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2009-05-25, 04:47 PM
This is a thread for those of you who, like me, have come up with ideas and 20-level builds for more characters than you'll ever actually play.

In this game, there are countless combinations of classes and feats, but I find that most of us stick to the predictable ones, the same ones that who-knows-how-many other players have used. But every now and then you come up with something truly unique. This is a place to present, discuss and gloat over your builds that no one's ever built before. They don't have to be optimized (in fact, they probably shouldn't... if it's optimized, you can be darn sure someone else has done it too...). Just throw out a quick idea of the character, a quick build description, and maybe some of the logic that went into it.

Or ignore the thread, that's good too. But I'll toss out a couple of mine to get the ball rolling.

He was once a mortal doctor, a man of science. Some said he was obsessed with death, and they whispered that he was a practitioner of vile necromancy. But the truth was far, far stranger...

This originated as a response on the WotC boards to a request for ideas for Cthulhu-style characters, but it eventually took on a life of its own.

Igor Svangler
Chaotic Evil Male Human(ish)

Human Paragon 1/Dread Necromancer 8/Fleshwarper 6/Alienist 5

The Human Paragon level grants him Heal as a permanent class skill, which will allow him to get enough ranks to qualify for the Graft Flesh feat. Dread Necro meets the "Spell" requirements of Alienist (via the Summon Undead III spell), as well as the "Special" requirement of the Fleshwarper (i.e., a familiar).

So basically, dude starts out as a man of science, but quickly decides that necromancy is more fun than surgery. After a while, he gains a Quasit familiar from beyond and his experiments become more... unusual (Graft Flesh {Undead} at CL 9). Excited by the prospect, he tries grafting other sorts of things onto his body, and that of his sadistic familiar. Eventually he becomes bored with this when he learns of far stranger things beyond even the known planes, and becomes an Alienist (He could qualify for Alienist anytime after CL 7, but who knows when on his journey he might be able to make peaceful contact with a pseudonatural creature. He could well spend several levels switching back and forth between Alienist and Fleshwarper).

At level 20, he's casting as an 18th level D.N., grafting all sorts of unusual things onto himself, and dragging around an aberrant pseudonatural quasit, who's basically just an oozing, venomous heap of tentacles at this point. He's also more or less halfway to being undead, halfway to being aberrant, and halfway to being an outsider. I consider that to be both very cool, and very weird.

Sources: Complete Arcane (Alienist, Pseudonatural template); Fiend Folio (Graft Flesh feat, Undead Grafts); Heroes of Horror (Dread Necromancer); Lords of Madness (Fleshwarper); Unearthed Arcana (Human Paragon)

In the darkened depths, they build a man of steel and wood and indestructible adamantine. They gave him a mind, and a will, and a soul. But that soul belonged to the Prince of Beasts.

Chaotic Evil Male Personality Warforged

Fighter 1/Paladin of Slaughter* 5/Warforged Juggernaut 4/Thrall of Baphomet 10

*With Charging Smite alternate class feature and Warforged Paladin substitution level 3.

Dude starts out with Adamantine Body and Power Attack as his CL 1 and fighter bonus feats. At CL 3 he takes Improved Bull Rush, so by CL 5, he qualifies for W.F.J. I opted for a fifth level of Paladin because the Charging Smite variant was just too cool to pass up, even though a fifth level of W.F.J. would mechanically be much better. At CL 6 and 9 he takes Great Fortitude and Thrall to Demon, so at CL 10 he can take his first level of Thrall of Baphomet (because he's Warforged, his slam attack meets the "Special" requirement of the class). Later feats would probably be Leadership, Might Makes Right and Greater Powerful Charge. At some point, he'd take a fourth level of Juggernaut, but that could happen anytime.

Basically, he's created by a cult of Baphomet, who start him with basic combat training and then the specialized training of Paladin of Slaughter, finally teaching him to maximize his construct potential. When he's ready, they indoctrinate him fully into the cult and he becomes a fully-fledged Thrall. Eventually he becomes the de facto leader of the group, with a sorcerer cohort on hand to shower him with Repair Damage spells and tons of low-level priestly and roguely types around to do his bidding.

By level 20, he's a big, horned, spiked metal monstrosity, followed by oodles of fauning cultists, a powerful sorcerer and a fiendish bull (using the stats for a bison, as buffed up as a 20th level druid's companion). He's got mazes carved all over his adamantine exoskeleton, and can generally charge-bull rush-smite good you into next week.

