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2009-05-22, 01:28 PM
Seeing as how the other thread was closed, and seeing as how it's a topic I believe is entertaining, I've taken it upon myself to restart it. I find it funny that it was closed for being "dead", but after a new post was put on it, there were at least 4 other posts in the 3 or so hours before it was closed. I don't think it was dead, just forgotten. So, in the spirit of the old thread, post your first character, something about them, and their demise (if they died). Thanks!:smallwink:

2009-05-22, 01:29 PM
Gilthon, level 1 dwarf cleric.

Disapeared suddenly when a new campaign was announced.

2009-05-22, 01:40 PM
Back in AD&D days, a human fighter named Robin Hood.


What do you want? I was, like, seven.

Anyway, he fought some giant rats, and I think a couple of skeletons, then disappeared when the campaign stopped running.

2009-05-22, 02:12 PM
Seeing as how the other thread was closed, and seeing as how it's a topic I believe is entertaining, I've taken it upon myself to restart it. I find it funny that it was closed for being "dead", but after a new post was put on it, there were at least 4 other posts in the 3 or so hours before it was closed. I don't think it was dead, just forgotten.

It was closed, because before those four posts, it was three years old. "Thread Necromancy" - that is, posting on a thread which has long ago stopped being posted on (in this case, for three years and many pages of threads) is against the forum rules, and thus the post was locked.

2009-05-22, 02:42 PM
My first was a halfling rogue named Nobby. I started playing when I was ten (wow, 14 years ago), and rolled him up when my cousin first taught me D&D.

As such, he was a terribly made character. I simply had no idea what I was doing.

But because he was my first, I was very attached to him. So much so, that I tend to recreate him whenever I join a campaign and have nothing else I particularly want to play.

As such, there have been about a dozen different Nobbys over the years, of varying builds and levels of optimization. As time passed he got a last name (Nelwyn, a reference to the film Willow), and a complete personality and backstory.

The fact that there have been multiple iterations of the characters has actually become part of his backstory as well. For some reason, there seem to have been an awful lot of thieving halflings carrying that name throughout history.

Each incarnation starts out ignorant of that fact, and most never find out. But in a couple of campaigns it has been revealed to him that he is not the first, nor will he be the last Nobby. So far none of them have ever found out just why they seem to have a recursive existence, stretching across multiple time periods and dimensions.

2009-05-22, 03:05 PM
My first character was actually an entry in a monster list (swordsman) because the GM didn't want to stop the game for a ten-year-old to roll up one from scratch. He... didn't live long.

The first real one was an Elven Fighter named Kile... I made roughly five clones of him before making an original character.

2009-05-22, 03:10 PM
First character played was a... human cleric of Obad-Hai, methinks. Before I decided neutrality wasn't always for me. :smallamused:

2009-05-22, 03:17 PM
It was closed, because before those four posts, it was three years old. "Thread Necromancy" - that is, posting on a thread which has long ago stopped being posted on (in this case, for three years and many pages of threads) is against the forum rules, and thus the post was locked.

Woah!:smallfrown: Din't know about "Thread Necromancy". I figured that if they really meant for it to die out, they would have blocked/purged it before. Well... Sorry bout reviving the thread then. But, I still stand by the fact that I don't think the thread was dead so much as forgotten. People left it for a week, it didn't show up on the "newest" list, and since it's pretty much a "one-post, you're done" kind of thing, most people didn't bother to make more posts. If you can understand what I'm saying, I think it was more of a matter of neglect than any real death, and my belief is only made stronger by the fact that when it did get a new post and end up on the "newest" list, it started getting some rapid business. I hope you can understand.:smallsmile:

2009-05-22, 05:20 PM
In that case please allow me to quote from and redirect (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/announcement.php?a=1)to the forum rules.

about thread necromancy:

Thread Necromancy
Bringing a thread back from “the dead.” If a thread has fallen to page three and hasn’t been posted in for a month and a half, don’t post to it. Start a new topic if you want to discuss the subject.

I suggest you read the rules in order to prevent future misunderstandings.

As for my first character, gnome wizard, pretty bad character, I didn't realise yet what a waste combat casting was and how worthless magic missile is as a spell.

2009-05-22, 05:50 PM
My first-ever character was a Half-Elf Fighter in an AD&D game that went horribly, horribly wrong. I spent five years completely avoiding RPGs as part of repressing those memories.

My second-ever character was a Warmage in a 3.5 Eberron campaign. He was a good fit for me: I was a beginner, I can't plan ahead worth a damn, and I like to blow things up :smallbiggrin:

2009-05-22, 05:52 PM
Alais, an elf rogue who multiclassed into fighter and rogue, and would have become a Daggerspell Mage in a few more levels. She dropped an orc with her shortbow at 100+ feet in her very first combat round... *sigh*

Olo Demonsbane
2009-05-22, 06:07 PM
I was an elf druid who multiclassed into wizard after about 20 levels. The DM didnt have a clue what he was doing, we didnt have a monster manual for about the first 10 levels, and he never wanted to use it after that. We actually played them up to like, 100th level, it was pretty sweet. After that, while reading through Savage Species (Got it for my...12th birthday, I think it was?), I discovered a way to make Pun-Pun, basically. ...They kinda stopped after that :smallbiggrin:

2009-05-22, 06:11 PM
I'll be more aware of forum rules now... *shamed* It's only my 3rd or 4th day on the forums. :smallfrown:

The 1 1/2 months is a bit arbitrary, it seems to me... 2 months would seem better, or maybe 3 to be safe... but it's not up to me and I can understand the server has limited bandwidth.
Anyways, I'm gonna keep to the spirit of things and reiterate my first real character. Meirnon.
He was a fighter/sorcerer in my friend Mike's campaign that is extremely low magic. I consider him my first character because he was the first one I made a full backstory for, but I've played MANY characters before him. He was a demonslayer trained by the paladin Ezekiel until his alignment changed, at which point he went his own way.

I didn't get to play him the way I wanted because it was Mike's campaign, and the only reason he died was because Mike refuses to do confirmation rolls for criticals and stabbed Meirnon through the eye with a slashing weapon... it was a piercing weapon crit chart, too... I didn't get a save, and there was no way for me to survive. The way Mike systematically killed off any character capable of magic in that campaign and then refused to let anyone else make one to take their place only tells me that he meant to kill me instantly.

Anyways, after becoming attached to Meir and then seeing him being brutally slaughtered by a DM who can't grasp the concept of "fantasy", I took the handle Meirnon for most of my things.

Berserk Monk
2009-05-22, 06:14 PM
chaotic nuts halfling fighter with two weapon fighting (I made this way before I knew about Belkar or OotS)

2009-05-22, 06:31 PM
My first character was a halfling rogue with a pack of riding dogs. It was actually the whole party's first time playing. We also had two sorcerers, a cleric, a ranger, and a fighter.

I had four riding dogs, one which I actually rode, and the other three carried a bunch of gear. My character was mostly useless, except for fun in the role-playing aspect. It was fun because he was so horrible, and the rest of the party was actually pretty powerful.

2009-05-22, 07:22 PM
My first character as a 1st edition assassin. If I recall correctly, the rules were slightly house-ruled to permit me to play an elf assassin.

He was ninth level, and came from a long line of assassins; his father was the exception to the family tradition, and believed my character was also. My character's grandfather saw fit to interfere and "correct" the family's course by initiating my character into the profession. With the exception of members of the assassin's guild, everyone in the game world believed my character to be a reasonably capable fighter -- as that's exactly what a 9th level assassin could mimick.

One of the most memorable moments I've had in gaming occurred with this character. Another player in the party played a rather righteous ranger, and our out of character mutual distaste for each other carried over into the game.

During one session in another player's basement, the ranger made some rude comments to the assassin, which the assassin took as the final straw. The party bedded down for the night, and watches were drawn.

The ranger was rather surprised the next morning when he woke up dead. At some point in the night, the ranger received a "backstab" with a small dagger coated with type E poison. If the backstab wasn't fatal, the poison surely was.

For those of you unfamiliar with 1st edition, essentially:
1. The assassin version of backstab multiplied damage like the thief's, but had a percentile chance to be fatal outright.
2. If your character ever got hit with poison, the last thing you ever wanted to hear was the DM announcing it was "type E." Type E poison had zero onset time, and required a save versus poison. Success resulted in 20 points of damage; failure resulted in outright death.
3. Poison stayed in the body after death, and would take effect again upon being raised if measures weren't taken.

Nobody in the party (except the assassin himself) really understood about the poison, and there was much consternation when the ranger immediately re-expired after being raised.

To make a long story short, after considerable effort, the ranger was finally successfully raised, less considerable wealth to pay for those efforts. Additionally, he was raised with several permanently lost points of Constitution -- back then, being raised always cost you a Constitution point.

The best part is nobody suspected my character at all -- in 1st edition, fighters were mechanically prohibited from using poison, and as such, the eventual discovery of poison eliminated him quite neatly from the list of suspects.

The player had to be physically restrained he wanted to hurt me so badly.

All in all, it was a good day.

2009-05-22, 07:37 PM
Hmm. This would be back around '86, AD&D. Half-elf ranger named Haldor Sharp-eye. The rules for specialization had just come out, so he was specialized in the longbow. Had many adventures (including when he was 5th level and he and a 6th level magic-user attacked an orc stronghold...rangers were deadly vs orcs, and the wizard had hasted him). At one point he had a 20 Con, but then the deaths started piling up (including 3 by poison, one of those from a stupid gold-bug). Since the raise dead rules resulted in a loss of a constitution point, he eventually ended with a 15 Con.

At 9th level, he got turned into a vampire (the DM allowed me to keep playing him, and I had all these plans to turn the rest of the party into vampires), but then another player used a wish to turn me back. Unfortunately, because I had become chaotic evil, I lost my rangerhood, nd became a normal fighter. The DM allowed me to multiclass into a thief, and I began working my way towards becoming a bard. Since I was a thief, I handed over my +5 plate mail and +5 shield to another party member to use while I was progressing.

One day, while travelling to the Valley of the Mage, a wizard appeared before the party, claimed he was the mage of the valley, and told us that we could progress no further until we handed over our magic items. The rest of the party did so but I said "forget that", and attacked the mage. He summoned an invisible stalker, and while I was fighting that, and the rest of the party refused to get involved, the mage scooped up all the items (including MY +5 plate and shield) and disappeared. When I finally killed the invisible stalker I got really mad at the rest of the party. And yes, it turned out the mage was NOT the mage of the valley. He was about the same level as the rest of the group.

