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2009-05-19, 01:46 PM
Here are a few spell ideas for casters to use against foes with an active anti-magic field. I'd appreciate any suggestions as to spell level.

Anti-Magic Encasement
This spell can sense the boundary of an anti-magic field and creates a dome or spherical (if flying) barrier of permanent stone, or temporary ice precisely one inch away from the boundary of the field. Once created this barrier is not magical in anyway, and being caught within the area of the anti-magic field will not affect it.

If created in mid-air the sphere will immediately fall to Earth, usually dragging the target downward and possibly shattering upon impact depending on height.

Each ten foot section of the barrier has one inch of thickness per caster level, and 5 hitpoints per inch. If made of ice the barrier will melt and become easily broken within one hour, except in cold climates.

Unless broken open the area within the dome will run out of oxygen and cause suffocation for a single average human within twenty-four hours.

Blade of Force
This spell creates an invisible immobile floating dagger three inches long, identical to a wall of force other than being intensely sharp and pointed. The pointed end of this blade can be oriented in any direction, the other end is blunt and harmless.

The spell is commonly used to create dangerous traps for anyone who walks onto or into one. A blade does 1d4 damage unless the victim is running forward or falling from a height, in which case they take 3d4 damage.

This spell creates a hard and icy sphere of snow and projects it at a great speed. The orb is not magical once created, and can pass into an anti-magic field. You can create 1 snowball for each three caster levels you have. Upon striking a target each snowball causes 1d4+1 damage.

Frog Dragon
2009-05-19, 01:53 PM
All I have to say is. That's some pretty frickin hardcore snowball!

2009-05-19, 06:41 PM
What does the blade of force have to do with antimagic fields?

I once made an epic spell called anti-antimagic, that made you immune to most antimagic effects. It could be used to get through someone else's antimagic field, but it would be more useful to use it to get through your own.

Forcecage is level 7. Wall of Force is level 5. Wall of Stone is 5 for Sor/Wiz and Clerics and 6 for Druids. As such, Anti-Magic Encasement would be level 7 if you could use it on anyone. Since it only works on people casting anti-magic encasement, it should probably be a few levels lower.

Blade of Force should probably be a cantrip. Make it subject to permanency, though. I'd suggest making it CL 9th and 500 XP for permanency.

Snowball is somewhat stronger than Acid Splash, which is a cantrip, and about half as strong as Acid Arrow, which is a level 2 spell. Perhaps level 1 would be good.

2009-05-19, 07:05 PM
What type of damage would Snowball be? I'd say Bludgeoning, but maybe it should do 1d4 Bludgeoning and 1 Cold.

2009-05-20, 08:49 AM
What does the blade of force have to do with antimagic fields?

Like Wall Of Force it persists in an anti-magic field. So if someone is coming at you surrounded by an anti-magic field, if you quickly create one if front of yourself they might end up impaled. It of course has many uses apart from combating anti-magic fields.

2009-05-20, 08:51 AM
What type of damage would Snowball be? I'd say Bludgeoning, but maybe it should do 1d4 Bludgeoning and 1 Cold.

That makes perfect sense.