Sources: Dragon Magazine #341 (Thrall of Baphomet); Eberron Campaign Setting (Warforged, Adamantine Body feat, Greater Powerful Charge feat, Warforged Juggernaut); Player's Handbook II (Charging Smite variant); Races of Eberron (Warforged Paladin substitution levels); Races of Faerun (Might Makes Right feat; Unearthed Arcana (Paladin of Slaughter)

2009-05-25, 04:52 PM
Hexblade 2/Warblade 6/Suel Arcanamach 1/Abjurant Champion 5/Dragonslayer 1/Jade Phoenix Mage 4/Dragon Disciple 1.

Needs moar prestige.

Keld Denar
2009-05-25, 05:05 PM
Dang it, I wanted to suggest a Suel Arcanamach build. Its such a neat PrC!

I personally like:


though. It basically says "My Cha is so massive, if I hit you with it, it'll kill you!"

2009-05-25, 05:49 PM
The Arcane Archer:
Alathriana Elerionnel
Chaotic Good Star Elf Bard 8/Arcane Archer 2/Sublime Chord 2/Sacred Exorcist 3/Abjurant Champion 5

A songweaver may be a rare applicant for the Arcane Archers, but as Bards' art includes both martial training and spellweaving, it does come naturally to them. Wanting to fight for her race, she joined the ranks of the Arcane Archers and was swiftly accepted.

Indeed, she did quickly master the basics of the Order's craft [Imbue Arrow] but just as swiftly took on to a path of her own; whereas the other Arcane Archers just study the art of arrow enhancements, he saw that the true power is the blend of arrow and magic. He forsook the teachings of the Arcane Archers to pursue the path the Order [b]should be taking: she takes to seeking deeper understanding of the songspells he has created [Sublime Chord]. But swiftly after the flowering of a new spellcraft within, she realizes that for the perfection of her craft, she needs to focus on her archery and her magic; like before, the true power of an arcane archer comes from the blend, not from one or the other alone.

She joins Corellon's order of warrior priests [Sacred Exorcist] to add another dimension to her magic and her arrows [Divine Might]. After the initial discovery though, she realizes that Corellon has little more to offer for her cause. In the end, she finally carves out her own path: a path that advances her archery, her magic and few more arrow enhancements while at it [Abjurant Champion; Arcane Boost]. In the end, she is the leading beacon of a new order of Arcane Archers, one that will truly make the enemies of the elvenkind shake in fear.

2009-05-25, 05:52 PM
Currently, I'm building a Modron Jade Phoenix mage. Does that count as unusual?

Keld Denar
2009-05-25, 05:54 PM
We seem to have a Cha based theme going on...

Eldariel, you should make a Cha based team for the Test of Might! Team Prettyboy Nancypants assemble!!!

2009-05-25, 05:57 PM
Half-Elf Swashbuckler 3 / Fighter 2 / Sorcerer 1 / Bladedancer 9 (I think it was bladedancer anyway--it was elves/half-elves only, full BAB, spellcasting every other level, could quicken a spell for free once a day, and had a few other tricks too).

It wasn't the most optimized but hey, it was my first character in 3rd edition. I know I really should have gone Wizard, but dangit, spontaneous spellcasting just seemed so cool.

Mostly used a ring of telekinesis to hit enemies with other enemies, or just fencing with the highest to-hit bonus in the group. Died to narrowly failing a Will save from a trap involving psionics and a banshee, or something.

Keld Denar
2009-05-25, 06:03 PM
Bladedancer 9

Close. Its Bladesinger. Its a neat PrC, but utterly fails mechanically. IF they gave it 8/10 casting or 9/10 casting instead of 5/10 casting, it would be MUCH better.

2009-05-25, 06:04 PM
Here's one I thought would be interesting from a roleplaying perspective. It certainly isn't very "traditional".

The Fluff:

Delle was a druid who specialized in the crafting of magical items. He was known throughout the forest for creating wondrous tools to aid his fellow druids in preserving the forces of nature. Delle was also an extremist; he hated all civilization, technology, and arcane magic, considering them anathema to the forces of nature. All of his items incorporated only natural components, because he felt that even metal weapons were "impure".