I played Haldor for a couple years before the campaign faded. The DM eventually started a new campaign in the same world, set a few hundered years later, when our old characters were either legends or, (in the case of the previously mentioned Wizard) the ruler of the first plane of Hell.

Good times, good times.

2009-05-22, 07:43 PM
To make a long story short, after considerable effort, the ranger was finally successfully raised, less considerable wealth to pay for those efforts. Additionally, he was raised with several permanently lost points of Constitution -- back then, being raised always cost you a Constitution point.

Heh, funny that you post this story just before I post mine of my ranger dying several times to poison and losing a bunch of con points.

2009-05-22, 07:45 PM
Hegurow, low level gray elf wizard. (I think he might've made it all the way to three!). Lawful Evil, which, as it was only my first time playing, translated into "Obeys the law, doesn't betray companions, is a real ****." Another player, a fighter, was my hired mercenary and while our relationship started purely professional we soon became fast friends. The party also included a jungle elf, whom I constantly mocked for his uncivilized ways and lack of noble heritage. It helped that this was an MSN based game and the jungle elf's player couldn't spell worth crap to begin with; he had no choice but to roleplay a hick.

God I miss that campaign. I don't even know where it was going; our DM basically bailed on us and the guy playing the fighter went into a depression and we didn't see him again for three years.

2009-05-22, 07:54 PM
First Character I made myself was a 4e Dragonborn Paladin of Kord. I basically took the books recommendations for paladins and splatted them unto mine character sheet. I even drew a quite good, in my opinion, full page character sketch. I made him an old, grizzled, almost mercenary type, with three jagged scars down one cheek across the eyelid.
The campaign died quickly as the group wasn't exactly hot for 4e, but that was my first character I made myself.

2009-05-22, 07:57 PM
The first game I actually played in was set in Eberron: (Eyes of the Lich Queen), and it only happened this year. I'd been DMing for two years before I actually played.

My character was a warforged fighter/warblade named Flamberge-Two. His fellow party members just called him "Two," while a little girl NPC the DM inserted into the storyline called him "Mr. Cabinet."

He was a former soldier in the nation of Karrnath during the Last War---one of the few warforged that the country actually purchased. As such, his squad was kind of a novelty in the war and saw very little action--Karrnath preferred the cheaper, low-maintenance undead hordes their clerics were raising. After the war ended, he was taken in by House Deneith (continent-wide mercenary/bodyguard company).

Two liked bashing stuff with his executioner's mace, and on one occasion wore part of a blackscale lizardman's head as a hat (see: Belkar). Two was leaning dangerously close to becoming a follower of the Lord of Blades (messianic warforged supremacist cult leader/warlord). Two's battlecry was "FLESH IS WEAK!"

We were actually able to finish the first chapter of that adventure, but unfortunately we weren't able to progress past that due to the school year ending.

2009-05-22, 08:20 PM
Stahn... something. Ended up getting to be a second level half-elvan ranger in 2e AD&D. Dual wielded a dagger and wooden flail.


Yuki Akuma
2009-05-22, 08:36 PM
The first game of D&D I played in was a PbP game on DnD Adventures... my character was a Monk/Psion. Using the 3e psionics rules because the Expanded Psionics Handbook hadn't been released yet.

Aah, fun times...

2009-05-22, 09:07 PM
The first game of D&D I played in was a PbP game on DnD Adventures... my character was a Monk/Psion. Using the 3e psionics rules because the Expanded Psionics Handbook hadn't been released yet.

Aah, fun times...

You ARE from DnDA!! I knew it!!

2009-05-22, 09:51 PM
2nd: A human paladin (forgot the name, forget how he ended up, I didn't do 2nd for long)

3.x: A wild elf hexblade. Firlyrnir (I think I randomly connected elven syllables to make it) He went away when the campaign vanished. Most of my 3.x characters were wild elves however.

4e: An eladrin Warlord named Arranis. Probably had one of the more memorable death sequences I've had in a while. He was possessed by a ghost (multiple times), set off a trap, knocked out by hobgoblins, and then swept away as the cavern flooded... all in the same encounter. Bad day for him.

2009-05-22, 09:54 PM
Timir Randock, 4th level human paladin. Disappeared when we started a new campaign.

The Mentalist
2009-05-23, 12:08 AM
I remember being six years old (I started young) and playing a half-elf mage in second edition. The way things actually happened he died on his second adventure. However in my homebrew setting he is the god of magic.

2009-05-23, 12:16 AM
Nearly turned me off DnD for good... I was a level 1 gnome illusionist. The DM decided xp should be given out only for combat, and we would play a low combat game. Took about 2 months to get to level 2. Great! I pick my 2 new spells to add to my spellbook

"No, in my campaign you have to research all your spells"

"But... but"

"Otherwise you'd do all sorts of broken things with dimension door"


"This is why sorcerers are better"


2009-05-23, 12:21 AM
My first character was a halfling rogue with a pack of riding dogs. It was actually the whole party's first time playing. We also had two sorcerers, a cleric, a ranger, and a fighter.

It was fun because he was so horrible, and the rest of the party was actually pretty powerful.

So half of the rest of the party was pretty powerful, right?

As such, he was a terribly made character. I simply had no idea what I was doing.

"Alertness looks so broken!" - Actual quote from the first RPG session I was in.

My first character was a "criminal agent" (I took two occupations and smashed them together) in Call of Cthulhu d20... His name was ever changing, because he was working for the CIA, of course. He kinda fell out of favor when the other players got characters who could do one thing really well (IE one guy could shoot better, one guy was more charming, one guy could hit things better... That's about all you need for a Cthulhu game...) but he stuck around for two reasons: 1st, I abused the DM for deciding to give us an exorbitant amount of money when I spent it all on things you probably couldn't reasonably purchase in a small New England town. 2nd, nobody had his panache or luck (I'm not always lucky, but this character was).


This is called "bad DM-ing."

2009-05-23, 12:37 AM
Augustus Dragonwing, started in a freeform Yahoo roleplay. Half-dragon blacksmith, very much Good aligned. He's had several reimaginings over the years as many different D&D characters, anything from Fighter, to Sorcerer, to Ranger, to Paladin. Some of what I have in my homebrewed world is logical extensions from Augustus's backstory, and Augustus himself is an NPC that exists within the world.

Thanatos 51-50
2009-05-23, 12:42 AM
Kjn Sharpwand was an AD&D Fighter/Mage 3/2. I don't remember much about him or his personality, because the game, honestly, didn't last long.

He spotanteously disappeared when we switched to 3.0

2009-05-23, 12:55 AM
Holy blazin' Thoqqua. Two of my threads at once o.e? I'm going to take your spontaneous appearance as mere coincidence, and leave it at that.

Thanatos 51-50
2009-05-23, 01:37 AM
Um, you have created two threads which I have taken enough interest in to post in.

That is all. there is no need to worry.

2009-05-23, 02:09 AM
Um, you have created two threads which I have taken enough interest in to post in.

That is all. there is no need to worry.


*ahem* Anyway, is this a first D&D character thread, or a first character thread regardless of game?

My first Character was a true atlantean T-Man from Rifts. Great times were had by all when I summoned my Giant Angry Crabs.

First D&D character...hmmm. Second edition human fighter double speced in Bastard Sword, along with a dwarf ranger I want to say. I can't remember my guys name, but the dwarf was named Axeblade Hammersmith. He would always shout this at the beginning of every combat while waving his hand around(usually with a hammer in his hand). ALWAYS. They both died to a level 8 paladin, though we had him down to 4 hp before he lay on hands himself.

Irate Ranger
2009-05-23, 02:13 AM
Grug, the Half-Orc Barbarian.

He used a greataxe, he raged, he hit things hard, he spoke in broken cookie-monster English, all the good stuff.

Made it to about level five, I think, then he got killed in a Hobgoblin ambush along with the rest of the party.

2009-05-23, 02:27 AM
... something the half-orc cleric of Obad-hai. For a one-shot, virtually no RP session. Boring.

Next was my nameless monk (creative eh? I couldn't think of a name. I still think naming is the hardest part of character creation)... campaign ended.

Then Torgoth. Warblade/Bloodclaw Master. Amazing character, incredible stat rolls - paranoid Lawful Good constable/gladiator.. died because the damn casters kept healing the Arcane Ooze. Got rezzed. Made several extremely epic jumps. Good times.

2009-05-23, 10:15 AM
... something the half-orc cleric of Obad-hai. For a one-shot, virtually no RP session. Boring.

Next was my nameless monk (creative eh? I couldn't think of a name. I still think naming is the hardest part of character creation)... campaign ended.

...Wise types are always good for that. I played a swordsage once who didn't believe in names. I love turning laziness into "role-playing."

Necrus Philius
2009-05-23, 02:42 PM
They both died to a level 8 paladin, though we had him down to 4 hp before he lay on hands himself.

Did you remember to giggle because you lost to a pally while he was touching himself? I would have.

I'm pretty recent into the Pen and Paper D7D since I did Baldurs gate and NWN, but this is my first character Necrus Philius a wizard specialising in necromancy. He's slightly OOTS inspired since he fears the trees.

2009-05-23, 03:47 PM
Thaerion the Just. Human Ranger/Paladin, dual-wielding Scimitars.

Died holding a portal from hordes of demons/devils (I can't get to figure which are the devils, and which are the demons xD), to let the rest of the party escape from the 3rd layer of the Abyss.

Imagine an Archer vs. Berserker (Fate/Stay Night), only that 'Berserker' was hordes of demons/devils (see above), and Archer couldn't project weapons at will xD.

Yes, I destroyed the portal after the last member of the party went through... Epic death... We still talk about it when we game, and I'm talking about... 6 years or so.

2009-05-24, 01:07 AM
half-orc chaotic neutral barbarian, he made it through 2 dungeons before my DM decided that even a half orc with 18 INT would still have the mental prowess of a 4 year old, and he was taken down by a shiny light that was actually a giant deep sea fish(di*k)

2009-05-24, 09:46 PM
Khalif Khorjamin, Human or sometimes Half-Elven ranger.

