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Elder Wraith
2009-05-28, 08:25 PM
Okay, I'm an aspiring DM whose creating his own adventures. However...I don't have a regular gaming group yet. If anyone can give me a way to contact them and will willingly try what comes out of the twisted hell that is my imagination, tell me.

2009-05-28, 08:39 PM
IRL, PBP, or IRC? If IRL, a location would be helpful(I have no desire to fly to New York to game). PBP may be easier, there's a section of these forums devoted to it, and IRC could be recruited there, too.

2009-05-28, 11:18 PM
ooooo, i like realms crafted by twisted mines, and i would like to play, preferably not pbp, but either RL(if you're in the bay area), voice or text chat.

me wnats tu play a barburien

2009-05-28, 11:45 PM
Go to the PBP section of the forum. There are always people looking for a game.

2009-05-28, 11:45 PM
I'm not really looking for another gaming group right now, but I'm the resident go-to guy in our circles for judging balance and homebrew, and I've usually got a pretty good sense for how to make things interesting and fun in actual games. If you want to run ideas by me, my PM box is always open. :smalltongue:

2009-05-28, 11:49 PM
Well, it is incredibly unlikely I could do this IRL, but I am willing to give it a go otherwise. I prefer for Internet RPG to be chat based rather then forum as I tend to not exactly have the attention span for forum based play by post. But if voice chats your thing, I have a headset microphone and I'm not afraid to use it. My groups on temporary hiatus right now, so even twisted minds sound like fun.
I'm in as long as others are.

2009-05-28, 11:59 PM
email me [email protected]

2009-05-29, 12:32 AM
I play online frequently using both openRPG and maptool drop me a line at [email protected]

Doc Roc
2009-05-29, 02:26 AM
What kind of world are we talking about here? If it's steampunky, I'm auto-in

Elder Wraith
2009-05-29, 03:14 PM
Sorry, I meant that anyone who was a DM could look at the adventure and give me advice on it - I'm going to join a group, but the first meeting I'll be at isn't for a few weeks. Also, it's 4e D&D

The first one is here:

Background: You are members of the Akanian League, a small group of adventurers based in Akania. Over the years you have repelled kobold attacks and solved mysteries, causing you to become local heroes of a sort. When a group of children have been kidnapped by Goblin raiders, you instantly volunteer to rescue them. Little do you know what lies ahead of you...

Adventure one: Lair of the Spider God
Background: You have tracked the goblins to a cave in the hills. However, you notice an open door in the side that has a rune sketched into the back of it. Evidently, the goblins are getting cocky to risk that.

Adventure Start:
In the cave. Map 1-a.
DC10 arcana check – You pick up a weak magical aura emanating from behind the door.
DC15 History check – You know that the rune is the calling card of the long-dead wizard Volumdar, who plagued the region until his mysterious demise years ago.

In the hall. Map 1-B. Total EXP amount available – 300xp. LV1 encounters.
2 goblin warriors are at the base of the hall. They need to make DC25 perception checks to see the party – they’re messing around and being noisy. PC’s needs a DC10 perception check to notice them.
1 Goblin BlackBlade guarding the prisoner’s room. He is alert and needs a DC10 to see the party if they enter his eyeline. However, the party needs a DC20 as he’s in the shadows. If the PC’s don’t see him, he has surprise. He will attack the party while using Goblin Tactics to shift into the Warrior’s LOS, at which point they’ll become alert and attack the party with their Mobile range attack until close enough to use their spears.

Prisoner room. Map 1-D. Total EXP amount available – 250xp. Encounter level 2. Rewards: 5 good berries (restore D4 health without a healing surge)
The children are in this well lit room, being terrorised by a Goblin Hexer and his four Cutter bodyguards. The Hexer is interrogating them and, if the PC’s listened at the door, they would know the following:
One escaped and ran down the opposite corridor.
The Hexer is threatening to feed them to something called Sperrin.
Two children have already been dragged down to be fed to Sperrin.
When the PC’s enter (the door isn’t locked), they must make a DC25 stealth check. If passed, they have surprise.
If the PC’s kill the Hexer, they get combat advantage over the cutters. However, the Hexer will use incite bravery to surround himself with Cutters and then use his Stinging Hex spell every round. If a spellcaster is in the Party, he casts Blinding Hex at him after surrounding himself with Cutters. If the Hexer falls, the Cutters will attempt to escape.
After they’ve killed the goblin’s, the children will give you the good berries while explaining about where Jimmon (the kid who ran away) is and who the goblin’s took to feed to Sperrin. They then run off down the corridor too hide in the cave, the few teens that were with them taking the Cutters’ swords.
You get 250xp for killing the Hexer and his guards.

