View Full Version : NWOD Bringing in new characters/Character Death/ETC.

2009-05-23, 10:10 AM
What sorts of rules do you use when someone needs to bring in a new character, due to death of the old character, the character becoming unplayable in some way, or just wanting to start over?
I've played NWOD, OWD, and D&D along with a smattering of other games, and the problem I always found was that while D&D had a self-correcting xp system to allow new characters who started out at a lower level than the other characters to eventually catch up and not always be so much weaker than the others. Wod doesn't seem to have any such system.
Normally this might not be such a big problem, but when you game with people who insist that it is somehow "more fair" or "better" that when someone brings in a new character for whatever reason they should start out less powerful than the established characters.
My instincts usually just want me to tell them to grow up and get over it, but this wouldn't be a good solution in the long run, as it tends to start arguments.

Any thoughts?

The Gilded Duke
2009-05-23, 10:30 AM
I usually set all characters at the same xp level. It makes it easier to figure out appropriately challenging encounters. I don't see what is fair about having someone else at a lower power level because they died, or even worse changed out their character for rp reasons.