Played him a a variety of games. I developed the name on my own, but a lot of people seem to accuse me of stealing from somewhere (but can never cite a source, they just claim to have seen it). If anyone knows of a similar name and can site the source, I would welcome it.

He had a pet wolf named ShadowStep. Khalif is probably my second-favorite character (First being Duriel Black, a character I played in NWN on a persistent world server). I remember the struggles and the pride when he finally earned his first magical weapon, a +1 longsword. Khalif always surrounded himself with a group of ...interesting... folks. I remember a party of NPCs consisting of an astral deva, a balor, (yes, devas and balors in the same group..dont ask how), a half-dragon, halfling, dwarf, and some other sorted characters.

My best usage of this character was in a Planescape campaign. Sadly I dont get to play very often in fantasy settings, as the only other DM I know seems to only run post-apoc settings.

Yuki Akuma
2009-05-24, 09:50 PM
You ARE from DnDA!! I knew it!!


Yes I am.

2009-05-24, 09:59 PM
Eberk, Adventurer.:smallredface:
Technically, the first character that I made was named Dwarf Fighter.
He was a dwarf fighter.
Eventually, he wound up with a critical range of 1-20/x9
He's still not dead yet.
I have been DMing much longer than being a player, to the point were I almost on be a DM.:smallyuk:

2009-05-24, 10:00 PM
Eberk, Adventurer.
Technically, the first character that I made was named Dwarf Fighter.
He was a dwarf fighter.
Eventually, he wound up with a critical range of 1-20/x9


You can't say something like that and then not explain.

2009-05-24, 10:06 PM

You can't say something like that and then not explain.

I will then.
Overkill house rules.
Basically, two homebrewed feats, one that increased critical range by 2, and one that increased critical multiplier by 1.
Being a fighter, this was not so hard to get using these.
With Great Cleave, it got really messy, to the point were if he attacked something he could kill with his crazy numbers, anything that was a 5-foot step away died. It was good for armies.:smallbiggrin:
Plus, we played a variant in which we did not need to confirm critical.
I think that he eventually got another homebrewed feat that, if he had a critical of x10 or something, it counted as an automatic kill on critical.

Make a wild guess why I do not use this guy anymore.

2009-05-24, 10:07 PM
Manahalithras Holimion, DnD 3.5e Elf wizard.

Campaign was a high-powered homebrew setting of the GM's design. The party played a significant role in irrevocable @#$%ing up the universe. The wizard was one of the only characters to not die. He nuked more than one BBEG, went insane (literally, I even rolled up an insanity chart for him and everything), infuriated the GM with his ability to anticipate what was coming next, and in general got me hooked on magic users. He was a bit blasty for a wizard, but given that this was my first time out I don't hold the poor character design against me. Besides, he was fun.

So far as I know he's still alive, the campaign never officially ended and the GM never did get to kill him (though there were a few close calls).

2009-05-24, 10:12 PM
I will then.
Overkill house rules.
Basically, two homebrewed feats, one that increased critical range by 2, and one that increased critical multiplier by 1.
Being a fighter, this was not so hard to get using these.
With Great Cleave, it got really messy, to the point were if he attacked something he could kill with his crazy numbers, anything that was a 5-foot step away died. It was good for armies.:smallbiggrin:
Plus, we played a variant in which we did not need to confirm critical.
I think that he eventually got another homebrewed feat that, if he had a critical of x10 or something, it counted as an automatic kill on critical.

Make a wild guess why I do not use this guy anymore.

Oooh, I like guessing games.

Was it because he was a dwarf?

2009-05-24, 10:33 PM
2nd ed was Zanni, Elf fighter, died fighting a two headed troll, can't remember why...

Eric Weiss, human Monk (I know, I know...) Picked primarily because another player went a wizard and had already announced his intention to catch as many of his own side as possible in every fireball he cast. Quivering Palm has never been more usful. Funnily enough, politically speaking I've never had a more powerful character, he ended up running a country

2009-05-24, 10:33 PM
My first character was a human Transmuter in 2nd edition named Endor (before 10 or 11 years). I actually stayed with him for 2 and a half years and i played under various DM's. He was chaotic newb at first :smallredface:
Long story short, that character was built to escape combat rather than face it because the DM was a **** and believed that players shouldn't survive combat with monsters ... Fortunately we changed shortly DM ... only to find that the new one was throwing Goristros at level 3 or 4.

Nevertheless after escaping many battles and frustating many DM's and players he managed to get to level 9 (with a serious DM and party this time) and reside to Sigil (we were playing Planescape, o how i miss that campaign setting :smallredface: ).
I even remade him for 3rd Edidion, played him more seriously (that is not trying to escape each battle and helping the party escape when needed) and he is around level 13. Unfortunately lost his character sheet :smallfrown: along with some custom (and broken) spells from various DM's.

He now has a adventurous daughter named Moira (means fate in greek :smallbiggrin:), a shadowcaster (before ToM was out she was a dark themed wizard too), and this is the character i play in most of the games i participate.

2009-05-24, 10:53 PM
Oooh, I like guessing games.

Was it because he was a dwarf?


Not really, it started as a misinterpretation of the Improved Critical and Overwhelming Critical feats.

2009-05-24, 10:56 PM

Not really, it started as a misinterpretation of the Improved Critical and Overwhelming Critical feats.

Take a joke... yeesh... >.>

2009-05-24, 11:29 PM
Human Bard named Lee. I kinda liked the character but not a lot of thought went into hir.

The first character I made with any degree of thought was called Carson, who was a spellscale bard. I still play him in one iteration or another from time to time.

2009-05-24, 11:44 PM
13 years ago, I had some sheet in my hand with my name on it and was rolling dice aimlessly as I tried out this DnD thing.. Can't even remember what class I was, although I think I made it to level 1.5 before the campaign vanished in a puff of bugbear musk. I think we were using thac0 for armor so was that 2nd edition?

2009-05-25, 01:07 AM
Jake the wood elf fighter level 3 I think. Game just kinda died. He used TWF (funny how the must awesome things are bad in dnd?). He did jump threw a window to attack an orc. AND hulled his two party members from a flying half dragon orc thing while the mage shoot at it.

Other PC was a Cleric made it to level 6 I think. This game ended but sadly he died before hand. Not showing any sign the golem was close to death (he was at like 5hp) I used a book that made random fish fall from the sky and on the second try I got whales, 16 of them, to fall and killed the golem. The other party member, the pally, ran for it after I told him to. Was awesome.

2009-05-25, 01:28 AM
My first character was Yor Bloodwrath an elven thief. I've remade him several times. He is also the king of a small island of sun elves. It's a funny story. The old king was assassinated by a jealous brother. He was going to become the king even though the current prince was supposed to (This was five years ago so I'm kinda fuzzy). Yor had sneaked into the castle and killed the main guards to let the team in. he lead the team through the castle and his sneak attack did more then help kill all the guards. I told the team to go in to the audience because I had something planned. The team leader (a human bard) dis agreed but I talked him into it. Yor sneaked in and killed the would-be king, taking his ceremonial cloak and such. He put the hood up and was escorted out onto a platform. The island shaman placed the crown on his head and proclamed him the king. Yor threw back his hood and everyone gasped. The other players gave me dirty looks for the rest of the week.

Tempest Fennac
2009-05-25, 01:34 AM
Here's my first character; http://mydndgame.com/character/104/sheet (he originally worshiped Ehlonna before I started using him in an FR game). I came up with the LA 0 Gnoll stats I used for him myself as well.

2009-05-25, 01:56 AM
I don't even remember his name (might've been Jacob or somethingsuch); he was a 3.5 4th-level human cleric of nothing-in-particular. I knew basically nothing about D&D, but I was curious and my friends (playing an inflicted-werewolf elf rogue and half-orc barbarian) "needed a healer".

In my first game we faced off against a chain devil, and I ingeniously thought to cast create water to soak it, then cast bless water. You can't blame me; I didn't know better and it kinda made sense. :smallredface: The thing is, our GM allowed it and the chain devil took acid damage until it died. We didn't close up the Gaping Maw of Hell in the middle of town, though, so the all-powerful wizard stepped in and saved the day.

Later on I got attacked by a swarm of rats in the middle of a town in daylight, and the GM took pity on my ineptitude with hitting them by taking my character sheet and giving my character a +10 longsword from a high-level game he played.

Later on, after defeating some bandits and rummaging their camp, we came across a shack with three chests. We were each told to pick one, so we did. Our GM rolls up at random one minor wondrous item, one medium wondrous item, and one major wondrous item. That's how the last session we played ended. Presumably he ran out of ideas.

He's a great guy, but even ignorant as I was, I could figure out the man had no concept of game balance.

2009-05-25, 02:00 AM
My first actual-RPG* character was Gilbenstock Attax. He was a human thief (OD&D) kidnapped and locked in Zanzer's Dungeon. After escaping he continued to adventure with his fellow jailbreaker, Gage van Hammer (human fighter). Later, they hooked up with a cleric and a magic-user, all of them became lycanthropes, and continued to adventure for many years.

I've translated Gilben to every edition of D&D I've played, as well as creating versions of him for pretty much every other RPG I've tried. For shiggles, here's (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=67149) the 4e version.

*as differentiated from things like HeroQuest. :smalltongue:

2009-05-25, 06:52 AM
My first character was a basic D&D thief, can't remember his name though. I clearly remember how the very first door he lockpicked contained a large number of ghouls and/or ghasts, which as a thanks for being let out paralyzed the group and ensued TPK. Good times... good times.

2009-05-25, 06:59 AM
My first character was an invincible godlike GMPC Elven Wizard(not D&D though). I was twelve at the time. :smallredface:

My first semi-normal character was a scumbag vampire(V:tM), a drug addict who dealt with demons to relive the pleasures of his living days.

2009-05-25, 07:08 AM
Tofsing Taggfot, a halfling theif in the swedish (at least I think so) RPG Drakar och Demoner 6. He couldn't fight worth a damn, only with his fists. He later learnt to throw daggers and molotov cocktails. He was your general stealthy-lockpick-pickpocket and had an obsession with money that made him do some very stupid things sometimes, including slitting the throat of a fellow players character (yeah, I'm not proud of that) and giving up valuable tactical advantages due to sheer emotional movement at the mention of destroying gold.

He was very fun to play. I might roll someone like him again at some point.

