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2009-05-21, 11:04 PM
Okay, let's say you're playing a sorcerer with a Cha of 18. You level up high enough to get some 2nd-level spells, and one of them is Eagle's Splendor. With an 18 Cha, you get one bonus spell for 1st-level and one bonus spell for 2nd-level. Now let's say you cast Eagle's Splendor to boost your Cha to 22. With a bonus that high, you now get 2 1st-level bonus spells, and 2 2nd-level bonus spells. Would this be correct? Does a temporary ability bonus give extra bonus spells in this case?

2009-05-21, 11:08 PM
Yes, but I believe any ongoing spell effects dissipates when the bonus does.

2009-05-21, 11:10 PM
Yes, but I believe any ongoing spell effects dissipates when the bonus does.

That makes sense. I'm not really a fan of sorcerers (which seems to be the only class that would work with other than Bard, because the other classes have to prepare their spells), but it was something I was wondering about.

2009-05-21, 11:11 PM
Temporary bonuses virtually never grant extra spells. The rule of thumb here is that the bonus has to apply for the duration of (at least) your memorization/ slot recharge time, and it has to remain in effect for as long as you want to keep those slots around. The only practical way to do that is with Persistent spells and careful management of their 24 hour duration (or Persisted Extended spells, for 2-day coverage.) Or Continuous items of Animal's Whatever, but that's pretty much a Cloak of Charisma anyway.

And in the specific case of the Animal's X spells, they explicitly do not grant bonus spells regardless of the duration.

2009-05-21, 11:12 PM

EDIT: gosh-dang ninjas.

2009-05-21, 11:27 PM

EDIT: gosh-dang ninjas.

I guess this thread could have been avoided had I actually read the spell description. :smalltongue:

Thank you.

2009-05-22, 10:06 AM
If WoodyYilduz had got straight to the policespell description, this [thread] would never have happened. :smalltongue:

Sorry, it just reminded me of that Woody Woodpecker episode. FYI, this question was perfectly suited for the Simple Question Q&A sticky thread.