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2006-04-21, 02:35 PM
Hooked Chain

Light Exotic Weapon

Cost: 20 gp
Dmg (s): 1d3
Dmg (m): 1d4
Critical: -
Type: Bludgeoning/Slashing

The hooked chain is a small light chain about ten feet in length. Attached to one end is bracer that locks onto your wrist. Attached to the other end is a small metal hook that slips easily into thew links of the chain.

Wielded in the off hand it is not traditionally a weapon fro direct attack but for a ranged grapple attempt. By swinging your chain and locking it around an opponents wrist you force them to stay no farther than an adjacent square to you. Making a ranged grapple check works just like a normal grapple check except in the following: The grab step uses a ranged touch attack instead of melee, you can be in the targets space of in an adjacent space, you only lose half your dexterity bonus (rounded down), you cannot make a pin, and you may only escape from the grapple by using the escsape artist skill (You must have you other hand free). You cannot make a ranged grapple if the opponent is using a shield in that hand or has another obstructing object. You must declare which hand before making the attempt.

2006-04-21, 02:40 PM