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Decoy Lockbox
2009-05-08, 11:58 PM
So I was procrastinating today, and thought "hey, what if I made a robotic Mike Tyson in D&D 4e?"...so I did. I decided to reflavor many of the powers, since the names or concepts either didn't make sense for a boxer (i.e. rain of steel), or deserved some punching up (pardon the pun).

The character's signature ability, derived from his reflavored Farslayer spiked gauntlets, is his amazing 25-foot spring powered Robot Punch :smallbiggrin:

I now present...TysonBot!

TysonBot, Lvl 14 Warforged Fighter (tempest technique) / Barbarian / Shock Trooper

HP: 119, Surges: 12, surge value 29

AC: 32 = 17+8+3+1+1(+2)
Fort: 30 = 17+6+3+2+0+2
Ref: 24 = 17+3+3+0+1+0
Will: 24 = 17+3+3+1+0+1

Str 23
Con 16
Dex 16
Int 9
Wis 16
Cha 11

Attack(with spiked gauntlets): +20, 1d8+16
Robot punch: same as above, but on target up to 5 squares away
Dual Punch: +20/20, 1d8+10
Opportunity attacks: +23, 1d8+16

Heroic(6-1): toughness, weapon focus, weapon expertise, Berserkerís Fury, Novice Power
Paragon(3+1): Marked Scourge, chainmail specialization, agile tempest, great fortitude

Paragon path: shock trooper(among other things, ups offhand weapon damage by one die, in this case upping his gauntlets to 1d8)


(at-will): Dual Punch, TysonBot Punch
(encounter): Probing Attack, Ear Bite, YYY Combo, Iíma Eat Yo Children
(daily): Lasting Threat, TysonBot Stance, Eye of the Tiger
(Utility): Pass Forward, Settling the Score, Defensive Resurgence, Assault Footwork

<Custom power name translations>
Dual Punch = dual strike
TysonBot Punch = Brash Strike
Iíma Eat Yo Children = Storm of Blades
YYY Combo = Shocking Twister
Ear Bite = Griffonís Wrath
TysonBot Stance = Rain of Steel
Eye of the Tiger = Victorious Surge


+3 agile Braidmail, lvl 15
+3 farslayer spiked gauntlets lvl 13
+3 cloak of some sort lvl 14 (doesn't matter for the character concept what it is...but it would be cool if it looked like one of those cloaks that boxers wear when they are approaching the ring.)

+2 iron armbands lvl 6

boots of the fencing master (more like boxing master...but rewards footwork, which fits character concept nicely. Also my favorite foot item for any melee character at the lower levels)

Skull Mask (5 necrotic resist, +1 to intimidate)

Cincture of the Dragon Spirit, lvl 6 (use Str for intimidate)

All remaining left-over cash spent on a White Tiger :smallwink:

Intimidate +19 = (7+5+6+1)
Athletics +17 = (7+5+6-1)
Endurance +14 = (7+5+3-1)
Perception +15 = (7+5+3), passive perception 25

Nova turn (requires two rounds of setup, so best against solos):
Round x: lasting threat (to keep target marked for marked scourge)
Round x+1: probing attack (+4 bonus to all attacks until end of next turn)
Round x+2: Activate Barbarian multiclass feat, YYY combo, action point, Iíma Eat yo Children (7 punches in 6 seconds; nice!)

Potential Damage on round x+2:
(3d8+63) + (4d8+84) = 7d8+ 147 = 178.5 damage, max 203

In a pinch, you can skip the lasting threat, which will only subtract 3 points of damage from the overall combo--not a big loss.

So given that this build is supposed to be really goofy while somewhat effective, what do you guys think?

2009-05-09, 07:23 AM
Pretty funny. I especially like all the renamed powers.

Great Job! :smallwink: