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2009-05-11, 02:59 PM
i have been trying to build a character that has 9th level arcane/divine/powers. anyway, i'm not sure if i have succeeded or not. hopefully, someone can help me.

psion 6 / beholder mage 2 / cerebremancer 3 / ur priest 1 / cerebremancer 2 / mystic theurge 1 / psychic theurge 5.

the feats used are:
1) education
3) iron will
5) metamorphic transfer (going away because of retraining, but still needed until later on)
6) metamorphic transfer
9) spell focus evil
12) alternative source spell
15) metamorphic transfer (this is basically replacing the one at level 5)
18) free

the current casting is 8/8/8 (unless i cant add.)

the problem is that i cant get 9th level spells/powers in all 3 classes so i have to use the rebuilding thing in the phb 2. the other problem i see is that there might not be enough eye stalks to sacrifice, so i would have to be hit with disjunction or something and polymorphed back into one. or maybe i could just be polymorphed into a bigger beholder.

3 levels of psion are being rebuilt, and 1 level of beholder mage is being rebuilt (4 levels retrained total). 2 of the levels are becoming psychic theurge, and 2 levels are becoming cerebremancer.

the race would have to be an aberration with 17 or more int, and you might need to be changed into a beholder twice. the first time to get through all the levels needed for retraining, and the second time to make the second metamorphic transfer (at level 15) be related to the correct ability.

i'm not sure about the retraining rules, so i don't know if i am able to use them like this. if i'm not able to retrain the beholder mage level, then i could take a flaw and take wizard 1 as my first level. that would allow me to have second level arcane casting for mystic theurge, and then that level could be the one retrained.

are there any problems, or does it work?

2009-05-12, 07:03 PM
One trick you might be able to use is to replace Psion with Ardent, and take Practiced Manifester. An ardent's maximum power level is determined by manifester level, not equivalent class level like psion, so an Ardent 13/X 4 (or the equivalent) with Practiced Manifester could use 9th-level powers.