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2009-05-20, 09:14 PM
I got my dm to allow me to be a conjuration specialist, starting at level 1, with abrupt jaunt, and he okayed the Master Specialist/Archmage combination I wanted. (Didn't even realize how insane the major one is for conjurer specialists, until we looked at it).

The bad news is the feat I wanted to start with, collegiate wizard, is probably a no go. What feats might work well for this build? I plan on 3 wiz/10 master specialist/5 archmage/??? But I probably won't get to that point, lol.

I will most likely be a grey elf.

2009-05-21, 02:41 PM
Well, there's always Spell Focus (Conjuration) -> Augment Summoning, if nothing else.

You might consider the Focused Specialist variant. Unearthed Arcana also has a few Conjurer variants (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/classes/specialistWizardVariants.htm#conjurerVariants).

(Didn't even realize how insane the major one is for conjurer specialists, until we looked at it)
It's a bit strange that it doesn't instead reduce 1 round conjurations to standard actions, as that's particularly useful to summoners. Auto-quickening is just stupidly useful to any caster, and there's no reason to grant it to conjurers in particular.

Maybe you could talk to your DM about replacing the RAW Major Conjuration Esoterica with standard action summoning instead.

2009-05-21, 03:05 PM
Get the Enhanced Summoning (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/classes/specialistWizardVariants.htm#conjurerVariants) variant from UA/SRD, and if possible take the feat Obtain Familiar (CA) at level 1 and trade it for the Rapid Summoning (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/classes/specialistWizardVariants.htm#conjurerVariants) variant, since you already traded your free familiar for Abrupt Jaunt.

Remember that the Major School Esoterica can only be used 3/day. With Rapid Summoning you can use that with Summon Monster spells. In the later levels you can summon Storm Elementals (MM3) with Summon Monster.

Maybe use Arcane Disciple (CD) for the Summoner domain to go Wizard 3/ Master Specialist 4/ Thaumaturgist 5/ Master Speicalist 6/ Archmage 2. At level 12 you can get a Ghaele Eladrin as your Planar Cohort, which is extremely powerful. With Archmage you only need to get Mastery of Elements, maybe Mastery of Shaping, and Arcane Reach maybe twice and you'll be done with the class.

For your other feats consider taking Rashemi Elemental Summoning (UE), metamagic feats with Metamagic School Focus (CM), and maybe Imbued Summoning (PH2).

2009-05-21, 03:11 PM
Have you looked at Malconvoker yet? If summoning is your thing, that's an excellent PrC.

Keld Denar
2009-05-21, 03:32 PM
As for feats...Complete Mage has Cloudy Conjourations, which gives you a 5' cloud every time you cast a conjouration spell. The cloud automatically sickens your foe...no save. The only stipulation is that the cloud has to be either on or adjacent to you, or on/adjacent to the target of the spell. It only lasts one round, but is very useful for blocking LoE between you and something bad...especially if you pick up a spell like Stand (PHBII) which you can cast as an Immediate Action. It loses a lot of its potency at higher levels, but its a pretty amazing feat at low levels. Sickened imposes a -2 penalty on just about every d20 roll, so its a pretty awesome debuff that is free to add to all of your Conjouration spells.

If you are really crafty, you can cast a swift spell like Stand, drop a cloud on a nearby foe, and then 5' back and Glitterdust his ass. That gives him the -2 on his save, effectively bumping your DC up by 2 points at the cost of an extra spell slot.