Despite his extreme views, his reputation as a craftsman grew. This led to him being contacted by a group of Inevitables from the Plane of Mechanus. In a battle with the chaotic Slaad, one of the gears that were a part of the plane was damaged. The mechanical Inevitables did not know how to repair it because it was made of wood (most of the gears are made of metal or stone), so they sought Delle out as a specialist.

Although he was disturbed by the clockwork men, Delle agreed because they promised that they would allow him to come to no harm. While repairing the gear, the Slaad attacked again and Delle fell between mechanisms and was crushed.

Respecting the letter of their deal, the Inevitables repaired his body. When he awoke, Delle was horrified to discover that he was now part machine! The incorporation of metal into his body severed his connection with nature, leaving him an outcast among his own brethren. Delle swore revenge against the Inevitables for doing this to him, and has actually allied with the Slaad, renewing his hatred for technology and civilization with greater vigor.

In a fit of twisted irony, the only way to regain his connection with the natural world was to continue down the path of dehumanization. By becoming more and more like a mechanism Delle was able to survive the horrid process of having the metal extracted from his body and replaced with wooden components. This gives him an intense self-loathing and the only reason he doesn't destroy himself is that he wants revenge on the entire Inevitable species first.
The Crunch:

CN Druid 10/ Renegade Mastermaker 10.

Delle casts as an 18th level druid, but had to make it all the way to Mastermaker 10 to be able to cast at all. At that level you get a free Warforged feat, and the class decription specifically allows you to pick one that can normally only be taken at level 1. Thus he was able to take Ironwood Body and regain his spellcasting.

Delle has the Shapeshift class variant. He can take on the Predator, Aerial and Ferocious Slayer forms. Although this is less powerful than Wild Shape, it also means that the forms he changes into also look like cyborgs, which is cool.

Delle is a master craftsman and can add his Mastermaker level to all craft checks. He can create Warforged components to upgrade himself, as well as more traditional magic items.

Note that some of this is a little iffy by RAW. It is never explicitly stated for example that a Renegade Mastermaker's upgrades are necessarily made of metal (you never get an armor bonus like a real warforged), but I wanted a reason for Delle to have to continue progression in the class, i.e. to get Ironwood Body at level 10 so he could regain his spellcasting.

It is stated that a Mastermaker eventually incorporates bits of adamantine into his body, so a DM might rule that when he eventually takes the Ironwood Body feat he must also sacrifice his DR/adamantine along with the rest of his metal.

So yeah, there might be some gray area as to whether or not all this is legit, but none of it seems game-breaking. I just wanted to create a unique anti-villain who has a good reason for being the way he is.

2009-05-25, 06:04 PM
My group never got into that whole 'multiclassing' craze you kids are all on about.
So when I combined three classes with a prestige class (!), I caught some flak for min-maxing.
(Even though it was something like a Swashbuckler/Half-Elf Paragon/Wizard/Bladesinger... hardly gamebreaking, but they thought it was. What with the Mirror Images and all.)

So my next character was this multiclass monstrosity designed to show them just how silly I could make things:

Rudy Schmid
Binder 1/Totemist 2/Cleric 1/Crusader 1/Ordained Champion 3/Ruby Knight Vindicator 3, headed into Knight of the Sacred Seal.

Basically, he was a yokel priest caught up in a hellish game of saving-the-world.

The rest of the group was convinced that I was up to something gamebreaking, they just couldn't figure out what it was.

I was most surprised that the character was actually playable.

2009-05-25, 06:10 PM
We seem to have a Cha based theme going on...

Eldariel, you should make a Cha based team for the Test of Might! Team Prettyboy Nancypants assemble!!!

Lol; unfortunately I'm not starting right now [I have most of my team already built] or I'd seriously consider that (that, and the books available really cramp my style there anyways). Actually, I'm pretty Wis-focused; two of my characters are base-Wis ones (Druid and Psy War) and even the other two have a stat buffer and base over-10 for it (Rogue and Wizard; Rogue has SS levels and Wis-skills so he needs some and Wizard is picking up Arcane Disciple).

2009-05-25, 06:23 PM

This one is weird because of its race.

Loredrake Steel Dragon HD 4/Stalwart Dragonblood Sorcerer 2/Abjurant Champion 4/Unseen Seer 8/Spelldancer 2 (w/LA buyoff)

This one is weird because it uses Yathrinshee.