Volumdar’s study. 1-C. Total XP 325. Encounter level 2. Encounter level 1.
Encounter one:
The door is locked and trapped. To find the trap, make a DC20 perception check or a DC 15 stealth check. To disarm the trap, make a DC20 Thievery check. If you succeed, it’s disarmed. If you fail, it remains there. If you fail 3 times or roll a one, the trap is sprung and deals D4 poison damage with ½, rounding up, ongoing poison damage. To unlock the door, make a DC10 Thievery check. If the trap is still there, it is sprung when unlocked. You could ram it down, at which a DC30 strength check is in order. This avoids springing the trap.
You get 100xp for opening the door and 100xp for disabling the trap.
Encounter two:
As you step inside, a zombie rises from the dust and attacks you. The zombie will use Slam but, if someone approaches the bookcase or the desk, he will grab the adventurer who did so.
You get 125xp for killing the zombie.
Treasure: The desk has 5 potions of healing and a +1 amulet of protection on it. Anyone who searches the bookcase learns more about Volumdar and gets one ritual of his/her level or lower. The players must make a perception check – the highest gets a +1 version of their current weapon or implement. For example, if a Ranger with a Longbow gets the highest score, he gets a +1 longbow.

Payroom.1-E. Total XP400.Encounter level 2. Encounter level 1. Rewards: 100-400gp
A guard drake will attack the PC’s on entry, while the BlackBlades will shift into position to block the hallway. They will attempt to flank the PC’s, and continually swap positions with each other using the Sneaky rule.
A paychest containing 100GP x the number of players in the party (max 400gp) sits at the end of the corridor. It is trapped and locked. A DC 10 thievery check will unlock it, while a DC 15 thievery check will get rid of the trap – a D4 damage dart shot out the keyhole.
Experiment room. 1-H. Total XP 425. Encounter level 3.

This room was used by Volumdar in his experiments at Necromancy. The small wall (DC 10 acrobatics test to climb) stops any undead from climbing it. Jimmon is hiding behind it.
The skeletons will attack anyone who enters instantly, using basic attacks to kill intruders. The zombie will grab anyone trying to climb the wall. It will otherwise only attack people adjacent to it.
Jimmon will tell you of something that ‘eats people’ and that strange ‘things that look like white dragons’ arrived recently to take command. He also mentions that he heard about someone called ‘Aarok’. He will then run down the corridor.

Hall of the Spider God. 1-G. Total XP 875. Encounter level 3. Encounter level 4.
The two prisoners are tied to an altar with an altered version of the symbol of Lolth. A Kobold Wyrmpriest (white dragon) sprinkling salt and pepper over them. You hear the word ‘Sperrin’ repeated a lot in his chant. The Skullcleavers then notice your presence and attack you with a shout of alarm. The Wyrmpriest will walk around the altar and the two Dragonshields will move to stand in front. The Wyrmpriest will then throw Energy orbs at the party, and if the Dragonshields die will use Dragon Breath when the PC’s close on him. The Skullcleavers will madly attack the party.
Afterwards, the PC’s will notice the patch of growth covered in webs. Sperrin (Lv4 deathjump spider) will use Death from Above at the first party member to approach the corner. He will then repeatedly use Prodigious leap to manoeuvre around the PC’s and use Death from Above again to attack them. He will prioritize Bloodied opponents, and will instantly retreat from whoever bloodies it.
The PC’s will notice a wounded kobold in a corner, cackling madly. He will say that ‘Aarok will kill you all. He said so. He will lead us in a glorious charge in the name of Feldegast... You don’t stand a chance....HAHAHAHAHA!’ *dies*
The Wyrmpriest had a pair of Potions of Healing and a +1 dagger on him. The altar has a +1 rod/wand (a rod for a warlock in the party, or a wand for a wizard in the party, my choice.) resting on it. 100gp worth of art objects decorates the altar.

Conclusion – Akania.
The town elders give you 1000gp for rescuing all the prisoners, as well as 200gp for killing all the goblins and 200gp for killing Sperrin. They inform you of a group of travelling merchants with magic items in town, and you may want to have a look.
As you head to the marketplace, a short figure in brown robes thrusts a letter into your hand and runs. You read:

Dear opponents –
You’re rather annoying, you know that? That spider was my best chance of converting those Goblins to my cause, and you just waltz in and slaughter Sperrin and an entire tribe of Goblins!
You still haven’t stopped me though – Akania will burn, and I’ll pay special attention to you now – you have only delayed my actions.
Yours sincerely,
Aarok, wizard and former apprentice to Volumdar.

You look up and begin to chase the fleeing Kobold.

(you gain 500XP for completing this adventure.

Adventure ends.

If you want the maps, you'll have to contact me.