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Raenir Salazar
2009-05-22, 08:58 AM
Now while I find the idea of a Batman utility build as fun I also however like the idea of blowing things up.

this gives I think 2 choices: Sorceror with something to give Improved Metamagics, or some sort of optimization build for a wizard.

Anyone have any good links for a good optimization build for a wizard that can be justified in a campaign thats good for blasting things to pieces?

2009-05-22, 09:01 AM
The Mailman (http://forums.gleemax.com/showthread.php?t=1124745) is pretty much the classic direct-damage arcane build. You can toy with it however you want (personally, I'd avoid the dragonwrought kobold thing, since some people might see it as cheesy, and just go human sorcerer 6/incantatrix 10/something else 4).

Oh, and if you can fit Extend Spell and Persistent Spell in somewhere, your incantatrix levels make you a pretty good utility support character too, because you can make other people's buffs last for longer.

Yes, I'm aware of the irony of warning away from dragonwrought kobolds and then suggesting incantatrix, but that's how a lot of DMs tend to think in my experience.

Keld Denar
2009-05-22, 09:38 AM
If you want to go for a lot of damage, an arcane rogue type might be a better fit.


with the first build taking Practiced Spellcaster and the 2nd taking Master Spellthief. Feel free to specialise in Evocation, dropping proably Enchantment and Abjuration. Otherwise, Conjouration is a good specialty.

Unseen Seer lets you pick up Hunter's Eye off the Ranger list, which gives you 1/3 CL bonus SA dice that stack with your 8d6 base. Including your USS CL boost, you'll have ~7d6 extra, giving you 15d6 SA. Hunter's Eye is only 2nd level, so its pretty easily persistable.

Then, take a goodly number of ray based evocations like Ray of Flame, Scorching Ray, Ray of Frost, Ray of Light, Stun Ray, and even the oft maligned Polar Ray, and pretty much double up on the dice you get from them. Talk quitely but carry a BIG BOOM!

An alternative would be a Wizard4/Beguiler1/UltimateMagus10/Archmage5. Using the Practiced Spellcaster trick to get most of your level progression to your Wizard casting and using your Beguiler spells primarily to apply free metamagic to your Wizard spells. Need more juice? Burn a 2nd level spell slot for Empower. Not enough? Burn a 4th level slot for Twin Spell. Still not enough? After your twinned spell, burn another 4th level slot to Quicken another spell. Again, specialize to taste, with Evocation dropping Enchantment/Abjuration being the best if you are gonna specialize in Evocation...

2009-05-22, 09:39 AM
Three levels of wizard, specialize in Evocation, 10 levels of Master Specialist. At the end of it you're doing a 90 foot wide cone-of-cold for 15d6 damage with, if you take the right selection of feats, a reflex DC of 26. I put together this exact build as an enemy for my game, I'll see if I can dig him up and list off the feats.

Keld Denar
2009-05-22, 10:42 AM
Oh, oh oh, another blaster Evocation build would be:

Gnome Illusionist - Focused Specialist3/MasterSpecialist4/ShadowcraftMage5/MasterSpecialist+6/Archmage2

You can find Gnome Illusionist ACF in Races of Stone, along with the Shadowcraft Mage PrC. Focused Specialist and Master Specialist are in Complete Mage.

Using the Earth Spell + Heighten Spell trick, and a couple others you can end up with evocation blasty spells that are MORE real than reality. Thats right. You invoke nightmares of firey death that burn HOTTER than normal fires.

Really complicated to play, but defintely more interesting and powerful than a simple "I cast Fireball again" style wizard.