2009-05-25, 07:35 AM
Shiean, Elf. Elf Class, I mean. I took it to hiiigh levels. So, level 10, for an elf :smallsmile:

But the cleric was 26. We reached the black box. He was a master of 4-5 weapons, if someone understand what I mean.

Advanced, always master. But it was a loooot of homebrew, I don't dare call it a proper AD&D.

3.5, an half orc barbarian lasted a session, and then a cleric of pelor turned evil by a plot.

Almost always DMed from there...

2009-05-25, 08:27 AM
I had some MINOR characters before I teamed up with my current group.
therefore I consider my first REAL character to be Luciano Seaside. neutral evil warrior/thief. AD&D
he used a axe and a shield, was a devil at climbing and a true bastard.
also: he had no eyebrows!

2009-06-01, 09:27 AM
My little brother won't get a GITP account, so I'm going to tell you his first character myself. As I remember it, he pretty much copped off my first fighter character, but I'm not entirely sure. Anyways, he played him like you should play a big, dumb, 1d character. He hacked apart everything. Not very creative.
Honestly, his characters haven't improved much since then. He still plays brutes, but he prefers ones with more options to be brutes with supernatural abilities. I have to say, he can make a great heal-bot cleric, but he does it all wrong, choosing to clank instead of do his job... If it weren't for my mercy as a DM, he'd be dead at least 3 times over.

2009-06-01, 09:32 AM
Elven ranger named Legoglas. I mistyped the name in the Character Generator we were using at the time. That was eleven years ago, when I was 8 :smallbiggrin:

2009-06-01, 09:54 AM
First ever was a Barbabel in Star Wars d6. He survived everything, me and my friends left the campaign because our GM was terrible.

My first DnD character was awe inspiring completely unoptimized Fighter/Marshall who still found a way to be useful. He died going martyr to give the allies escape time. And after defeating a lot of mooks got blasted to oblivion by the Big Bad. Was fun though.

2009-06-01, 09:59 AM
My little brother won't get a GITP account, so I'm going to tell you his first character myself. As I remember it, he pretty much copped off my first fighter character, but I'm not entirely sure. Anyways, he played him like you should play a big, dumb, 1d character. He hacked apart everything. Not very creative.
Honestly, his characters haven't improved much since then. He still plays brutes, but he prefers ones with more options to be brutes with supernatural abilities. I have to say, he can make a great heal-bot cleric, but he does it all wrong, choosing to clank instead of do his job... If it weren't for my mercy as a DM, he'd be dead at least 3 times over.

From my experience, that's a bad way to go. If they never have consequences for poor decisions, they'll never learn. I once played a cleric that was a badass tank though, he often did more damage than the party's fighter. Anyway... I had DMs that always felt bad for the PCs and let them live under ridiculous circumstances and it often made the game a bit boring because nothing mattered. We could run at a great wyrm if we wanted to, because if we lost, angels would descend from the heavens and heal us for no reason. Those campaigns never lasted long because we ended up getting bored with those DMs. On the other hand, the DM that tried to kill the characters was no fun either. Why play if you have zero change of surviving?

The best DMs are the ones that let things run their course. If a PC dies, the PC dies. That's life.

As for your brother, maybe suggest Paladin. He'll still be a tank but have a bit of healing capabilities.

2009-06-01, 10:00 AM
Not counting computer game D&D characters (i.e. Baldur's Gate series, NWN et cetera), my first ever character was a human rogue who later multiclassed as a scout and is still going strong. He has a complicated backstory which, so far, all of my DM's have been alright with, in that he's a natural lycanthrope who was abducted in absolute infancy and had some horrid magical geas-type spell woven upon him by an evil wizard to completely suppress his lycanthropy, basically the guy wanted to see what would happen. He's gotten up to level 11 and so far hasn't even found out about his heritage, let alone started looking for a way to release it from its magical supression. Our campaign moved in lots of different directions and always quite slowly. His favourite weapon is his +2 onion of disruption. Oh, and also his hand crossbow of hairiness, which inflicts 2 inches of hair growth on anyone who wields it for the first time. Great fun holding it out to another party member with an innocent "Here, hold this for a moment while I disarm this trap/tie my shoelaces/roll my bluff check". >:-)

He almost got brained by a zombie in his first encounter and had to be rescued by my brother's cleric. I always carry a slashing weapon with me now.


2009-06-01, 01:33 PM
Level 9 Cleric of St. Cuthbert was my first character. He was rather unremarkable, serving only as the walking first-aid kit. So unremarkable that he didn't even have a name (for the entire campaign). The most impressive thing he did was in the very last session, where he cast that cleric spell that causes you to explode upon death. Needless to say, he died, exploded, and took out the party wizard with him.

2009-06-01, 05:45 PM
My first D&D character was Kallan, a half-elf cleric of Yrrian (Homebrew god of Chivalry, his chosen form is a Half-Orc with a Great-Falchion (sp)), who ended up being a Favored Soul of the same God. He was 12th level when the game broke down, and is technically still active.


2009-06-01, 07:41 PM
Mine was a 2e Ranger. I know I had a crossbow, cause at the time I thought crossbows were cool. I was 10.

I remember fighting some stirges ineffectually, thinking the were the size of mosquitoes as opposed to birds.

I stopped playing him when my friend's mom made me play Werewolf with him instead of DnD with his older brother.

2009-06-01, 07:47 PM
Kenthokk, a 3.5 half-orc barbarian.
His friend was a halfling ranger named Half-Divad.
Their higher-level friend? (Controlled by my dad, the DM.) A dwarf rogue. We called him Gramps.

2009-06-01, 09:27 PM
I will then.
Overkill house rules.
Basically, two homebrewed feats, one that increased critical range by 2, and one that increased critical multiplier by 1.
Being a fighter, this was not so hard to get using these.
With Great Cleave, it got really messy, to the point were if he attacked something he could kill with his crazy numbers, anything that was a 5-foot step away died. It was good for armies.:smallbiggrin:
Plus, we played a variant in which we did not need to confirm critical.
I think that he eventually got another homebrewed feat that, if he had a critical of x10 or something, it counted as an automatic kill on critical.

Make a wild guess why I do not use this guy anymore.

The combination of that last feat you mentioned and Great Cleave reminded me of that scene in the third episode of Rurouni Kenshin where he blazed right through a group of police without even trying. Starts around 2:55 in this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egntfCiaJ4M).

As for my first character; the duskblade Erik Blakson. He's who my avatar is of and I'm currently using him in a game on Myth Weavers (I only got into the PnP game recently). The campaign started at first level and is planned to go into early epic levels (somewhere around 25-odd). After Erik gets his 13th level in duskblade for the full-attack channelling, I'm going to start levelling him in Dragon Disciple (RP reasons). I'm hoping to time it so his 9th DD level is also a feat level so that I can get him Improved Flight (or whatever it's called).

Incidentally, would it be too much of an improvement to the DD if it got spell progression instead of the bonus spell slots (not getting the progression as frequently as the spell slots though)?

2009-06-03, 05:37 PM
I go easier on him for two reasons.
1) he's my brother, and the instant death-actions he usually makes just are so stupid... I don't think having him make a new character every time he died would work, because it would slow down the campaign and work against him. Instead, I punish him with hp damage and telling him what NOT to do.
2) if he dies, he whines. He whines, I get in trouble with my dad. Trouble=no computer,games, and such.

Also, sean couldn't be a paladin. He can't play anything with any accuracy except for an insane CN fighter.

2009-06-03, 05:47 PM
I don't recall the name of my first character, but he was a druid, elven I believe. The character died in an incident involving call lightning being cast directly after create water, on himself. Needless to say, it wasn't an accident and may or may not have been caused by the DM being horrible and myself being fed up.

2009-06-03, 06:16 PM
Steve Haldeman, luck-manipulating anarchist made for Mage Revised. He's since become my stock character, being brought out for everything from that to Mutants and Masterminds, and will be showing up again in a new campaign in about a week.

2009-06-03, 06:42 PM
My very first character was when I was around six and I played a one-on-one game with my step-brother as dm. I think it was second ed I was an elven archer and I died about five minute after character creation. That is all I remember.

Now the one I consider my real first character was a 3rd level Half-Elf paladin that nearly got killed by three dire rats:smallredface: Although that may have been because only half of the party bothered to help him fight said rats.

2009-06-03, 07:46 PM
I was playing EQ when I was first introduced to D&D - so I remade my half-elf Paladin in tabletop.

I actually think I RPed him pretty well for a first time (Though I'd had some practice with SR beforehand anyway); but my DM, who I would later grow to truly loathe, pretty much screwed me over.

That is, my character, along with the rest of the party, were camped along a road. This annoyed a centaur who started telling us to leave - obviously we weren't going to leave; so I went to negotiate with him so we could stay the night...

And he killed me. Keeping in mind I was a level 1 paladin who even with the full party wouldn't have had any chances whatsoever <X_X>; (this one had barbarian levels on top of its hit die)

(Same DM offered (behind my back) a reward in XP for offing my second character, and he offed my third and my brother's first character with CR6s at level 1. Ugh.)

2009-06-03, 09:31 PM
My first character ever was a NG Cleric of Pelor in a generic dungeon crawl adventure. He didn't have a name, nor any king of backstory/personality, but many characters since have taken elements from this character.

My first fully fleshed out character was a female Tibbit Dragonfire Adept with a horribly f***** up past. She was NE and ended up being the face of an underground organization founded by the party rogue. Unfortunately that campaign only lasted a few sessions.

2009-07-05, 02:54 AM
Hmm... this thread needs some new blood. I'm assuming the reason no one's posted in awhile is because this has dropped to the bottom of the pile. Anyways, I hope someone will post now that it's been updated.

2009-07-05, 03:17 AM
Gothmog the Dwarf, Fighter/Cleric in 2nd Edition.
Strength 18/00, Constitution 19. I said all.

Not quite dead: suppressed due to shifting to newborn 3rd Edition.

Still my favourite character, as he marked the beginning of my RPG player career.

2009-07-05, 03:35 AM
Back in the 2E days, I had a human fighter named skippy. I think his highest stat was a 9. We started at a higher level and got to pick a magic item, so I picked a ring of regeneration -- which was lodged in his lung. His dad was a wizard, and when Skippy was playing with one of his old rings, he swallowed it, but it went down the wrong pipe. This guy was "killed" more times than you could imagine (in 2e, killing someone who regenerates was...complicated), but he always bounced back without need of divine intervention. Until the party encountered a basilisk....

