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2009-05-28, 10:11 PM
Its a concept, as I can't really work on it (no time, army service takes it all.)
But the more I play fallout 3 the more I see it work well as a tabletop game.

True it will need many rule variations (action points instead of simple action types is one), but it got skills, perks (similar to feats), abilities ("SPECIAL") main way of getting up the ladder of xp and wealth is combat and questing, and the environment is fatal enough to allow random encounters and dangers of the road.

The game will require lots of new perks, guns etc, and possibly a rebalance of quite a few, but it CAN work, its a perfect match, just waiting for someone to go ahead and do it.

If anyone thinks of taking the leash of this, jest a minor request-let me take a part when I can.

2009-05-28, 10:30 PM
Actually, fallout was expessly based off of GURPS. The only reason it doesn't have the GURPS name and logo was because late in the creation process Steve Jackson Games and the producers of Fallout had a falling out.

So yeah...play GURPS. :smalltongue:


2009-05-28, 10:42 PM
This (http://falloutd20.wikidot.com/d20-apocalypse:post-apocalypse-gear) has some useful material, though you have to sign up to see it now.

2009-05-28, 11:05 PM
Check this (http://www.paforge.com/fallout.html) out.

2009-05-29, 04:11 AM
I'm currently brewing my own Fallout system and it'll most likely end up as a hybrid GURPS/D20 system.
For a D20 system try Glutton Creeper Game's Exodus which used to be the Fallout d20 before Bethesda got out the Lawsuit stick it has useful stats on weapons and the flavour is pretty much identical with slight name changes.

GURPS impresses me with it's flexibility and simplicity here but I have yet to find any actual pre-made post-nuclear apocalypse flavour anywhere. The tech levels in GURPS also vary wildly from that of the Fallout universe so tweaking there would be necessary.

For d20, the SPECIAL system already exists.
Strength = Strength
Perception = Wisdom
Endurance = Constution
Charisma = Charisma
Intelligence =Intelligence
Agility = Dexterity

Oh yes, Luck is missing. The mechanic I came up with was that players roll their roll luck each morning (either 3d6 or 1d20) and could take perks to flat boost it up or allow them to reroll the result. Players could then either choose to add their luck to a roll or test their luck against a skill challenge/check of some kind in place of the usual roll. I'll bump up my thread once I get some of them more hard and fast rules set up.

2009-05-29, 04:24 AM
I think the best approach for a Fallout Pen and Paper would be All Flesh Must Be Eaten + All Tomorow Zombies, which is basically a D20/Gurps hybrid.

I once played a tabletop version of the SPECIAL rules, and I found it terrible. The game moves with the elegance of a beached whale and especially combat are a chore. I would recommend something different as a basic system, as these rules just don't work well on the game table.