Lesser Drow Wizard 1/Cloistered Cleric 3/Mystic Theurge 2/Yathrinshee 6/Mystic Theurge +8

I have other builds I'm proud of, but I don't think they're as 'unusual'.

2009-05-25, 06:41 PM
Lesser Drow Wizard 1/Cloistered Cleric 3/Mystic Theurge 2/Yathrinshee 6/Mystic Theurge +8

That doesn't seem right... are you using Precocious Apprentice?

2009-05-25, 07:39 PM
From the OP:
Human Paragon 1/Dread Necromancer 8/Fleshwarper 6/Alienist 5Given that you're taking one level of Human Paragon anyway, why not take the other two in place of a couple of Dread Necromancer levels, and pick up a feat and ability score increase without any further loss of spellcasting?

I'm not sure what the weirdest standard build is I've come up with, but I've managed to win the "Huh?" award several times in the Gestalt Build Challenges we used to have around here. I think my favorite was when the contest called for a mounted combat build, and I built a druid whose animal companion (an ape) rode him instead of the other way around.

2009-05-25, 07:42 PM
From the OP:Given that you're taking one level of Human Paragon anyway, why not take the other two in place of a couple of Dread Necromancer levels, and pick up a feat and ability score increase without any further loss of spellcasting?
Wait... lose Undead Mastery?


2009-05-25, 07:55 PM
I had a thri-kreen psychic warrior 18 (with LA-buyoff) that used a researched metamorphosis on his psicrystal, rode it around as a flying hydra-mount, and used dual-wielded suppression (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/psionic/items/weapons.htm#suppression)/collision (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/psionic/items/weapons.htm#collision) lances (and a dancing weapon of speed) to deal huge amounts of damage on a pouncing, Ride-by Attack, Spirited Charge (his psicrystal took Flyby Attack, and multitudinous other feats).

And he wasn't a one-trick pony, either, given all the different forms he could take, and all the things he could do. Mounted combat was merely the tip of the iceburg.

(There's also this. (http://brilliantgameologists.com/boards/index.php?topic=2926.msg97988#msg97988)... Can you tell that I like psychic warriors?)

2009-05-25, 07:56 PM
City Bralwer Barbarian2/ Chaotic monk2/ FoF3/Warblade10/Bloodclaw master3.

Get monks belt & SuS for +9 monk unarmed damge maybe even a monks tatto.
Depending on wording you get 2d6-2d8 unamred strike & then get inproved natrual attack and Snap kick.

At 20 you get 18/+13/+8/+3
Then add TWF 18/+13/+8/+3 18/+13/+8/+3 Not counting Tiger claw moves.
You can get up to level 8 moves.

Just an idea tho fill free to tell me whats wrong with it.

2009-05-25, 08:45 PM
Most of my straight up weirdness comes from the fluff. My tweaky builds have normal backstories, for the most part.

I do have a Factotum3/Marshal1/Monk1 who is an old man on the run. He uses his Intelligence and Charisma to get him places in life.

2009-05-25, 09:07 PM
Oh...did I mention that my thri-kreen had the Illithid Tentacle feats, and used form of doom?

Yeah, with Spirited Charge. 10 lance attacks (Str x 4.5 dmg, 6x Power Attack dmg, due to the triple damage on a Spirited Charge), one bite attack (2x dmg, and poison), and 8 tentacle attacks (2x dmg).

Not to mention the 12 bite attacks his hydra/psicrystal had.

He was a nasty mofo. And creeeeepy.

2009-05-25, 10:25 PM
One I am quite proud of:


Ranger 4 - variant with wildhape(UA), non-spellcasting variant(CW)/ Master of flies 7/Ur-Priest 4/ Vermind Lord 5

Iron Will
Malign spell focus
Quik change
Natural Spell
Corrupted Wild Shape
Profane Lifeleech

At level 25 you can form a hive mind with you as part of it. Shift into a swarm, summon a bazillion swamrs with every spell slot and ability you have (which is a lot) and then use your ability to charm vermin and line them up, make a hive mind. You then make an uber hive mind with a lot of feats and sorcerer levels.
Then just hang about in the swarm. lol.
Only problem is that you can only stay in the swarm for 11 hours before you need to shift back to a human. Good thing is that you can shift as a free action and you can shift quite a lot, so you just shift right back again. Essentially only 3 times per day you blink in and out of human form, other than that you are a swarm forever. lol.