2009-07-05, 03:35 AM
I'm ashamed to say I have no idea whatsoever... it will have been about 12 years ago, but right now I can't even recall what system it will have been. I suspect it was freeform... my original group's early games were mostly either without system or with home-made systems... and you can imagine the quality of a system dreamt up by an 11 year old.

2009-07-05, 04:45 AM
my first characters were dragoon the fighter and arnorn the fighter. it was my friends 11th bday party and his dad was DM. we played super old school AD&D like pre 1E and it was in the Americas. we started in a tavern :smallwink: and my two fighters killed a local noble who turned out to be werewolf. we absconded off and spent out money in an opium den. then since the rest of the party ended up getting arrested then escaping we all ended up outside the city looking for a noble with enough pool to bust us out of trouble. the noble was kidnapped by the local natives and we had to track him down through the jungle with to trackers. we had are wagons swept away in a river and we lost a wizard to a vampire with dragoon almost going insane. when we arrived at the indian temple we almost brokered a peace treaty until arnorn shot somebody with his bow. big fight ensues and arnorn dies with dragoon killing the rest of them. we found the noble got outta trouble, and found a sweet haul of treasure. best D&D session ever

2009-07-05, 05:09 AM
A 2E Thief-->Bard. His creativity with illusions, arrogance and his audacious ways in combat are famous till today (and also got him killed).

2009-07-05, 05:16 AM
AD&D, more than 10 years ago. Human Paladin, Turin of Irvin. He is still alive and more or less active (last played last year) He never lost his status and was only killed once (in an epic duel with a mad demi-god). Turin is a sword-and-boarder (bastard sword) and has a Celestial Griffon as special mount. He is Lvl 16 now, almost 17, currently using this Rebalanced Paladin (http://forums.gleemax.com/showthread.php?t=761045) class.

2009-07-05, 06:46 AM
AD&D 1.0 Stock standard MU. With 6 Con and 17 STR. Impressive INT and WIS.
He was level 1... In a level 12 Party.
Yes that is right. I joined the campaign late and the DM made me begin at level 1.
I had virtually no spells. I had 1 hp. My AC was horrendous. All I had was a quarterstaff, not even an enchanted one.

Anyway the party Ranger decided to take me under his wnig and we worked ok as a party. Until we entered a nasty bog area and were attacked by mudmen.
I quickly expended my spells, almost uselessly. The party however had an interesting problem. These mudmen the DM decided took double damage from bludgeoning weapons but 1/5th damage from all others. I was the only member of my party with a bludgeoning weapon. Gradually over 17 rounds.. Which I spent watching. The party was hacked to little bits. There my Wizard stood, surrounded by the remaining 8 mudmen. 2 hp, and a quarterstaff.

The party wanted to call it GG but the DM let me decide if I wanted to play out a heroic last stand or try and escape. I said I'd stand and fight to the death. The party liked this option because they figured that I would last only a single round.
To be nice the DM awarded me the XP I had earned so far for the session which gave me a level. He let me level up, but gave me no memorised spells.
So.. with 2 hp to my name.. yes 2 now... woohoo. I charged.

Now some of you who have seen me roll dice around the place may have noticed that on average I tend to be faily lucky with dice. Well this session took the cake. It is the second luckiest dice rolling I have EVER had.

Exactly 30 rounds later I stood alone un-touched in a field of dead people and mudmen. That is right. With my trusty stick, the spell cantrip, and about 50 natural 20s in a row I slaughtered the lot. after tallying XP I was level 9. lol.
To top it off I rifled through the parties corpses and combined with the loot had just enough to raise them all from the dead and buy myself a shiny quarterstaff +1.

All in all it was a good day. :)

The next session saw us wind up in ravenloft where we were all promtly eaten by a pack of nearly 100 werewolves due to a stupid action by one of the other party members. But that is another.. much longer story. ;)

2009-07-05, 06:58 AM
D&D 3.5: Bob the C/N Cleric of Oldamarra. Killed after 1 session because the other guy quit so I had to reroll for a new game.

Still had his sheet so I brought him back later that year as a lvl 20 (some b-----d kiled my Dragn Shaman and ate his soul...long story) and thanks to the excentric nature of the DM he ended up killing Sephiroth.

Lord Loss
2009-07-05, 07:02 AM
My first time playing: A Seventeenth-Level Rogue/Sorcerer (main rogue, I dipped sorcerer for invisibility:smallannoyed:) called Zelenos Larenchis. (Yes, my first guy was level seventeen). Some of his best moments: Party spellcaster (Druid, I think) Made a wall materialize in front of where I was charging when I tried to charge into an army of roughly thirty Giants with Class Levels) another time, he (almost) killed a druid who was in Wildshpae for food... good memories, good memories...

In my first session, I gloriously stood on the back of the red dragon we tricked into burning the Giant's TREE HOMES The Dragon Burned stuff, I Shot stuff in the head. Shouting. While The druid and the paladin stood around. Doing nothing. :smallbiggrin:

2009-07-05, 07:21 AM
Bard 2/Rogue 3, 3.5E, Mika Jaeger, the Half-Elf.

Horrible character design, nice concept and RP. (Or so I thought at the time, looking back in needed more depth.)

Lived by the tip of her Chaotic Good rapier for another good two or three levels ( It's been a few years, and I can't remember if I got that last level with the party, or if I died beforehand) and a few zany adventures. We ran away. A lot.

Killed by a falling tree and Wood Elf rangers, when the campaign was dying and the DM wanted to start his next one. (I swear, it's not my fault that the trolls wanted to eat the paladin. What do you mean there was briskets stuffed in his armour, that's simply ridiculous!)

ex cathedra
2009-07-05, 07:24 AM
The first that I remember was a human Wizard, who, after ignoring the quest he was given (The old man can find his own spellbook!), found himself and his rogue friend quickly fleeing town, becoming successful highwaymen and subsequently becoming very unsuccessful highwaymen. We didn't have time to finish that campaign, sadly.

Vorpal word
2009-07-05, 07:45 AM
My first character per se was a dwarf fighter named Eberk. However, as we played him in a one-shot adventure and I never even made him (owning none of the books at the time), he doesn't really count.

I've had a few cool characters over the time, mostly dwarf fighters like the first thanks to my lack of creativity. :P

The one I really want to remember was Quarion, a Wild Elf sorcerer. We used him to defend a fortress, so when the orcs started climbing our walls I thought about using grease on their siege ladder. But instead I decided on pouring regular oil on them (with the same effect)--then setting it on fire.

Like the rest, Quarion vanished a couple of months later when we finally figured out there was no follow-up on this adventure. :P

Vorpal word
2009-07-05, 07:56 AM
One of my friends had a really awesome first character. His name was Grukk, and he was an orc barbarian with Strength 21 :smalleek:.

On our first adventure he critted a kobold with his greataxe... 54 damage:eek:

So far as I calculate, that's 14x overkill if you include massive damage (it failed the save)

2009-07-05, 08:02 AM
My first character was a Male High Elf Sorcerer. He didn't have a name, since at the time, I wasn't very sure ( D&D wasn't my thing then ) if I was going to continue playing. Although, I grew to like the game after all. He was a real ladies man, always after the hot ladys. This lecherous activity eventually lead into my next character. He is commonly known around the table now as the legendary "Nameless Mage."

2009-07-05, 08:36 AM
Only D&D characters count?

2009-07-05, 08:46 AM
My first character was in a game of traveler. He was a retired ambassador and him, and the rest of the crew actually, were so staggeringly incompetent that we almost died on no less than 2 seperate occasions in our first session. The first time we were trapped in a hyper space vortex for several weeks, after some frantic repairs we managed to escape. The second time i drove a apc into a concealed ravine, upon which a radioactive canister that we were transporting flew from the rear hold and knocked me unconscious.

Night Monkey
2009-07-05, 09:27 AM
I think the first rpg I ever played on tabletop was a short-lived Fighting Fantasy style thing, where I played a character whose only good score was Luck. Given my reputation for rolling in gaming groups ever since, the irony is staggering.

The first D&D character I played was on Nuklear Power's pbp, where I played a Dwarf Barbarian with 20 Con. Alas, another short-lived game, he never even saw combat.

First ever tabletop 3.5 was an Elven Cleric. The setting had gunpowder, and I have an aversion to gunpowder and magic mixing (unless it's futuristic, like Shadowrun), so his religious vows, I decided, prevented him from using it. As such I was rather underpowered, particularly compared to the Spellthief who managed to (sneakily) unload 4 gun barrels into a Giant Eagle or somesuch, blowing it to feathery pieces.

2009-07-05, 10:06 AM
A gnome druid named... you guess it, Vaynor. He had a wolf companion/mount named Arlon. He was awesome.

Edit: Here's the old avatar of him.


2009-07-05, 10:28 AM
My absolute first character was on a homebrew roleplaying board. Not sure what it was based off of, but it was mostly freestyle like Exalted with some rules tacked on. Pretty interesting history considering I was in the 8th grade when I started, heck it's good even by today's standard, if not just a bit Mark Sue'ish. Long Purple Hair and carried a seven foot bastard sword.

First character played at a table was a Nerdy Superhero with some common tropes from anime's in SAS TriD10. Was at the Xavier school because his -science projects- had gotten him expelled from other schools. This was his last chance.

First D&D character was a Rogue, which is my favorite class and will always be. Funny enough, I was a "Dwarf Dungeon Delver" by design with a DM that felt that Rogue Sneak attack was overpowered. Nothing else was banned or controlled, just never got the chance to use Sneak Attack (Flat Footed rule was removed, Flanking was houseruled not to allow Sneak Attack. Prettymuch got to only use it on pinned, helpless or surprised targets).

Then again, that Dwarf was a bit weird, he always had his face clean shaven. It was his own mark of shame for a choice he made in the past, killing a friend by accident to save another (At a bar, a child was helping clean up. Him and his friend were clearly drunk, as any good dwarf was, and enjoying the night when his friend tripped and fell into the kid. And a glass mug broke against his face. Thinking he was under attack, his friend turned on the kid, pulled a knife and attempted to grapple the kid to slit it's throat while half blind. My Delver didn't think for an instant, just reacted. Pulled out his Waraxe (Rogue/Fighter) and took a swing at his friend to save the kid. Killed his friend outright. People at the bar called him a hero for acting so quickly to protect the kid from such a criminal, and people didn't give anything a second thought as both of them were black sheep and misfits (Both being Chaotic instead of Lawful).

