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2009-05-05, 11:09 PM
So i was thinking that perhaps some high level PCs could use poison in the endgame of a game to defeat an epic boss too powerful for them otherwise. Obviously no current poison would do, so i came up with my own. The poison is designed to require a game session or more to create, as it has a long list of odd things the PCs need to do to make it. (This also insures no one would make it offhand in the campaign world, because its so obscure and difficult)
The effects of the poison itself are really thorough because you never know when some other GM will want to use it and will ask why the followers of the fiend-god cant just ressurect their master. It isnt perfect or designed to 100% stop really powerful epic creatures, but it gets the job done for the purpose i imagine it playing.

Gray Repose
How to make: Black Lotus petals (from a dozen flowers) must be soaked for a period of ten days in a tincture of fortified wine. Then the wine is mixed with salt and the ashes of a being with at least 20HD. This is left out until the wine evaporates. The salt and ahs mixture is mixed into a pint of water. Then Bless Water followed by Curse Water is cast upon the solution. After that it must be filtered through a vampire. There are three ways this is usually done, although which one the PCs find out about and use varies. A vampire that is lifelike enough can be enticed or forced to drink the water and then urinate. Or, a person can drink the water, be fed on by a vampire, and then the vampires blood can be extracted. Lastly, the vampire can be killed and the water can be pumped or strained through its organs and tissues. This creates the first part of the poison.
The second part is made by first dissolving an item associated with the spell Sleep or a greater equivalent spell (a wand of sleep will suffice) in acid. Then that acid is mixed with Universal Solvent. Into this is added the heart of a Seer, Oracle, Prophet, or Diviner and the eyes of a virgin woman. Some form of metal-tipped basting device or syringe must then be used to inject the acid-solvent into the egg of a black dragon. When the egg hatched the dragon must be killed and a few drops of its blood extracted. This blood must be taken blessed by the servants of a good aligned god with the Death domain or a god with the Repose domain. If no such god exists the next closest will suffice.
A few drops of each of these are then mixed together and poured into a 1 once phial inside of which is a tiny sliver of Black Sapphire. When the gem fragment dissolves (about a week) the poison is ready for the last phase. The last step is simple. A ray of negative energy from an Energy Drain spell must pass through the phial and kill some creature on the other side of it. At this point the poison will become a dull gray color with tiny flecks of black appearing and disappearing like static within it.

What it does
The poison can only be ignored by beings actively immune to Death Effects, Energy Drain, Mind-affecting Effects, and Poison. The initial and secondary save is a DC 86 fort save. If a creature has no constitution score but is still affected by the poison it makes a Will save instead. The initial damage is 10d10 points of permanent ability drain to both Constitution and Charisma. The secondary effect is to erase the memory of the target and move their alignment one space towards true neutral as well as bestow d20 negative levels. The memory can only be restored and the ability drain revered by a spell of Epic level with a spellcraft DC of at least 86.
If either of these saves is failed the being begins to decay. The body rots and liquefies, being permanently drained of 1d4 points of constitution each day. This effect also negates natural healing, magical healing, and all abilities that heal (regeneration, for instance) and prevents the body from being healed during a spell to revive the target unless this effect is removed beforehand. Removing this effect requires a Wish or equivalent 9th level spell.
Any being killed after being effected by this is poison treated (for revival spell purposes) as if they had been dead for 10d20 years.
This poison is a contact poison and the process of creating it produces only a single dose. If exposed to a powerful electrical current (dealing at least 50 points of damage) the phial will burst in such a way that the poison vaporizes and fills a 10ft cube.

2009-05-05, 11:57 PM
Interesting. Quite the adventures would be necessary to put it together. Could be quite cool.

I'm not sure you need the extra 1d4 damage decay deal, after doing 10-100 Con and Cha damage and 1-20 negative levels...if the target can survive that, it can certainly get its hands on a wish spell.

2009-05-06, 12:53 AM
Well i put in the Con damage because it doesnt make sense to have someone rot alive and not get hurt.

I had them rot so that Ressurection spells wont work because those are supposed to restore the body and while reviving them and this prevents that.

So you would need a Ressurection Spell, and a Wish spell both to simply counter the extra effect of the poison. Then you would need three epic spells for the other effects (asuming the save was failed).

The extra aging that it applies to their body is also to mess with the time limits on the "come back to life" spell.

I initialy wanted it to also erease their name (and its essence) so that no Divination spell, Wish Spell, or power dependent upon either would work. I settled for wiping their mind so that even if you know their name, they wont be the person you remember.