You can cast all of your spells without having to worry about material components, verbal components or somatic components. In fact you can just hang about in swarm form and cast spells without anyone even noticing. lol.

sguuested feats for your swarm:
Improved Counterspell
Reactive counterspell

Make sure you pick dispel magic etc.
Fireballs are a real pain in the ass.
You cast offesnive spells while the swarm does nothing but counterspell, or vias versa.
If the swarm has over 20 levels, which isn't hard, then get epic counterspell as well. (and epic spellcasting just for serious fun)

levels 26, 27 and 28 can be used for completing the master of flies class or doing some other funky stuff.

Using Gestalt rules I made him as:

Necromancer 1 (focused specialist, UA Necromancer variant), Tainted Scholar 1, Dread Necromancer 1, Ultimate Magus 10, Msytic theurge 2, Contemplative 1 (death domain), True Necromancer 4
Ranger (as above) 4, Master of Flies 5, Ur-Priest 1, Vermin Lord 10

Just for fun. lol.

Olo Demonsbane
2009-05-25, 10:46 PM
Please do not jump over my build here. We use the rule that CL = Spellcasting ability (So practiced spellcaster can really help). Plus, Practiced Spellcaster applies to all classes, including prestige classes. When the DM said, "screw this, you dont really have to meet the requirements for prestige classes other than spell level or BAB", heres what I gave him:

Human Wizard 1/Warlock 1/Druid 1/Ultimate Magus 10/Incantrix 1/Guild Wizard of Waterdeep 1/Warshaper 5//Beguiler 1/Cleric 1/Psion 1/Eldritch Theurge 1/Wyrm Wizard 3/Cerembrancer 1/Mystic Wanderer 2/Shifter 10

Ended up casting as a
Wizard 24
Beguiler 24
Warlock 24
Cleric 18
Druid 18
Psion 18

Yeah...and being able to transform into anything, not lose power in an antimagic field, that kinda fun stuff :smallsmile:

2009-05-25, 11:18 PM
A Barbarian who weilded two greatswords at once.


A Monk/Druid with custom prestigue class that allowed for kungfu wildshapes.

2009-05-26, 01:24 AM
I call this build the Streaker due to that fact the character never uses armor and equipment or even spells. She can run into every fight butt naked and kick ass.

Monk 1 Overwhelming Assault/Fighter 2/Forsaker 3/Barb 1 Lion spirit/Fist of the Forest 1/Weretouched Master 5/Fist of Forest +2/Warshaper 4/Something 1

Race: Shifter Razorclaw

1: Power attack (Monk)
Lightning Reflexes (Flaw)
Sacred Vow (Flaw)
Vow of Poverty
Nymph's Kiss (Exalted)
2: Iron Will (Fighter)
Touch of Golden Ice (Exalted)
3: Great Fortitude (Fighter)
Healing Factor
4: Gift of Faith (Exalted)
6: Superior Unarmed Strike
Sanctify Natural Attack (Exalted)
8: Knight of the Stars (Exalted)
Improved Natural Attack (Weretouched Master)
9: Extra Rage
10: Shifter Savagery (Weretouched Master)
Nimbus of Light (Exalted)
12: Beast Claws
Holy Radiance (Exalted)
14: Righteous Rage (Exalted)
15: Snap Kick
16: Exalted Spell resistance (Exalted)
18: Weapon Focus Unarmed
Sanctify Martial Strike (Exalted)
20: Animal Friend (Exalted)

You have a Good character deeply in touch with nature who doesnt use much of anything really.

She gets Dex+Wis+Conx2 to AC plus VOP bonuses. A +24 Str, +16 Con, +2 dex and 3 size damage increases when raging and Shifting which she can do 3 times a day plus her claw damage to unarmed strikes. Fast healing 2. Base saves of Fort 21 Reflex 11 Will 8. Reach of a Large creature. Immunity to crits. Spell resistance 17. Full attack on charge. 8 attacks on a full attack. Unarmed Damage of a lvl 16 monk.

2009-05-26, 01:27 AM
Human Necropolitan Dread Necro 20.