So he ended up making a vow to himself never again betray a friend like that, ended up haunting himself with his past throughout most of the campaign, broke his own vow, and it was that reason why he refused to come back after his final battle. In the end, he considered himself a coward, backstabber and not worthy of what he ended up with. Which was reverence by most races as a hero, to the point of having statues of himself in most major cities, and had the afterlife of one to. Nevertheless, he still enjoyed his lot in life, or afterlife, as he always had.

2009-07-05, 11:16 AM
My first character was a human cleric I believe. Can't really remember his name or backstory (did he have any of those? Prolly had a name though :p). He never did anything of much notice, except getting slaughtered by a triple critical hit landed by a brown bear. After that he got rezzed, but I preferred to start a new character as opposed to playing a toned-down version of myself, which kind of sucks. Yes, we were all (except one guy) optimizers to some degree.

2009-07-05, 11:33 AM
oh the pleasing feelings of nostalgia
Anway my first character was something you coukd´ve called a a magic-less ranger, because he had both a sword and a bow:smallbiggrin:
He was more or less a blank, no name, no specifcs or quirks (it was a freeform diceless game so ´e was literally powered by DM fiat:smalltongue:) the only remarkable thing he did was killing a dragon at first level and nearly joining a magic school. Sadly, the game died out after a month and , like, two sessions. :smallsigh::smallmad:

My next character came from a similarily freeform game, this time from the Dragonlance setting, which my DM is using ever since.
His name was Palin Majere (teehee:smallbiggrin:). He was a Red robe wizard and wielder of the Staff of Maguis (whis in that game was really uberpowerfull, not like in the books. He got picked on a lot because of his staff which one of the other players ( a Chessmater and an ubermunchkin- he used cheese involving the wholesale selling of mana and a buch of Books of Level Gain,to get himsel to level 150 and create his own plane of existence, no kidding.:smalleek: ), wanted to steal.
Palin was a bit of a Stupid Good spineless wimp at first, but then he switched to Black robes and got some character devolopment.:smallsmile:
The campagin ground to a halt after some three months of pretty frequent play, during which he got to eight level (out of aforementioned 150 mind you , so like 2nd level in Dnd:smallyuk:) my next character were a famafe dwarf fighter and in a currently ongoing game, elven Blackrobe soceress by the name Vaarsuvius (no prize if you guess what was my inspiration:smallbiggrin:)
So this is it
I can post some campagin journals from these if you like.:smallwink:

2009-07-05, 11:38 AM
Wow... I think I was right in posting a refresher. That many posts in, what, 7 or 8 hours? I think it's justified. This thread wasn't going to die by anything but forum thread-placing mechanics.

On another note: Alot of these are hilarious, and by alot I mean every one of them that doesn't just say the character's name and level only. Also, you can do any gaming system you want as your "first character", whether D&D, RIFTS, GURPS, AFMBE, BtS, or anything else...

Actually, I think I'll share my first characters for AFMBE and BtS.
In AFMBE (All Flesh Must Be Eaten), I was taking a "break" from D&D because the campaign session had too many people. I rolled up a character who was a fightin' archaeologist that opened up an antiques store. He was smart and he could brawl. My GM in that session preferred stereotypical characters, and even played out his session like a cheesy 70's or 80's zombie movie. It started out with a nuclear explosion where everyone took cover in a bunker... with a tin garage door. Everyone outside was turned into zombies, and those zombies ripped through the garage door. My character took a pillow case, filled it with cans of food, and beat the living hell out of those zombies.

Needless to say the GM didn't like that (the NPC's were dying left and right because of his "secret" rolls, which were all phony), and he couldn't touch me. He ended up dying about an hour later because the GM didn't want me in his game. In fact, he didn't really die... he just stopped existing.

In BtS (Beyond the Supernatural), I was staying at a lock-in with some friends at their church (I'm not Christian, not my church). I carefully read the rules and crafted my character to be optimized the best I could. He was a cold-war American agent who dealt with the supernatural aspect of what was going on during the war, but managed to keep his sanity. He eventually retired and chose a peaceful job as the mailman in the town that the game started. He never got introduced.

2009-07-05, 12:46 PM
The first D&D character I ever played was a Halfling Barbarian named Breska Stonehill. She was the daughter of some river traders, and lived a happy life until the age of 6 when an evil wizard slaughtered her family and kept her prisoner for his experiments. She slowly went mad from the torture, eventually getting the opportunity to grab a piece of debris and bash in the wizard's head. I also decided that he had primarily used lightning magics for the experiments, so she had a serious phobia about electricity - which sort of turned against me in the first game when the DM told us we were starting off in a valley known for massive thunderstorms. Every few rounds or so in some combats she'd lose her turn due to freaking out. She was a fun character; she died a few sessions later, though, when a high-level Assassin NPC eviscerated her in retaliation for her killing one of her own party members (he was a Warlock, and flaunted his powers... Breska was not a fan).

My first character playing Blood of Heroes (a superhero game) was Dr. Silas Blade, who went by the title Professor Blade for his heroics. He was a brilliant physicist at Cambridge who attempted some off-the-books crazy experiments with quantum mechanics... It ended up killing all his research assistants (except one, who became his arch-nemesis Starscape) and granting him the power to affect the strong and weak nuclear forces. Yeah, he used a lot of Hollywood physics - basically, he had the ability to manipulate matter into whatever he needed at the time, as well as teleportation and some limited telekinesis (though I swear, I came up with this idea before becoming aware of Dr. Manhattan). Anyway, he was great fun to play, but he soon went away to become an NPC after encountering some Lovecraftian critters and going mad from the revelation. Pity.

2009-07-05, 01:03 PM
Marcus Phenix, Smart hero/Techsavant. My poor gm had given god-given boons because it fit the story, but he didn't think it through. So marcus got his left eye replaced with essentially a mechanical sharingan. any machine he looked at he'd instantly understood how it worked/put togeather... he gave this to a HACKER/RIGGER, and complained later about how things like locks and traps no longer worked against the party. good times.

2009-07-05, 04:42 PM
My first ever character was in V:tM, a Gangrel named David Magnus. He lasted for maybe two sessions before the GM decided that we were going to "upgrade" to nWoD. I then made the one I consider my first real character, a Mekhet named Alfonso de Aviero, who could only communicate through a combination of telepathy and sign language.

2009-07-05, 06:57 PM
My first character was most likely a Half-Celestial Cleric of Heironeous, made for a friend's hack and slash game. The party consisted of a human barbarian and a werewolf fighter who Improved Natural Weapons with every feat he got, allowing for a claw attack of 14d6.

Yeah, we really had no clue what we were doing.

My first character that felt like a real character was Gail Haubrekt, an Aasimar Paladin who became a Half-Celestial through the course of a 4 year adventure. The game itself was very frustrating, but the characters were worth it. In the end, she married her best friend and they had seven kids. Very satisfying, overall.

The Rose Dragon
2009-07-05, 06:58 PM
Human Ranger.

I don't even remember his name, and it was in a homebrew system. But I do remember he was a human ranger.

2009-07-05, 07:27 PM
I started my first campaign about 3 years ago in a 3.5E campaign. I ended up with a High Elf, Barbarian/Sorcerer. As a part of his backstory, his mother and his father both have a small amount of draconic blood from two bloodlines (one bloondline famous for their strength and temper, the other a master of the arcane).

The campaign is still ongoing actually, although only two players who started that campaign are still playing (myself included). He's currently a Bbn 6/Sor 12, and thanks to a +3 Helm of Concentration, he can even cast spells in rage. That and my Draconic Heritage feats make for a very fun character.

Both my DM and I enjoy making creative characters instead of worrying about the min/maxing, and this campaign has been a blast. I'll never forget Talon.

The Vorpal Tribble
2009-07-05, 07:32 PM
Faaza, 2nd Ed Half-Elf Rogue. Still remains amongst my favorite characters.

DM made a website for our campaign, which lasted almost a year. Here's the character background for those who like a loooong read:

2009-07-05, 09:13 PM
A 2nd ed. Human Fighter, can't remember his name >_< . A group of about 6 or so of us went through a dungeon that my uncle crafted, I was about 9-10 years old at the time I believe. Our group make up was two human fighters, one dwarf fighter, one half elf fighter/cleric,one human mage and an elven thief.

I vividly remember a lizardman wearing white gloves while doing the moonwalk in the last room of the dungeon.

2009-07-05, 09:45 PM
3.5 Eberron, raptorian monk (reincarnated into orc, then human, then permanently polymorphed back).

As you'd all expect, fairly ineffective in combat. However, he was the only character to actually survive the entire campaign, despite being in negative hit points about six times and burying himself twice. Last Breath is a wonderful spell.

Ended up marrying a dryad and settling down after helping wipe out the Lord of Blades. averydnd.wordpress.com (http://averydnd.wordpress.com)

2009-07-05, 09:48 PM
My first D&D (2E) character was an elf mage named Loki, partly inspired by the wizard character in Hero Quest. (The other player had an elf fighter named Logan inspired by the Hero Quest elf...) The campaign actually went on until high levels and I believe Loki retired a happy and successful elf.

My first character in a published RPG (GURPS) was Loki the mage, partly inspired by a shady-looking character from the movie "Erik the Viking". I'm not sure what became of him, but it appears he succumbed from a terminal lack of people playing GURPS, after being run through the solo adventure in the (1E) rulebook.

My first RPG character was a green dragon, in a homebrew RPG my uncle and I came up with, partly based on the half-remembered things he heard about D&D from some guys who played it, and partly based on the Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves game for the NES. The dragon also succumbed from "general lack of interest", sometime after using his special attack (something a lot like this (http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0477.html)) to defeat a bunch of skeleton enemies.

