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2009-05-28, 07:07 PM
Hey, folks. I have a friend who's DMing the Tomb of Horrors. I previously DMed it for him and he loved it, and now he wants to DM it for a different group. I volunteered to tag along and restrain myself from metagaming by playing the Big Dumb Fighter Brute guy, which is always fun.

Anyway, I'm looking to optimize DR as much as I possibly can, with the following restrictions:
-Full BAB
-Level 9, WBL (36,000gp)

I looked around on the optimization boards, but couldn't find any tips for increasing DR. The most I can think of off the top of my head is Invulnerability Full Plate and a Greater Iron Ward Diamond, but I know there's more options out there...

2009-05-28, 07:15 PM
DR is terrible. It's generally not enough of an impact against anyone but TWF or Multi-attacking enemies. Spells ignore it, PA and SA just punch through. It's expensive to get, and most sources don't stack. Beyond that, ToH doesn't attack HP that often. Saves and no-save, just die effects are the worst. If you're really looking for a BDF wh can take hits, might I direct you to Tomb of Battle? Stone Power allows you to lose AB for temp HP, which functions against everything, not just weapons, Crusaders get to delay damage for a round(great for combining with the Temp HP from Stone Power), and Warblades can replace saves with skill checks. You'll be able to ignore Hardness and DR, as well, and probably get better HD.

2009-05-28, 07:50 PM
Eh, I usually like to avoid ToB if possible. The main reason I play martial-type or skillmonkey characters is because theyr'e simple. Wizards and spell selecting and looking up effects are just a giant headache, and ToB simply copies that effect over to martial chars.

2009-05-28, 07:51 PM
You're going into the Tomb of Horrors, know what it is, and still want DR instead of pimped out saves? I don't remember a whole lot of HP damage in there.

There's a feat in Complete Warrior that boosts your DR by 1/-. It's meant for Barbarians. Increases any one DR you may have by 1, but you can only take the feat once. Greater Resiliency, it's called.

2009-05-28, 07:58 PM
...when I looked at this thread (Californian getting ready to play Tomb of Horrors), I had the sneaking suspicion you were in my group for a second there.

Then I remembered none of them use this forum, so guess not.