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2006-05-08, 07:54 AM
A d20 conversion of the Nac mac Feegle from Discworld.

Size/Type: Tiny Outsider (Chaotic)
HD: 4d8 + 4 (20)
Initiative: +2
Speed: 50ft (10 squares)
Armor Class: 18(+2 size bonus, +4 natural, touch 12, flatfooted 16)
Base Attack/Grapple: +3/-8
Attack: Headbutt +5 2d8+2 or Lawyerbane Sword +6 2d6
Full Attack: Headbutt +5 2d8+2 or Lawyerbane Sword +6 2d6
Space/Reach: 0ft/0ft
Special attacks:

2006-05-08, 09:19 AM
Special Attacks: Litigious ;D
Special Qualities: Fearless (immune to fear effects), fractious (they have a tendency to turn on one another mid-fight), Lairdless

Litigious: The Nac Mac Feegle can serve a writ as a touch attack.

Lairdless: "Nay King, Nay Queen, Nay Laird; we willne be fuuled agin!" Nac Mac Feegles have an innate +4 bonus against any mind-altering compulsive effects (charm, dominate, etc.) from whatever source.

I'd argue that the Nac Mac Feegle are Fey rather than Outsiders. After all, they were kicked out of Faerieland for being drunk and disorderly. ;D

2006-05-08, 10:51 AM
Agreed, the feegle were definitely Fey.

Of course this means you'd probably want to boost up the HD a bit, but that certainly wouldn't be unrealistic.

However, it currently looks like you've given them only a +2 Con bonus and a +2 strength bonus. I'd say they are some tough little sons of... and they certainly are strong.

Lets see...Average weight of a cow is something like 1,100 pounds. It takes four feegle to move. Although it would take 4 anyway just because that's how many legs the cow has. Let's assume each feegle is heavily encumbered (that's still moving faster than a running human)

So that means each feegle can heft about 300 pounds heavy encumbered. For a medium sized creature that's a strength of 18, which sounds about right to me. Problem is that they're size Tiny, giving them 1/2 the normal capacity, meaning they're strength 23-24.

That seems a little strong to me, so I'd suggest the following option instead:

Feegle BuildThis abilty functions like Powerful Build, except that any feegle is treated as two size categories larger for purposes of determining Natural Attack Damage, grapple modifiers, and carrying capacity. They still cannot weild weapons that are any larger however.

Then give them Str-18 and a headbutt attack (a normal slam attack)

That would give them high Headbut damage (1d6+6) and excellent grapple checks (+6 rather than -8 ), you might even give them improved grapple. And the ability to lug cows around.

2006-05-08, 03:47 PM
Looks good, feegle build too

i love the Nac mac feegle's

2006-05-08, 04:09 PM
"get it off my leg!"

2006-05-08, 05:18 PM
I'd say they get a rage feature, and probably a racial + to hide.

2006-05-08, 05:29 PM
I'd say they get a rage feature, and probably a racial + to hide.

The racial bonus to hide is actually provided due to the fact that they're tiny. (I believe that gives them a +8 to hide?)

2006-05-09, 06:16 PM
Can planeshift at will, seemingly.

-"Thar can only be t'win thousand!"

2006-05-09, 08:56 PM
I would be forced to give them powerful build and a +6 or +8 strength bonus, if they can pick up a cow by the hoofs and run off with it, they are pretty strong.

2006-05-09, 08:58 PM
I once made a gnome raised by the Nac mac Feegle. he was 1 foot tall, and had a 2-foot tall hairdo, was technically tiny size, used a medium-sized fullblade, was a raging barbarian, had orange eyes, and rode a badger. Because everyone has to make a crazy-arse gnome at some point, and when i make a freaky character, i MAKE A FREAKY CHARACTER!

2006-08-05, 03:17 AM
make a lawyer toad!! also, give them illiteracy ( words hold power to them, they think that if you write their name, you control them)