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2009-05-25, 11:15 PM
Collin GTFO

so, ive decided that the game i'm going to run in a few weeks is going to be entirely based in a very large city, some of which has actually gone feral, the players are going to start out in one of the non feral areas, and I have a good campaign planned(i don't want to go into detail) but there are no traditional dungeons and i want there to be, but i cant think of anything besides giant rats in the sewer.

2009-05-26, 12:30 AM
Oh man, you have tons of dungeon ideas and don't even know it. All of these things can be potential dungeons.

-A ship in the docks
-A dockside warehouse
-A thieves guild (made to look like normal house/building)
-A mansion in the richer areas
-A city guardhouse (basically a police department)
-A prison (probably on an island or is a tall strongly built tower, but may be an actual dungeon in the city)
-The Ruler's castle (if applicable)
-A lighthouse (if applicable)
-A wizards tower

All but the ship can be attached to the sewers.

Plenty of old world cities have catacombs under them.

Really, any structure (or large vehicle) can be a dungeon in the right circumstances. Sure the pcs can generally leave these at any time to go to a healer or merchant, and sure there are patrols of city guardsmen going around (either backup against threats or deterrents from entering). But with just a little creativity or tweaking, these things don't stop places from being dungeons.

For example, maybe the pcs are being hunted by the city guard for whatever reason, now they can't just waltz down the street. Bam, instant reason why they can't come and go from the abandoned mansion whenever they feel like it.

Have you ever played Baldurs Gate (as in, sarevok, not dark alliance) or neverwinter nights? Both of these have great examples of how a city can have dungeon-style adventures.

2009-05-26, 12:34 AM
Check the link in my sig for a fully detailed sewer network which, at least for my gaming group, hasn't yet gotten old. It's not just rats down there!



2009-05-26, 12:37 AM
Here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=112551) is another thread talks about something similar. It's actually still page 1 too as of this post.

anyway, in terms of dungeon setting backgrounds, like Harperfan said, you should have no shortage of backdrop material.

what you do have to take into consideration is how the city scape changes the game.

the biggest two things are people and building doodads. If you're fighting in the streets, there will be crowds and pedestrians to think about, guardsmen and other local law enforcements to deal with, and pretty much collateral damage galore.

2009-05-26, 01:30 AM

i really cant believe i didn't think of those