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2009-05-20, 05:04 PM
This is for the Lone Wolf d20 game system out of Mongoose. I'm getting a chance to play in a summer campaign (yay!), and I'm really stuck between these choices. For reference, the character class is more or less equivalent to a fighter/warlock - decent melee combat abilities and the capacity to channel magic through their weapon.

I can choose only one at this level, (I pick up more at higher levels) but only get the specialist ability of the one I choose now.

Group 1
General: Gain Athletics as a class skill and 1 free rank pof it, as well as +1 on Fort saves
Specialist: May interpose himself between another character and incoming attacks. Must be within 5' of the targeted character and not flat-footed, surprised, etc. Usable 1/round. Attack is made against the PC instead of the target.
Access to the following SLAs (choose 1):
1) 60'range Hold Person spell. Costs 2 HP to maintain per round. Fort negates. Occult DC 16 to cast.
2) Occult DC 21 to cast, 4 HP to cast. +4 str, +2 natural AC, DR 3/- and 25% chance to ignore critical hits. Lasts 6 rounds.
3) Occult DC 22 to cast, 2 HP per round to maintain. Heal yourself for your base damage with your weapon each time you hit.

Group 2
General: Auto-pass Concentration checks of DC 15 or less. 1 free rank in Concentration.
Specialist: Gain defense against psionic attacks (for purposes of this game, magic defenses DON'T help against psionics...)
Access to the following SLAs (choose 1):
1) Occult DC 17 to cast, 1 HP to cast. Daze your opponent for 1 round if they pass a Will save. On a failure, they lose their Dex bonus to AC for a number of rounds equal to your class level.
2) Occult DC 20, 2 HP to cast. +20 to your next attack roll, Will save, or skill check made within 3 rounds. Cannot be stacked.
3) Occult DC 22, 4 Hp to cast. +2 to Int and Wis for 10 rounds. Reroll any failed skill check in this time, must accept 2nd result. +4 to init.

Group 3
General: Gain Acrobatics as a class skill and 1 free rank. +1 to REF saves
Specialist: Spellstep (su) 2/day, 60-foot range Dimension Door. Requires a full-round action.
Access to the following SLAs (choose 1):
1) DC 15 Occult, 2 HP per round to maintain. Make a Concentraion Check DC 18. If passed, double Dex mod to AC and improve base movement to 40 ft/round.
2) Occult DC 20, 3 HP to cast. Target makes REF save. Failure means target takes 1d6+int damage and is moved 10' from the caster.
3) Occult DC 18, 2 HP. Inflict HP to an item equal to (1d6 to 2d10 according to scaling Occult check result) minus its hardness. If Occult check is double item's hardness, it shatters and wielder must make a REF save (DC 15) or take 1d6 piercing dmg.

Group 4
General: Gain Diplomacy and Knowlegde (nobility and royalty) as class skills and 1 free rank in each. +2 initiative.
Specialist: At-will energy bolt of an energy type of your choosing, 60' range. 1d6+Int bonus damage. Not subject to magic resistance or saving throw. Requires ranged touch attack.
Access to the following SLAs (choose 1):
1) Occult DC 22, 4 hp per round to maintain. +2 to intimidate checks. If struck, enemies take 1d6 magical fire dmg. All allies within 10' gain +1 on attacks and will saves.
2) Occult DC 16, 3 HP. Firebolt, 120' range. Deals 1d6+Int mod+cha mod in fire damage. Sets combustibles on fire.
3) Occult DC 20, 4 HP to cast. Melee touch attack for 1d6+int mod+cha mod electrical damage. Requires a free hand. May be combined with a weapon attack, but all 2-weapon fighting penalites are in play. Can affect incorporeal creatures.


2009-05-20, 05:24 PM
I'd suggest the second one, simply because the other specialist abilities are all OK but I can't count how many times Mindshield and Psi-Shield saved me from heinous damage/possession by ultimate evil/mind-taking in Lone Wolf. Lots of creatures want to get in your skull in Magnamund.

2009-05-21, 01:01 AM
Second one sounds cool- If you're going to be a tank-type, I'd say the first, but it doesn't sound like that's what you're doing.

2009-05-21, 02:33 PM
Yeah, OK. My first inclination was for Group 2 as well, just 'cause it's different (and I remember getting psionically ass-kicked in the Lone Wolf books as well). The others looked to offer pretty nifty stuff, but yeah, I guess I'll go with 2.