ranged Tree

1. Ranged Skill
2. Multiplying Arrows 1/day
3. Arrows of Light 3/day
4. Improved Ranged Skill
5. Ranged Expertise

Speed Tree

1. Extra Attack
2. Quick Defense
3. Improved Extra Attack
4. Improved Quick Defense
5. Superior Extra Attack

Defense Tree

1. Defense Skill
2. Ally Defense
3. Stoic Defense
4. Counterattack
5. Improved Defense Skill

Speed Boost: You gain a +10 ft bonus to your base land speed.

Up the Walls: You gain the feat Up the Walls, even if you donít meet the prerequisites.

Improved Speed Boost: Your Speed Boost improves to + 20 ft.

Dimension Door: You can use the spell dimension door 3/ day. Caster level is equal to your supernatural warrior level.

Teleport Move: When you move, you may instead teleport to your destination. This does not provoke an attack of opportunity.

Melee / Ranged Skill: You gain +1 on melee / ranged attacks.

Dive Attack: As a standard action you shoot forward in a line attacking all creatures in a line whose length is equal to your base attack bonus.

Weapon / Arrows of Light: For one round your melee / ranged weapon(s) bypasses all armor and shields. You must only have to make a touch attack

Improved Melee / Ranged Skill: Your melee / ranged skill bonus improves to +3

Melee / Ranged Expertise: You may add +2d6 damage to all melee / ranged attacks.

Multiplying Arrows: You may, as a standard action, create a swarm of arrows / thrown weapons that effects all creatures in a cone whose length is equal to your weaponsí range.

Extra Attack: You gain an extra attack during your full attack action at your highest base attack bonus.

Quick Defense: After two successful attacks, gain a + 1 bonus to AC.

Improved Extra Attack: Gain an extra attack during a standard action at your second highest base attack bonus

Improved Quick Defense: Your quick defense bonus improves to + 3

Superior Extra Attack: You gain a second extra attack during a full attack at your second highest base attack bonus.

Defense Skill: You gain +1 to AC

Ally Defense: All allies in 30 ft gain +1 to AC

Stoic Defense: Gain DR 3/-

Counterattack: After being attacked, gain one attack against the opponent who attacked you.

Improved Defense Skill: Your defense skill gives you a +3 bonus to AC

2006-08-10, 05:27 PM
Hm... overall, it's a good idea, my only complaint is the Speed tree - an extra attack at 1st level is fairly overpowering, especially since later on this stacks (given a lack of saying it doesn't) with Haste/Speed enchantment, so potentially you would be able to attack at 20/20/20/20/15/10/5 in a full attack at level 20.

I'd suggest removing Extra attack as the 1st tier option, replacing Improved Extra attack with Extra attack at 3rd tier, and replacing 1st tier with something - maybe Improved Initative?

2006-08-10, 06:30 PM
Give at least a -2 penalty to all attacks with that extra attack ability. That's how Two-Weapon Fighting, Rapid Shot and Flurry work. If it isn't overpowering for them then it won't be for you.

If you do consider Flurry/Two-Weapon Fighting/Rapid Shot to be overpowering however...

2006-08-10, 07:13 PM
I don't consider them overpowering because you have to take them instead of another feat, and Rapid Shot and Two-Weapon Fighting are specific (you must use two weapons or a ranged weapon (or multiple thrown ranged weapons)), and Flurry, well you can only use Flurry of Blows with Monk Weapons or Unarmed Strikes, and it is a class-specific ability, after all.

I think you could do this for the Speed tree:

Improved Reaction: +2 Initiative bonus, +1 Reflex bonus

or something like that. I love the idea for it, though. I think you need to refine it, however. There are some of these trees which you wouldn't ever NOT want to take (*coughspeedcough*) and some which allow you to do things that become really quite cheap (Dimmension Door 3/day seems pretty good for a 7th level ability, and Teleport Movement seems good as a 9th level ability). My response: PLAY TESTING. I'd love to help playtest this class, if you need it.

I agree with balancing extra attacks by giving each attack a -5 to hit, making it like Improved Two-Weapon Fighting or something. I also think this is a cool class because you could invent more trees if you wanted to (Spellslaying trees!).