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2006-07-31, 01:14 AM
Engine goblins

Engine goblins are nothing like their bestial counterparts while normal goblins prefer to stab enemies in the back engine goblins use they’re intelligence to outsmart opponents. Living up to their name engine goblins are widely known for their engineering and clockwork devices that also have a dash of magic to make them run.
Most engine goblins act very witty and are eager to explain how everything works they can be very grumpy though especially around unwanted visitors and members of another race. Most engine goblins are sensible and have no want to charge headlong into battle they would much rather think of a way out of it and if they have no other choice but fight they use magic as opposed to brute force.
Physical description
Engine goblins range from about 4 ft. tall to 5 ft tall and weigh from 100 lbs to 200 lbs. Men are not much taller than their female counterparts and weigh about the same as well. Engine goblins skin runs from black to dark red to brown but are most commonly green. Their hair is about the same and naturally the darker the skin the darker the hair. Engine goblins usually live around two centuries.
Engine goblins rarely enjoy the company of other races especially brutishly strong and stupid ones because they tend to break things. Engine goblins most enjoy the company of gnomes because they share their love of knowledge and the way things work. You very commonly see gnomes and engine goblins talking with each other.
Engine goblins tend toward neutrality because most engine goblins care little for what goes on outside their halls.
Engine goblin lands
Engine goblins are much like dwarves because they tend to live in grand mountain halls with many large open rooms. The government of the Engine goblins varies between their many city-states. Most are Democracies formed by engine goblin aristocrats. Some are even Tyrannies. Most of the engine goblin tyrannies are controlled by a different race (other racial tyrants). There are not many monarchies except for in evil engine goblin lands.
Religion: The chief Engine goblin god is Tiron the god of wisdom and knowledge he teaches Engine goblins to always question things and figure out how everything works.
Language: Engine goblins speak goblin, which has a small amount of technical related words so the Engine Goblins add some the goblin tongue uses the orcish script
Engine goblins are not very strict about names, which tend to be mechanic oriented or family names, which tend to be simple and short. Although they aren’t strict about most names Engine goblins give names as titles and they are very strict about those. Engine goblins also take names from gnomes as they spend so much time together.
Male names: Glitch, Gear, Socket, Glitchwrench, Socketgear, Sprocket, Tube, Ironsocket,
Female names: Iron, Bronze, Tin, Copper, Gold, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Malachite, Agate.
Family names: Tingear, Darkswitch, Bronzeglitch, Rubytube, Agatesocket,
Title names: Cauldronbubbler (alchemist) Metalbender (blacksmith) Wrenchvoice (leader ex. Mayer, monarch ,tyrant) Sprockettounge (gambler) gear (common person) Wrenchhands (healer)
Example full name: Gold Rubytube Metalbender

Adventurers: engine goblin adventurers tend to join the business because they have a natural curiosity and tend to travel to see how the world works or the become adventurers to smite evil gain riches or just for the glory.
¬-+2 intelligence, +2 wisdom, -2 strength Engine goblins learn quickly and retain knowledge well but are smaller and not as strong as other races
-Small: as Small creatures engine goblins gain +1 size bonus to Armor Class, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, and a +4 size bonus on Hide checks, but they must use smaller weapons than humans use, and their lifting and carrying limits are three-quarters of those of medium-size characters.
-Low-light vision; Engine goblins can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. They retain the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions
-+2 racial attack bonus against kobolds and ogres. Engine goblins constantly battle tunneling kobold and their ogre slaves and have developed special techniques to fighting them.
-+2 racial dodge bonus against giants, from being around gnomes constantly engine goblins have learned some of there combat techniques.
- use magical device is always a class skill for engine goblins
-+1 racial bonuses to all disable device checks as engine goblins have a good sense of how things work
-+2 racial bonus to all craft (engineer) skill checks
- Automatic Languages: common and goblin Bonus languages Gnomish Dwarven, kobaldic, drow, elven, draconic, and orcish Engine goblins will learn the languages of their foes and their friends
-Favored Class: wizard or cleric

enjoy and discuss ;D

2006-07-31, 01:40 AM
I'm doing a steampunker setting with wrenchmonkey goblins. Their stats are unchnged, except some knowledges, and I would love to use your names. Also, since they are in the north (lotsa port cities for trade across the polar cap with icebreaker ships) snow goblins in Frostburn are their feral relatives.

2006-07-31, 01:41 AM
So... these are like the goblins from Warcraft III/WoW, right?

2006-07-31, 01:43 AM
Wouldn't "favored class: Artificer" be good, too?

2006-07-31, 02:19 AM
@DMgrinder: sure you can use the names
@OrangeZergling um...shhh! ;)
@King: yeah but I made this a while ago before discovering Eberon

2006-07-31, 03:53 AM
I like the idea, but why do they have small size bonuses? 4-5 feet tall and 100-200 pounds sounds like medium size to me.

2006-07-31, 08:29 AM
I assume an engine goblin is far less drawn to hand-to-hand combat and is likely more frail against damage than a normal goblin. This may explain their small size but might also ask for a con penalty.

Just a thought

2006-07-31, 11:27 AM
But they're actually better at combat (+1 size bonus to hit and AC). Considering they're bigger than dwarves (a medium sized race) on average, that seems odd to me.
If you want to give them those bonuses call it a skilled combatant bonus maybe but not a size modifier. Alternatively change their size so that they actually are small creatures.

2006-07-31, 12:09 PM
yer probably more like 3.5-4.5 foot tall and alot lighter. They could even have an appearance very similar to that of golum (from the LOTR films) due to extream lack of sunlight.

I think flavour wise the suit the small size, because they are obviously not creatures of war or great physical prowess.

2006-07-31, 12:52 PM
I see your Engine Golems and raise you a technokobold [Yes, this was an ACTUAL race from my homebrew]

They had +8 intelligence, +6 charisma, -6 strength, -4 constitution.

or some such thing. An average Technokobold had about 20 Intelligence.

I may have to swipe these engine goblins for a steampunk setting.

Then since I already have the inventor class...

2006-07-31, 10:56 PM
I see the size problem and will probibly change them to 3.5 ft. to 4 ft. as opposed to what they are now.
Also those kobolds sound very onbalanced