View Full Version : [4e] Lack of interesting potions

2009-05-24, 02:18 AM
Now, I have yet to read any of the 4e books besides first 3, but it seems like there aren't any potions besides healing ones. This just seems wrong to me.

I've just been making simple potions of my own. Things like antidotes (+5 vs next poison save for 25 GP) and and effects (+1 AC for the next encounter 100 GP).

Has anyone else made potions for a campaign? What did they do and how much did they cost?

Mad Wizard
2009-05-24, 02:25 AM
I think there were a lot of new ones in the Adventurer's Vault.

2009-05-24, 02:32 AM
Adventurer's Vault has several dozen new potions, as well as many wondrous items, another area where the PHB lacked.

Consumable magic items and slotless item have been downplayed a little, fitting in 4e's goal in making a characters power based more on the character then their items. The main book just didn't have much room for items, however, so they made a book full of em.

2009-05-24, 04:22 AM
Consumables always cost the same amount depending on their level, somewhere around 1/24th of a standard item of that level. There is already a potion that does the +5 against the next save, I think its the antitoxin. Or it might be an alchemical item with the curative subtype. Its in Adventurer's Vault.