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2006-08-07, 07:36 AM
I give you the Handheld Portal Device:

Repeating Crossbow of Portal Creation
[Minor Artifact]
This appears to be a simple bow, made out of a magical, flexible metal. This metal has the same qualities as iron, except that it is perfectly suitable for use in a bow, as it has the correct amount of flexibility, unlike most metals. It does not fire crossbow bolts, but rather, energy.
The projectile shot from the Crossbow appears to be a streak of blue or red energy. When the first shot is fired from the bow, it is usually red, however, the user may will it to be blue. Upon the energy hitting it's target, a shockwave of energy of the same color flows along the target, going on until a circle has been created that has a 5 foot radius. Everything within this circle is covered by blue or red energy. When a second shot is fired, a shot of the opposite color of energy is created. It creates a shockwave of the appropriate color, and then both circles of energy change appearances. Instead of the energy covering the target, it gives way, leaving only the outline of energy. The view then becomes what it would look like if you were looking out of the other energy-circle. These circles then become effective as portals. An object going through one goes out the other at the same speed. This includes gravitational momentum; anything falling through a portal goes speeding out the other at the same speed, but in a different direction. Medium and lower creatures can pass through easily, but large creatures must pass a Tight Space Escape Artist check. Any creature with a size category above large cannot pass through the circle. These portals fade away after 24 hours; alternatively, if a third arrow is shot from the bow, it is the opposite color of the second arrow, and it replaces the portal created by the first arrow. Even though the portals offer instantaneous transportation, it is possible to get stuck between them. If a creature's limb is still in the portal, or a Large creature is trying to pass through it, while the portal is destroyed, either due to a newly created Anti-magic field, or the time limit, or another effect, their entire bodies are sucked into it and thrust onto a random plane. The vacuuming effect of the portal's destruction causes 2d6 ability damage to Constitution and Wisdom, as the victim's body suffers unimaginable pain due to the fact that their bodies are becoming one with whatever object the portal was created on at the same time as being pulled into another plane.
The first energy ring has no effects, positive or ill until the second circle is created. Arrows shot from the Bow of Portal Creation that hit a creature, or an object that is not bigger than 5x5, instantly fade away and have no effects. Arrows shot from the Bow are only meant to hit walls and the ground; when shot at an object with a very irregular surface (more so than slightly rocky ground) arrows suffer a %50 chance of failure.

Comments? It would have been too easy to convert into D20 Modern, so I made it into a bow :)

2006-08-07, 09:39 AM
What if somebody has manyshot? They'd just shoot someone until the portal around them functioned, then make another one, cause the Con and Wis damage, etc. Maybe you should make it so that it can only make one portal per round.

2006-08-07, 09:51 AM
Hmm, I was trying to think of how to fix that, actually.
I'm thinking of including something about the metal of the bow becoming ridgid and unfirable, as a safety thing, because otherwise it's possible to damage your allies veeerrry easily. Maybe instead, when the portals are reallocated, you just get shunted through the new one? In other words, since the portals are still there, you get shoved *somewhere*, unlike when there are no portals, and you just get torn to a random plane.

2006-08-07, 03:57 PM
You could solve a lot of problems by making it a crossbow.

2006-08-07, 06:27 PM
You could solve a lot of problems by making it a crossbow.
I thought crossbow to make it look more like the device it's based off, but since it would also slow down the shooting rate to avoid the Manyshot problem, it's doubly good.

Also, I forgot it seems to have a Telekinesis-like effect as well… Not demonstrated that often in the video clip I watched, but I'm sure it was there.
For that, a crossbow shape is better than a bow shape.

2006-08-07, 08:06 PM
Agreed. I believe it doubled as a gravity gun, perhaps that is an upgrade you can get? Than again, it seems kind of place, as the story of "Portal" seems to take place in a life-or-death "test". The whole idea, to me, seemed that some dystopian strange corporate overlords are forcing you to test their new device for them. Atleast, that's what I gathered from the "If at first you don't succeed, you fail, and the test will be terminated." line. It seems as if this is a very important test...

I'll move things around a bit in a sec and change it into a crossbow.