EDIT: Oh, and the green dragon was named just "Green Dragon". Other characters in that homebrew RPG included: Loki the mage (special attack: beguiling gaze), Red Demon (special attack: fire), Sir Arthur the knight (special attack: lightning) and Highlander the immortal warrior (special attack: hurricane). Yeah we were kids :P

2009-07-06, 03:44 AM
Talking about other games, my first and still most succesful V:tM character was a Ventrue named Petr Wadjowsky, who lived and operated in Chicago. He was under the protection of Al Capone, as he began to fulfill his tasks really good: unfortunately for my fellow players, this often involved keeping a strict eye on their actions, bending their wills with Domination and Presence (which I made sweetly, due to a really good character sheet and optimal interpretation), foiling, if needed, their plans and so on. My comrades hated me: I even managed to establish a blood pact with one of them...
I was the longest surviving character, techincally still in game, as old Petr never died.

My first Exalted player was a Zenith, called Light, abandoned on the entrance of a monastery led by a Sidereal. Expert in Martial Arts (so openly sucking, as Serpent Style and Solar Hero Style were a real crap), I was the "priest" of the party, as a member of the Zenith caste, but soon things began to go really wrong. We were captured by the Mask of Winters, who was ready to perform some sort of ritual on one of my fellows: he was ready to hurl a ball of pure darkness against him when I managed to get free from my restraints and jumped in front of him, being hit insted of my friend. My DM and my comrades appreciated my effort, but my character began to suffer many ill effect, as a reduction of Willpower and many others, not least the fact that, once my character died, my soul would shift under the control of Mask of Winters. Crap.
Moreover, later I was involved in an homicide of a member of a Dragonblood family: a long, LONG trial began, and in those sessions I couldn't do really anything but watch my comrades working their defense for me for the trial. I was deeply bored. My boredom turned to real anger when I discovered, campaign suspended due to return to D&D (HA!), that I had been jailed because one of my fellows was in truth an Abyssal, who killed the heir and gave all the fault on me...
Finally, the closing act. Once freed, we began our travel again. We returned, for and obscure reason, to Thorns, where I signed in for a Martial Artists contest: in the semifinals I confronted an Abyssal who managed to hit me with some sort of special powers, which coerced me to do her bid when she desired. Deeply concerned for the multiple troubles of my character, but still desiring to play, I tried to convince Mask of Winter to give me the prize of the contest in exchange for the killing of the Abyssal who I fought, which was his enemy: no result, for my frustration.
In a last effort of RPG, as I was really pissed off, I proposed my DM to create a custom charme, who basically permitted me to forgo a point of Essence to keep my soul intact, to defend against Masky's and Abyssal's powers, but this meant that I was up to lose my hardly-earned 4th point of Essence well before I earned it, while my fellows would progress effortlessly and without any hindrance, leaving me behind as a Fighter in a world of Clerics...
I was really pissed off. Finally, we quitted and began D&D. After this bad experience, probably the worst in my gaming career, I don't like Exalted no more.

2009-07-06, 06:11 AM
Nick Gold, a human thief in a 1st ed game.

Yes, the name was a joke.

He was the only genre savvy party member, so actually survived the adventure while everyone else got killed not very far in by the old glowing-sword-being-held-by-inanimate-skeletons trap and some other even less well hidden traps.

This was despite me being about 4 with the other players being adults, may I add :smalltongue:

2009-07-06, 09:59 AM
What can you say, there are some traps that take a child to spot. What with having a more open and free mentality and all.

2009-07-07, 01:30 PM
My first actual-RPG* character was Gilbenstock Attax. He was a human thief (OD&D) kidnapped and locked in Zanzer's Dungeon.

Yay for Zanzer's Dungeon! (From the 1991? D&D black box set). At least half of the parties we've ever played have gone through Zanzer's, mostly for kicks (like kicking open every single door, whether they're locked or not). Including an all-dragon group, and a bunch of level 14's. (It's built for level 1s.)

My first-ever PC was an Elf (class and race), whom I do not remember very well.
First 2e character was an Elven Fighter/Mage named Beleg Cuthalion. Shamelessly ripped off the Silmarilion, but I think I was 12 or 13 at the time.
He died when my younger brother got upset and tore up all the character sheets.

2009-07-07, 01:56 PM
My first DnD character was named, you guessed it, Cor.

Cor Vallow the Bard... (I'll leave it up to your imagination what edition).

He got killed by an Ogre trying to save the life of his friend Thomas, a paladin about whom Cor was writing an Epic poem.

The unfinished poem was found by another group of adventurers stuffed into a hide pouch on one of a band of Ogres... apparently vellum with pretty writing seemed worthwhile to keep.

I've used the name Cor for my first character in every RPG and MMO ever since as well as for quite a few message boards that are related to DnD and roleplaying.

The female counterpart is Corra (which I've also used on occasion).

2009-07-07, 03:00 PM
My first character was in AD&D, which we were playing mostly version one with a few version two and house rules thrown in.

She was Nedla, a human cleric. I had originally wanted her to be a paladin, but her stats weren't good enough.
The first two modules I remember going through with her were Keep on the Borderlands and The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh. I think in that order. In any case, she fairly quickly deviated from from her lawful good alignment into chaotic good (I had no notion at all of how to play lawful good when I was six). She died surprisingly few times considering that I thought she could manage to be the tank.
To begin with, she always bought a horse and kept it with her as a method of travel, but after the third time in a row said horse was eaten by a monster she gave up on it.
She's still alive, but we switched to version three. I think she was about level 9 then. The theory is that those characters retired, and she is currently living in an island castle along with one of my brother's old characters, Retikeer (kalonian magic-user).
She had earned particular enmity with Asmodeus due to a Deck of Many Things, but it hadn't caught up to her yet when we stopped.

Speaking of my brother, his first character (Dyson Morrow, a green dragon cleric of an unknown deity) later ascended to become the dragon god of chaos in our current campaign setting.

My second character, however, was the first one I actually made (having had help from my mom the first time). That was Nerone, a kalonian thief. He wasn't nearly as good at fighting as I thought he was at the time, and died several times, but in the end he lived. He was rather foolish, starting out with a wisdom of 6.
In one dungeon (I forget almost everything else about it but these two things), the party heard chanting and strange noises coming through the door, so Nerone decided that he should figure out what it was. Peeking through he saw that those within were summoning Juiblex. For some reason I got the bright idea to stick a lit oiled rag into the door and run for it. From that day, Juiblex hated Nerone. This caused him some trouble at other times.
Previously in that dungeon he had decided to sniff copious amounts of some kind of enchanted frankinscense, which the DM said would raise his wisdom by a point unless he failed his save versus death, in which case he would die from it. He saved.
When last seen, Nerone had assassinated the King of the Iron City (which was a strange underwater city), and proclaimed himself the new King. He is also still assumed alive.

My first version 3 character was Liareth, a grey elf necromancer. He started off chaotic neutral, but by the end of the campaign he was quite decidedly chaotic evil, was set to become a lich, and had managed to tick off all of the heads of state in the world.
Needless to say, with basically the whole world turned against him and the party, they all died. He had also had a tendency to kill anyone he talked to for more than a few minutes.
He was fun to play, but I would've hated to have him in my campaign.

2009-07-07, 04:12 PM
A Yuan-Ti cleric, who hit things with a dire flail back when I was... 13?
I think he died under a pile of angry gnomes with poisoned daggers.

The Dark Fiddler
2009-07-07, 04:54 PM
My first character? The character I plan on playing a PBP game soon.

Glenbok Barkbite the Chaotic Good Human Barbarian. With an average Intelligence. He doesn't like fighting anyone that isn't evil (though his interpretation, not actual alignment), and may just be a vegetarian.

Glass Mouse
2009-07-07, 07:15 PM
For some reason I have this idea in my head that my first character was a barbarian. She was not. She was a human fighter, named Cathloy, with TWF, 11 pages of (angsty and horrible) backstory, the only magical weapon I've ever had, retardedly good ability scores, and I hated her. Which is weird, considering I spent many weeks creating her (what? It was my first character, I had to put some effort into her :smalltongue:). Her int was fairly high but for some reason, I decided to play her as a brutish, angsty, angry girl with one hell of a temper.
It's the last time I've EVER played a non-intelligent character. I simply loathe just sitting there, "why isn't there stuff to smash?!", when all the other chars are talking and roleplaying and figuring out the riddles. Blergh.
Wonder why I'm taking such a liking to bards, hm? :smallbiggrin:

My first character that I actually liked playing was Aida, a NG human rogue. She had a deep-rooted hatred of authorities but was otherwise quite level-headed. She got even more sensible, I think, as her party members got more and more whacko (no one really stuck to their character in that group - which may be one of the reasons why we're going on, what?, sixth year of playing now?). It got pretty funny, though, when the group got a male rogue who was convinced that a man can do anything better than a woman. Lots of arguments ensured. It was a particularly golden moment when - in a forrest, sneaking closer to some fortress - the male rogue was bragging loudly about his abilities, and the lack of Aida's. He then rolled a 1 on his Move Silently - smashed his forehead straight into a branch, fell over and created more noise than the whole party combined. He never heard the end of that *evil grin*.
I actually got really attached to Aida. For some reason, though, she never got that far. She died at level 5 (when our party - or GM, I'm not gonna judge - screwed up and got us all killed), after something like four years of playing. Yeah, we're not leveling up quickly.

Actually, most of my first characters were really traumatized and angsty, or just plain boring. It's only recently that I've discovered the joys of playing a happy, and in NO way well-adjusted character. I'm growing fond of whackos, woo :smallbiggrin:

2009-07-10, 12:10 AM
*shuffling thread to the top of the recent pile*....
WHAT? I just dun want it to die, is all... ^^;

2009-07-10, 11:51 PM
*nudging it back to top*
:smallannoyed: Y'know, when I put the thread to the top, that generally means "tell me about your first character people that haven't yet". So... Do that.:smalltongue:

2009-07-10, 11:56 PM
The very first one I had? Aramin, an elf ranger who had a problem with maintaining any given gender for more than four sessions. S/he had the unfortunate habit of finding all of the random polymorph spells, cursed items of sex-change, and pissed off transmuters in our world. By the time I retired her (she had finally managed to stabilize...kinda...as a woman), she had been through at least eighteen sex changes in about two years. Hilarity was had by all.

2009-07-11, 12:04 AM
It's odd, my first one doesn't exist yet. It will, in a short bit of time, and the character is completely planned...but I can't say more than that. It'd be...cheating... :smallwink:

EDIT: Basically, I'll be able to say once fall rolls around.