The wierdness comes from the fluff. He's a 32-cha lover of physical pleasure, who runs an inn of...ill repute where the girls are obedient, energetic, beautiful, and unusually quiet.

That's right, he's an undead pimp using the Disguise skill to turn a few dozen of his hundreds of controlled undead into prostitutes.

For some reason, no group of mine has ever gone for the idea.

2009-05-26, 01:43 AM
I've been playing a lot of psychic characters lately, and I've just plain gotten tired of throwing around attacks powered by pain/angst/hate/fear.

My next Wilder will be powered by his own AWESOME MANLINESS.

Or possibly her love of kittens and rainbows.

2009-05-26, 01:56 AM
I've been playing a lot of psychic characters lately, and I've just plain gotten tired of throwing around attacks powered by pain/angst/hate/fear.

My next Wilder will be powered by his own AWESOME MANLINESS.

Or possibly her love of kittens and rainbows.

What about an anthropomorphic kitten with rainbow fur whose psychic powers are fueled by its own AWESOME MANLINESS?

2009-05-26, 02:07 AM
Halfling Scout 4/Ninja 4/Fighter 2/Dread Commando 5/Duelist 5

Highest stat is in Dex followed by Wis. Agressive trait, feats including Improved Initiative, Yondalla's Sense (adds Wis to Initiative), Quick Recconoiter, and Guerrilla Scout for a total Initiative modifier of +15 + Dex + Wis. Add gloves of dexterity or periapt of wisdom for an even higher roll.

Other feats were Dodge, Mobility (to help activate Skirmish), Quick Draw, Flick of the Wrist (for more Sudden Strikes), Combat Reflexes and Weapon Finesse to complete the high Dex build.

Unfortunately, when I tried to actually play this build, I discovered that even though I always went first and possessed excellent mobility, I was near useless in combat. If only we weren't fighting the undead, I could have used all my precision damage! :smallmad:

2009-05-26, 03:48 AM
This one was for fun. We were playing as a gang of thieves, and I wanted to make the most complicated generalist character I could. The game only lasted two weeks sadly. It was fun.

Sorcerer 3, Cleric 3, Mystic Theurge 6, Ranger 1, Eldritch Knight 3, Loremaster 1(raising sorceror), Rogue 2, Assassin 1.

6th level arcane spells, 5th level cleric spells.

Bluff, sense motive, craft poison, move silent, hide and a few other useful skills maxed.

It was terrible in a fight. But it could infiltrate anything. It was fun to play, but a terrible build.

My friend made a Ranger 5/Assassin 8/Arcane Archer 7. He was our fighter.

2009-05-26, 05:03 AM
Awakened Cat Ninja. With custom made paw-katanas.

Paul H
2009-05-26, 06:28 AM

Dwarf Clr (Boccob)/ Warmage/ Mystic Theurge. 28pt Buy, hardly optimised, but fun.

Dwarf Swashbuckler/ Ftr/ Kensai. TWF with oversized Elven Thinblades.

Paul H

2009-05-26, 06:37 AM
What about an anthropomorphic kitten with rainbow fur whose psychic powers are fueled by its own AWESOME MANLINESS?

Level 1: Catfolk LA 1/Wizard Transmuter UA variant - Focused specialist 3/Erudite Psion 3/Cerebremancer 4/Master Transmorgrifist 9

Eschew Materials
Metamorphic Transfer
Practised Manifester
Practised Spellcaster
Body Fuel

With 20 levels and over 100 books to play with I can make just about anything. :)

2009-05-26, 06:49 AM
Umm... Lemme see if I can find it...

Here it is: The most ridiculous mage. A 20th level Gestalt build for a friendly build challenge between me and my mates. Idea was to create a ridiculous character both in terms of backstory and build, and still have them be effective. There was a cage match involved.

Sorc 4/Beholder Mage 1/ Ultimate Magus 10/ Abjurant Champion 2/Spellsword 1/Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil 2//Duskblade 13/Suel Arcanamach 6/Green Star Adept 1.

Only real houserule in effect was that dual-progression PrC's were allowed as long as they only advanced one side of the Gestalt character and you could have two PrC's at the same time. Not really houserules, just ignoring some of the recomendations.
It's suprisingly powerful with Arcane Strike and Versatile Spellcaster. That feat combined with some Ultimate Magus abilities basically meant he could trade spell slots as he wished, and I think he was capable of 72 9th level spells per day, with enough left over for a 7th level spell. The most suprising thing? Despite everything, the entire build was legal. Even getting into Beholder Mage at 4th level was entirely RAW.

