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2009-05-16, 12:31 PM
Okay, this thread is about times when something happened in-game, and you only came up with the perfect solution afterwards. Of course, had you known what was gonna happen, you could've solved it easily, right?

My example:

It was my first time with a new group, and I made a cleric. Should've made a wizard, but I didn't know what kinds of crap we'd be up against.

My first mission with this new group was to hunt down and kill Malar, the Realms' god of lycanthropes.

Keep in mind, this was a (woefully underequipped) ECL 16 group against a frakkin' god.

Had I known, I would've researched glibness on character creation, and set up the following:

A quick bit of research on Malar (along with moment of prescience and some other bonuses) would've given me its number of Hit Dice, as well as other beneficial info to know. Then, procure a gem of decent quality, and with a moment of prescience'd Craft check and fabricate, I would've turned it into a VERY valuable crafted gem, to look like a beautiful (but savage) statue of Malar himself. Very valuable. So valuable, in fact, that it would've sufficed for the trap the soul spell.

Upon the fateful meeting with Malar, and one moment of prescience and Quickened glibness spell later, and I'd have a suitable sacrifice for the goodly gods of the party's paladin.

Which would've been awesome. Except I never got the chance. :smallannoyed:

So, regale me with your tails of what-could-have-been.

2009-05-16, 12:54 PM
I hate it when people complain about how they could have done things better if they did it differently; you did things in game that you thought were good at the time.

It's over now; get over it.:smallannoyed:

2009-05-16, 01:06 PM
Especially since a DM is likely to throw encounters at the party that target their weaknesses, and if you played something else, you'd get a different encounter.

2009-05-16, 01:09 PM
Honestly, I would rather have a cleric than a wizard. I know that on this board I am going to get flamed and beaten mercilessly for saying this, but: a cleric in these situations is more useful than a wizard. Even the unrelentingly worshiped Batman wizard. The cleric is going to survive a couple extra rounds before he is punted into another universe, maybe, but he can still get off some interesting insults to the evil god. Were you going after the god itself, or an avatar of the god? Biiig difference. The actual god is going to have some salient divine abilities that could take out a party of "woefully underequipped" L16 characters in a matter of a few rounds.

The only "character" that would have an actual chance of surviving at L16 against a deity would be the King of Smack or Pun-Pun. But, those are not characters, they are the result of someone having way too much time on their hands, terrible munchkinry, and Lovecraftian levels of insanity.