View Full Version : Corruptor Build [3.5] Help Accepted and Needed

2009-05-24, 10:37 AM
I'm playing a campaing with D&D 3.5 including all core and not core books in the Red Hand of Doom setting.

I'm playing a tiefling with one level of noble (from the dragonlance setting) and 5 levels in bard. But the tiefling with the minor change that instead of intellegence it has more charisma.

The role of my character is that he is the clasical power behind the throne, he would like to corrupt the entire party (mostly a good aligned party).

I have place a few feats to boost the character for diplomacy, gather information and bluff. Also I have place the feat that switch cha instead of wis for will saves.

He has non-detection items to keep in the party without them suspecting.

I want to know how to level it from now on, the campaing we are playing (RHOD) will allow us to get more levels. I'm trying to get the party to fail the campaing. I wont to know how would be the best way to carry this build.

I was thinking in something like the prestige class fiend of corruption, but it has as requirement outsider with the evil subtype. I'm already an outsider but not with the evil subtype. Any way of getting that subtype? or any other build suggestion?

2009-05-26, 08:18 AM
No one has a clew that could help me? Any suggestion?

2009-05-26, 08:39 AM
What about Sorcerer 6/Alienist 2
At sorcerer 5 take dream domain using the divine substitution level.
Arcane Disciple - Gain the corruption Domain spells

Later on advance through to alienist 10 and then take fiend of corruption.

Augment Summoning for alienist requirement.
With Fey Heritage and Fey presence (so you qualify for Fiend of Corruption) and Fey Presence to put people to sleep and do funky stuff.

For extra fun take Dreamtelling, Oneironmancy and Improved Oneironmancy so you can easily put people to sleep and do horrid stuff to them in the dream realms. lol.

You could easily take Wizard 5/alienist 3 instead and take the Magus career path.

2009-05-26, 12:13 PM
I'm already playing this character, so I have 1 level in noble and 5 levels y bard that I can not change.

2009-05-26, 12:18 PM
I also checked the alienist class, and I don't think it will work because of requirements. I'm neutral-evil. Also I'm already an outsider (being tiefling) but what I do not have is the evil subtype. That alienist don't give.