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2009-05-20, 04:54 AM
Hey people,

I am running a game which is based on the following scenario:

The world is a big city corrupted by several guilds which rule the city and have conflicts with eachother. The party is now in the service of an heir of an old family which was murdered out(? well at least they are all dead now) like 300 years ago because the other families(Guilds) were against the king and wanted to kill him and rule the city themselfs. This happened but the king placed a curse on the city when things would go wrong he would return to rule the city again ( ofcors as an evil superduper evil villan who wants to raise the whole city as undeads and have peace again....) Now the party knows that everywhere in the city undead rise and attack everyone they meet. Above the churches begins a dark clouded air whereunder undead can also walk at day ( its drawn from the adventure set up from 'Open Grave') This cloud extends towards the middle of the city. The middle is the old Citadel of the king wich noone has entered for the last 300 years. The vampire dude is on the kings hand, and the party used to be on one of the guilds hand, but its to them to decide what side they choose. But i just dont know how the story ends.. Will all the city be undead and ruled by the evil King? or will the people begin an underground society so i can let them intervere with drow? and the coo lthing is they can go above ground to slauther undead.. or they will be on the Kings side and try to kill all the Bosses of the guild..

I just don't know, and the other half depends on what the party will do ofcorse.

Can you people help me with thinking up some more plot events on the way to the main plot? And maybe even come up with some ideas about the main plot? I would be most gratefull!!



2009-05-20, 05:28 AM
...murdered out...
Dutch too, right? :smallwink:

First of, you have a lot of potential with wars between guilds and against the drow before you even start informing the PCs of the history of the King.
Start of with a big battle against the drow in which the PCs can distinguish themselves from the rabble.

Now, you have the guild of the PCs. Let them join by choice, or have them be members from the start. It should appear to be good on the outside, but contain evil (at least some evil) within. This way, you almost guarantee the PCs will eventually break with their guild. That is, if they're good.

You'd have another guild that is obviously evil, so the PCs have some humanoids they can slaughter without feeling remorse. Add some guilds who can be played out against eachother, with some good and some evil members so the PCs don't know exactly who to trust. You might add the vampire as a recurring enemy or unexpected help in some of these quests so you can make it to be that he's the Big Bad or something.

Then, just when the PCs are on the winning hand, make sure they are the ones to discover about the King and his history. Making this discovery is a quest on its own. Now the PCs must choose what to do. From here on, make sure that whichever side the PCs choose, that side will eventually win, but it will be at a disadvantage.

Add a quest to retrieve the King's equipment, or to purify to King's ghost, or to find the King's forgotten heir. Make sure the leaders of the different guilds all play a different and important role: let them all have a key item or key information imporant to the PCs victory.

And of course, the guild the PCs started with will be out for revenge and may even have the Big Bad as a member/leader.

Hope this helps.