View Full Version : Pit fiend class - someone with too much time?

2009-05-24, 07:43 PM
So, I noticed the Balor build, and I am making a high level PC in an evil campaign, but Demons are really nigh-unplayable (at least, long run), because this is supposed to be a successful (read, lawful) evil campaign. Anyone know the LA on a pit fiend? (I assume it's somewhere near +12, making it level 30 total as opposed to the Balor's 32), or better yet, is there a class that anyone has made? Or... do I need to start a very long and painful process?

Sinfire Titan
2009-05-24, 07:50 PM
The Pit Fiend should have a higher LA, due to lower HD and the Wish SLA.

2009-05-24, 08:01 PM
The Pit Fiend should have a higher LA, due to lower HD and the Wish SLA.

The wish isn't too bad, assuming there's no stupid exploits on wish allowed, because it would probably be gained at its last level, and by then, the party has already wished for its stats, etc, and it's once per year (so you can't assume all yours stats are higher because you're using a progression where you didn't hit that level yet).

Edit: And even if you did, you can get only a +1 from it. Unless you rule calendar year (which I don't think is RAW or RAI). Then if you did on the last round of the year, and the first round of the next year... you could get a +2.

2009-05-24, 11:09 PM
Do you have the 3.x Savage Species book? I don't, but that'd be the place I started looking.

2009-05-24, 11:25 PM
I think Savage Species book tend to focus on the more common races people will want to play and probably won't include any of the more powerful races. having said that, I do recall there being a guide of some sort in there telling how to you break a race down.