2009-05-26, 07:28 AM
One that whoops the pants off that using your own rules, also only RAW:

Hellbred - Necropolitan
Lawful Good
Worship Mystra

Domain Wizard - Antimagic Domain 1 -> Tainted Scholar 5 -> Mystic theurge 7 -> Divine Oracle 3(Paladin) -> Contemplative 2(Paladin) -> Sacred Exorcist 2(Paladin) / Paladin 6 - 3 levels of Mystic Fire Knight and Divine Counterspell -> Bardic Sage 1 - Spellbreaker song, Bardic Knack -> Ultimate Magus 10 -> Lyric Thaumaturge 3(Bard)

Skill Focus (knowledge religion)
Melodic Casting
Any 1 metamagic feat
Sword of the Arcane Order
Alternative Source Spell
Arcane Preparation
Weapon Focus (Quarterstaff)
Somatic Weaponry
Eschew Materials
Versatile Spellcaster

....and given the volume of feats there are still several spell slots free. lol.
Maybe improved counterspell and reactive counterspell and practised spellcaster for the bard as it has the lowest CL. Spell penetration feats are also a good idea.

Can cast evil spells without penalty from hellbred, can gain any amount of tain due to being undead.
Adds wizard and bard levels to paladin for caster level. Adds paladin levels to wizard for caster level.
Can use wizard slots to cast arcane versions of paladin spells, can use paladin slots to cast either bard or wizard spells.
Can use bard slots to cast paladin spells (spontaneously!!) or prepare any spell from any any class.
Can cast spells while using Bardic Music.
Can counterspell while casting spells and using bardic music.

Spell progression levels: Paladin 20, Wizard 20, Bard 14
Caster Levels: Paladin 39, Wizard 44, Bard 18


2009-05-26, 07:40 AM
Monk 2 Feral Thri-keen, who became a mineral warrior going crazy in the process, turning chaotic, getting a few levels of barbarian then into the soul eater prestige class.
Bite, 4 claws, three unarmed attacks and two rakes on the charge. Each giving a negative level.

He has no way to control wraiths though... And does very low damage so death is by neg. levels...

2009-05-26, 09:07 AM
My group had a game to just blow off some optimization steam for the hell of it. Anyway we decided that we would all start off with a 30th gestalt level characters with a divine rank of 1.
So I decided to go with a tentacle monster, after looking in a lot of third party source books I found a way to have something like 40 natural attacks. Basically the character was archivist/ something that gave me turning on one side and the other side Antro Squid/Half Humanoid/ Half Illithad/ Multiheaded/Aberration/ Void Mind Creature/ Worm that Walks/ a few other things that I have forgotten. Anyway with divine meta magic(persistent spells) and epic casting I found a way to become a colossal brain eating machine. It was really interesting and loads of fun to play. I wish I could find the character sheet.

2009-06-14, 08:44 PM
I am thinking of making a Gestalt bard/ranger/ and Dervish (Complete warrior), I could go into one of their dances that give plusses to attack and stuff and use my buffers as Bard at teh same time. (could you do this?)

2009-06-14, 08:55 PM
Fighter6/Exotic Weapon Master 3/Master Thrower 5/Notyetdetermined6

Bastard Sword Chucker. 'Nuff said.

Foryn Gilnith
2009-06-14, 09:10 PM
The Human Paragon level grants him Heal as a permanent class skill, which will allow him to get enough ranks to qualify for the Graft Flesh feat. .

As long as you're going into Unearthed Arcana, there's a feat there called Skill Training. Any one skill becomes a class skill; a lot easier than a human paragon level.

A build off the top of my head:

Savage Bard 5 [UA]/Ur-Priest 2 [CD]/Mystic Theurge 8/Eunuch Warlock 5 [OA]

Bard 5 gets you Ur-Priest requirements and Mystic Theurge 2nd-level arcane casting.
Ur-Priest 2 gets you Mystic Theurge 2nd-level divine casting.
Mystic Theurge gets you 9th-level Ur-Priest spells and 5th-level Bard spells, the latter of which qualifies you for Eunuch Warlock.
Eunuch Warlock gives you 12 bonus spells, as the Dragon Disciple. Select Ur-Priest 9th-level slots, and now at 20th level you have 13 9th-level cleric spell slots. Try Miracle if all you want is versatility. Also, at Eunuch Warlock 5 "he gains the ability to cast spells of one level higher than he was previously able to cast" - Improved Spell Capacity pre-epic. Permanent free Empower Spell on two spells of your choice, too.