2009-07-11, 12:11 AM
Well, the first really character I had, I'm actually using him now in the Savage Tide adventrue path. Captain Ramiel Storm, Rogue/Swashbuckler. He was an orphaned bastard, who worked his way up to becoming a captain of a ship.

2009-07-11, 12:23 AM
Hmmm... well, the first character I ever made was in Call of Cthulhu, a psychoanalyst who used his psychology and "trust tactics" to take advantage of his pretty female patients.
However, I'll assume we're talking about D&D, so my first character was Kade, an elven ranger back in the days of 2e. He was very, very chaotic good. And kindof... blah. The first character I really liked was a half-elf named Brand, gladiator using the blind gladiator character kit (Dark Sun stuff). It was actually a planescape game, and he had a cool sword forged on the elemental plane of radiance that he could temporarily blind everyone in a certain radius with. Naturally, he was immune to its effects.:smallbiggrin: Just an all around badass guy.

2009-07-16, 01:43 AM
Really, you can post your first character in any game. (Yeesh, dun you read the other posts?:smallconfused:)

Anyways, I was thinking of trying CoC. I was gonna make an Illiterate Athlete. I'm sure you know why. :smallwink:

Anyways, I was always wondering what Savage Tide was about. All I ever read was bits and pieces out of Dragon, and I got this slight inkling that Demogorgon or w/e was underneath a volcano in the middle of no-where. Good for a story centered on an island, but bad for the scope of things where you're in the middle of friggen nowhere. Demogorgon being there makes no real sense if you think about it.

2009-07-16, 07:31 AM
My first character was an "other" or "rogue" in Classic Traveller. He was ~35 years old, from a dust ball with the technological equivalence of the 1920s, had ties with the local mob, and was a god with a six shooter (Revolver-4, for those who know the system).

He found himself with a duffel full of cash and a bullet in his leg as a rival family had just moved in on his gang's turf, killing everyone but him in the process. Mr. Levy (the character) flees to the local diner, where the firefight continues. Soon, the local police, the rival gang, Levy and a group of outsider looking fellas are all shooting at each other, none clear who's side they are on.

With the police dead and few options left, Levy runs off with the outsiders... joining their crew on the starship that's been hidden in a barnyard hangar on the far outskirts of town and travels the stars.

Not so bad for random char gen.

2009-07-16, 07:52 AM
i forget the exact spelling, something like chackara...

age of vampires game, he was a beast-like vampire with a big sword, claws, and menacing personality.

campaign ended mid-battle. me versus another person in the party who turned out to be a traitor.

2009-07-16, 10:00 AM
My first character was a half-orc druid back in AD&D. Technically it was 2nd Edition but honestly it was a mish-mash of half remember rules and charts from first and second edition where our 'd20' was 4d6-4 rerolling anything that ended up less then 1. We didn't actually own any books and we played in an empty trailer lot but I still remember everything that happened to that PC...except what his name was. Heh.

2009-07-16, 03:37 PM
My first character was a fighter in ad&d around 19 years ago. The name long forgotten, but the memories of glorious times stays with me. It was a fighter, with a Charisma of 3 and strength of 18 93\100. those stats will be with me forever.

He leveld up from level 1 to 11 before withdrawing to run a castle with an inn.
Helped by his three inteligent weapons :) a haleberd,handaxe and bastard sword hanging in the bar. Glorious times indeed.

But we had some really tough times.. Our best friend was the oxford dictionary.
I know we did some wrong. (but we had fun)
9,10 and 11 years old norwegian guys know some english but not enough to run it without a book of wordly help. Long live the oxford.

Then it was rolemaster, but thats another story.

2009-07-16, 03:39 PM
My first character was en elemental savant blaster wizard (or was he a sorcerer?)

He had reactive and improved counterspell, and was fond of explosions.

2009-08-27, 07:03 PM
My first character was technically a human magic-user killed by a swarm of kobolds in the adventure packaged with the Red Box... the character I think of as my first character was Willow Wreath the elf who managed to survive the Red Box adventure but just as he was reaching Lv 2 his allies shoved him in a room full of hobgoblins to "talk to them" and "offer them food." Hobgoblins specifically hated and killed elves, and I pointed this out... they locked me in.

2009-08-27, 07:26 PM
Back in elementary school, one of my friends introduced me to DnD 3.0. We had some pre-packaged campaign or something, and I was playing a human rogue. The reasoning for my choice was "ooh he looks cool, I'm playing him ;D". I treated him like a fighter though, just straight-up going up and stabbing things. Didn't do too badly, though.

If I remember correctly, the first real character I made was some time later in high school. We were still on 3.0 at this point, and I made a gnome wizard that turned out to be very racist. We were exploring this drow dungeon, and there was this poor kobold prisoner chained to the wall... My gnome wizard coup-de-graced it. Later on, there were a bunch of innocent, panicked drow citezens and one or two drow warriors or whatever. Without a moment's hesitation, my gnome cast burning hands


On the drow civilians, killing most of them.

2009-08-27, 07:48 PM
Elf named woody. Yes, elf was the class, got to love basic in the early 80s. Was interesting when my 1st ad&d game, my brother who was 4 years older wanted to run something, and made me a character, he asked me what I wanted to play and I kept saying elf, not knowing it was a race and no longer a fighter/magic user. After 4 or 5 times I say fighter since I'm 8 at the time and have no idea what he's talking about. I believe he died to a gelatinous cube.

2009-08-27, 07:54 PM
My first character was a dwarven fighterin 3.0 named Ogmi Brondak. He had a dwarven waraxe, fullplate and a tower shield. I started at 5th level joining an exsisting campaign and ended up rolling str 18 dex 14 con 20 (after racial) int 15 wis 9 cha 11. Rolled in order allowing 1 switch was my con and wisdom. All his feats and gear was for health and armor because I was really scared of dying (I had heard stories of the character turn over in this group)

He made it to level 10 fighter with a constantly changing party around him. Ogmi's crowning moment was when the party stumbled into an umber hulk nest that went on for 2 sessions of him constantly failing will saves and being confused and slowly murdering everything within sight while near untouchable with 30+ AC. Everything included murdering the rest of the party...twice except for the cleric you used sancutary to never be targeted and just followed me around staying out of immediate range.

After his frustrations of constantly not knowing friend from foe and sever emontional breakdown after murdering so many close friends he multiclassed into barbarian soon exited the cave system and promtly fell off a 200' cliff, survived and became a crazy hermit in the mountains as the rest of the group were tired of getting beat down and we started a new campaign.

I miss him:smallsmile:

2009-08-27, 08:07 PM
An elf fighter named Revar, who wielded a mithral longsword and shortsword- this was right after I had read The Hobbit, so essentially I think I just wanted to create someone who fought with both Orcrist and Sting.
Horribly, horribly underoptimized character, of course...but he will always have a place in my heart.

2009-08-27, 08:58 PM
My first character was an Egyptian ('magicpocalypse' game, set in 398BC) Wizard named Tehumhet, he was an illusionist and became known for being spectacularly useless in combat (before level four, his greatest contribution in a fight was distracting a sphynx by throwing meat at it) but coming up with excellent plans ('ok, our stuff is at the bottom of the river, we tie one end of this rope to you, one end to the horse. You hold this heavy rock to get to the bottom, fill up this net with as much stuff as possible and we'll get the horse to haul you out').

He nearly got killed when an attempt to steal another wizard's spellbook went horribly wrong and resulted in two city guards being vaporised. After refusing to tell the other guards what happened he was sentenced to be eaten by a giant pig, but the other PCs intervened.

At level four he finally picked up a spell that could do some damage, but the game only lasted one more session (one of the players had to move back to uni). He's still officially alive, and might see some more playing next year.

(Also, congratulations, your thread made me finally stop lurking and post something)

Mushroom Ninja
2009-08-27, 09:12 PM
Snubble the Halfling rogue. I played him in an AD&D game my dad ran for me and my brother when I was about six. I'm a little hazy on the details, but I've got a vague memory of using some magic potion to charm a full-grown red dragon and convince it to lend me its horde.

Ahh, the good ole' days... [/nostalgia]

2009-08-27, 09:35 PM
My first character was a 2nd Edition, 14th level Fighter/Wizard/Rogue Half-Seely Lizardman. Long story. He was also my only character to ever last more than a handful of sessions.

His name was Serpentis Naja, and actually started out as a 1st level elf fighter. In the first session he met a character who introduced herself as "the Dungeon Master's daughter." (The DM in question did not have a daughter, and apparently the Dungeon Master is an actual character in this world. *shrug* Compared to the crazy dimension-hopping nonsense I endured over the course of my adventure, that doesn't confuse me in the least.)

Aaaanywho, she gave me a one-time use enchantment one one of my longswords. (I duel-wielded.) Due to the mysteriousness of the enchantment, and the fact that it was the first magic item our party had gotten so far, I didn't activate it for several years, with awesome results. So after a few hours of stabbing lizardfolk and goblins (oh, and mimics), we found an odd door... really just a doorway that led into pitch blackness. Our dwarf fighter (random side comment here... in this universe apparently dwarves had a Barbarian's berserk ability as a racial power... not that it has anything at all to do with this scenario.) decided to go in and take a look.

Apparently there was some eldritch abomination in there or something, cause he came back a few seconds later screaming his head off. We decided to leave the door alone.

Many misadventures in that dungeon, and I only remember about half of the things that happen at any given time. There was a clay golem, a trapped door that just had a prosthetic finger which poked you in the eye if you looked in the keyhole, and a fire giant we spotted through a different keyhole. (We left that door alone, too.) There was also a pompous midget knight, and a talking cow who thought grass was treasure. We killed it.

The session ended when the dwarf was frusterated by the fact that the cow told us there was treasure down there and there wasn't, so he axed a tree out of spite. (Underground forest, go figure.)

Turns out the trees were ents. We ran like hell and closed up the entrance to the cave forest with a boulder. We then decided to camp for the night and that was that.

Should I keep rambling? Theres the thing where I impersonated the Dwarven King, the time when I chugged some sort of permenant polyjuice potion and became a lizardman... the random, vaguely coherent dimension hopping... (Seriously. I couldn't tell you what universe we were in at what point.)

Dragon Elite
2009-08-27, 10:11 PM
I started when I was, three years ago.
I played Verna Tealeaf, halfling rogue (Level 1). I always got the most treasure. Bluff and Sleight of hand. :smalltongue: