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2009-05-24, 03:00 PM
Will there ever be an OotS Adventure game "expansion pack"? You know, same game, but new treasure or monsters or shticks or rooms or maybe even new characters?

Also, this is a good thread for those who want to list things they'd like to see in any expansion pack.

A "Soul Splice" Shtick for V would be cool, but maybe not workable. Obviously, each copy could represent one soul if they boost one another...

2009-05-25, 12:15 AM
Two expansions have been mentioned here by The Giant as being in the works. One adds the Linear Guild as playable characters (and maybe rooms or battle deck cards). The other expansion ("The Shortening") adds some new play modes to have a shorter play time. No word on when these will be available - the Linear Guild expansion was started earlier, but The Shortening will be published first, last we heard.

2009-05-25, 04:18 PM
Thanks! If anyone else knows about expansions planned, post it here, along with other ideas.

Question: In the expansion that has the Linear Guild as playable characters, are the Order of the Stick members monsters?

EDIT: Also, which Linear Guild is it? The one with Yikyik, Hilgya, and Zz'ditri, or the one with Yokyok, Leeky Windstaff, and Pompey? Or both?

2009-05-25, 04:22 PM
What do we want to see? (Well, me at least.)

Celia (?)
Miko (?)
The other members of the Order of the Scribble that I can't remember the name of
Team Evil

Soul Splice (V, ?)
Mass Cure Light Wounds (Elan, ?)

The lawyers
Adult Black Dragon (the one that fought V)




Updated as more ideas pop into my head or as people post.

2009-05-27, 04:26 PM
Who knows what they'll come up with, but some new cards would be fun.

2009-05-27, 06:32 PM
Starmetal sword (Roy)
Starmetal Chunk is already a Loot, which boosts Roy's Greenhilt Sowrd when equipped.

Mass Cure Light Wounds (Elan, ?)
Durkon already has Cure Assorted Wounds.

It's called Loot.

Ring of Jumping +20 (?)
Already exists, boosts Belkar's Leaping Attack when equipped.

That trap that poisoned Roy 17 times
Dunno where, but I'm pretty sure that's already in the game.

2009-05-31, 08:13 AM
Well there might be a goblin chareter (who knows who) because if you check the goblinthwacker card for durkon it says goblin monsters AND goblin players.....

2009-06-02, 11:50 AM
I think the OOTS games are dead...

Before the staff dropped off of the face of the earth regarding their game, all we heard was it's coming or it's in playtesting...

Now it's 6/2/2009 and we haven't seen any information whatsoever. The last staff response even regarding rules was on 8/2/2008. It has almost been a full year w/o anything to give us hope...

Mystic Muse
2009-06-14, 12:57 AM
never give up hope!

I'd like order of the scribble although I've never actually played the game. I don't have the money for it.:smallfrown:

2009-06-14, 07:23 AM
Here is the answer from APEgames:

Thanks for your inquiry.

I'm sorry to say that work has stopped on OOTS game expansions. Hopefully someday Rich will gain additional time, but at this stage it's taking all of his time to do the comic



2009-06-14, 04:27 PM
played the game first time today. It was great. It's indeed a bit long but who cares? We had a great time.
As new charakter it would be cool to get O'Chul, wouldn't it? :)

I'm going to order my own copy of the original game as soon as my CC lets me :P

2009-06-22, 01:30 PM
That is unfortunate news indeed. I wonder if Rich checks these boards. I've been hanging around for an answer on the expansions for so long now, makes me wonder how long ago the decision was made to stop work on the games.

2009-06-24, 02:15 AM
If I recall the Giant posted a long time ago in the news section (prolly been a year or two) that he was stopping all outside projects due to health concerns and just to much stuff going on at once. My guess is the oots game fell into the "outside project" category.

2009-09-06, 07:08 AM
Bring on the Belker Shticks!!!

1:Sexy Shoeless God of War
2:Belker Loot:YikYik/YokYok Head