2009-06-14, 09:21 PM
Eunuch Warlock has a pretty harsh prerequisite, though. Just sayin'.

Foryn Gilnith
2009-06-14, 09:25 PM
Well, yes, it's in the title... but if you've suffered the price involuntarily, you might as well make the best of it with 13 Miracles a day.

2009-06-14, 09:31 PM
Fighter 5/justicar 10/reaping mauler 5

Wheee, so many save or lose grapple options! Save against being hog tied, being knocked uncontious (x2 if your dm allows OA), and DIEING! there may be more efficant Grapplers out there, but this just nuts; and allows for a 2 level adjustments.

2009-06-14, 09:35 PM
What about an anthropomorphic kitten with rainbow fur whose psychic powers are fueled by its own AWESOME MANLINESS?Sounds like Kamina... :smalltongue:

...or Simon, post-Kamina. :smallfrown:

2009-06-14, 10:25 PM
Probably my dragonborn neanderthal marshal / dragon shaman / bard. All he did was hand out buffs and dive at people out of the sky for nicely multiplied damage (the buffs often let him power attack without falling behind a full-BAB class). He was also totally insane and behaved like a fearless paladin, but in a resourceful and successful way instead of being irritating.

2009-06-14, 10:41 PM
This gestalt build is unusual in that I know it contains many suboptimal choices and would never survive in a proper gestalt campaign, but it looks like it would be fun to play.

Human Scout 20 //Fighter 2 /Warblade 3 /Dervish 3 /Tempest 5 /Dervish +7 with Shaky and Quick

1: Expeditious Dodge, T-W Fighting, Able Learner, Weapon Finesse
2: WF: scimitar
3: Combat Expertise
4: Mobility
6: Improved T-W F
8: Improved Skirmish
9: IC: scimitar
12: Greater T-W F
15: Bounding Assault
16: Great Fortitude
18: Rapid Blitz
20: Lightning Reflexes

Look at this stupid build! It sucks!
-A two-weapon build, objectively inferior to two-handed.
-Three levels of Warblade, stopping just short of a second stance, a fourth readied maneuver, and 3rd-level maneuvers.
-Improved Critical when I could just buy two Scabbards Of Keen Edges.
-Tempest levels, a weak prestige class with difficult prerequisites.
-Less than full Fortitude and Will saves.
-Deliberately reducing HP, thus increasing MAD.
-Spring Attack optimization that will rarely be used because Dervish Dance is better.
-Actually, I'm not even sure Two-Weapon Spring Attack stacks with Bounding Assault.
-Useless against nonliving creatures.

On the other hand, it has some decent synergy...
-An excellent skillmonkey build.
-Lots of different AC bonuses, including +6 untyped; it's possible to get above 40!
-Dual-wielding scimitars without penalty; generally high attack bonus.
-Weapon Aptitude and Two-Weapon Versatility mean I effectively have WF and IC with all weapons.
-Some low-level maneuvers like Blood In The Water and Sudden Leap are useful at any level.

2009-06-14, 10:45 PM
13 Wizard/5 Fighter/2 Rogue.

Probably a ****ty build to those that play optimized games...but it works nicely...if slow. the xp cut for having a third base class sucks..but eh. You can take Rogue as the last two levels in a standard 1-20 campaign...or if your DM is nice enough to forgo that crappy ass 20% penalty thing...

13 Cleric/5 Fighter/2 Rogue is fun.

What can I say...I enjoy experimenting with crap...it's all about the RP

2009-06-14, 11:00 PM
Paladin 2
Paladin 5/Grey Guard 1
Paladin 9/Grey Guard 1
Paladin 1/Grey Guard 1/Black Guard 10/Paladin of Tyranny 3

This is a recurring villain in a campaign DMed by me and a friend, he showed up at 2, 6, 10, and is going to show up at 15.

This is our most unusual build because it's a Paladin that fades to black.