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2006-05-14, 04:51 PM
(This bizarre little template is courtesy to a friend of mine who never ceases to amaze me with his wacky ideas.)


No one really knows how gobblers came to exsist. Some say that it is a rare curse, others say that it is a blessing by a god of scalykind. What is for sure is that gobblers are rare happenings that can be born, and created, from almost every being on the material plane. Gobblers resemble lizardlike verisons of their base creature with the ability to eat almost anything.

Creating a gobbler:

"Gobbler" is a template that can be added to any abberation, animal, dragon, fey, giant, humanoid, magical beast or monstrous humanoid without the swallow whole special ability. It can be inherited or acquired.

Size and type:

The creatures size and type do not change for natural gobblers. Magically created gobblers can have their size permanently increased.


Gobblers gain a tounge whip attack. This attack is similar to a regular whip except that it doesn't provoke attacks of opportunity, threathens the surrounding area, and if it hits a target, (regardless of wether it did any damage or not), it can attempt to start a free grapple at full grapple bonus. This grapple does not provoke any attacks of opportunity. Each consectutive round where the gobbler wins the grapple, the target is pulled five feet closer to him. If the target is pulled into the gobblers square, it is immediately swallowed. If the target wins the grapple, she breaks free.

Armor class: The base creature's natural armor bonus increases by +1.

Special attacks:

Swallow Whole: A gobbler can try to swallow an opponent of same size or smaller by making a successful grapple check during a grapple. Once inside, the opponent takes 1d6+1 points of acid damage for every 4 HD the gobbler possess. A swallowed creature can try to cut it's way out by dealing 1/8th of max total hit points worth of damage. The AC to hit the gobblers digestive tract is 10+1/2 Natural Armor. The Gobblers gullet can hold 1 creature of same size, 2 creatures of one size lower, 4 creatures of two sizes lower and so on.

Special qualities: Low-light vision.

Feats: A gobbler gains the feat "Gape of the Serpent" for free.

Level adjustment: +2

Creating a magical gobbler.

To create a magical gobbler, you need the spells devourer*, permanency, and polymorph. Creating a gobbler costs 3500 gold, and 1140 xp. Optionally you can also use the spell "Enlarge self" to increase the size of the gobbler. This adds 100 gold and 500 xp to the cost.

*playground spell
(Wow. That was very complicated and hard. Why did I even make it? Ah well, since it is already written down you might as well get to read it. What? You already have read it? Oh well.)

The Glyphstone
2006-05-14, 04:57 PM
What's "Gape of the Serpent"? And the "devourer" spell?

otherwise...it's interesting.

2006-05-14, 05:06 PM
The devourer spell is here (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=gaming;action=display;num=1141818600 ;start=36#36)

Dunno about the feat, though.

Nice work Maryring. My only question is, what happens when you apply this template to a creature that can already swallow whole?

2006-05-14, 05:08 PM
Gape of the Serpent is from Savage Species. I think it allows you to swallow creatures that would normally be too big for you, up to a limit.

2006-05-14, 05:26 PM
I changed it so you can't apply the template to creatures with swallow whole. It wouldn't make much sense to give it to them anyway. Thanks for pointing that out Catch. And The Snark is right. Since you can swallow creatures your same size anyway, it is mainly just a fluff feat.