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2009-05-30, 08:01 PM
Inspired by the Kone of Kobold (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=112712) I found here, I decided to make a necromantic variation of the spell. Hope I'm not infringing on anything here, that's not my intent.


Cone of Corpse
Conjuration/Necromancy [Teleportation, Evil]
Level: Sor/Wiz 6, Death 6
Components: V, S, F, DF
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: 60 feet
Area: Cone-shaped burst
Duration: Instantaneous (damage), 1 round/level (animated corpses); see text
Saving Throw: Reflex partial; see text
Spell Resistance: No

Extending an open hand towards a targeted area, you warp reality to harness the dead of your world, teleporting them to your side and hurling them at your foes in a maelstrom of bludgeoning flesh, bone, and sinew. As a nasty side effect, the corpses teleported to you arise as your minions for a short time. The corpses deal 1d6 points of bludgeoning damage per level (maximum 15d6) to all creatures and objects caught in the area of effect. This damage is caused by teleporting 1 corpse per two caster levels (maximum 10) from graveyards on your plane of existence into the area of effect, and once damage is resolved, these corpses are animated as zombies under your control (use the human commoner zombie stats found in the MM for them), for 6 rounds, and drop to the ground dead after the duration of the spell ends. These corpses do not count against any undead you control with Animate Dead.
If you cast Cone of Corpse a second time while you still control undead animated with an earlier casting of Cone of Corpse, those undead are re-used in addition to enough corpses to equal 1 corpse per two caster levels (maximum 10) to deal the damage inflicted by the spell, and take 1d6+your caster level in points of bludgeoning damage.
The zombies created by Cone of Corpse are animated in spaces within or bounding the area of the spell, as per the DM's discretion.

Example: A 14th level wizard casting Cone of Corpse would deal 14d6 points of damge to all creatures caught in the area of effect, and would teleport 7 corpses into the area of effect. They would animate as human commoner zombies, and after 6 rounds, all would simply be stop being animated and drop to the ground, dead. If, after 3 rounds, three of the zombies were killed and she cast Cone of Corpse again, the four remaining zombies as well as 3 new corpses would be used in the spell. The four zombies would take 1d6+14 points of damage, but now last for 6 rounds after the second casting of the spell instead of 6 rounds after the first casting of the spell (assuming, of course, the damage doesn't destroy them). The 3 new corpses would take no damage and would animate as human commoner zombies after the damage is resolved.

Focus: An onyx gem worth 500 gp.


I figure the text is a bit difficult to understand, but I can't think of any way to simplify it. PEACH.

2009-05-31, 08:25 PM
Sweet! I inspired someone! I'll read the spell now!

(reads spell)


Edit: Despite the thread name, the spell is "Cone of Kobolds".

2009-05-31, 08:29 PM
Kone of Kobold sounds so much better, though. :P

Anyway, thinking of modifying it. A friend pointed out to me that while it's balanced, in-game it'd be hard to imagine how a single lv 6 spell could teleport, hurl, and animate corpses all in the same round. Perhaps if it just fired a cone of shredded corpse flesh and broken bones for bludgeoning/slashing/piercing damage, or perhaps it'd hurl already-animated zombies...

2009-06-01, 08:35 AM
Fabricate (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/fabricate.htm) can make a Stradivarius in one round... I hardly think that summoning, animating, and hurling some dead bodies is stretching creditability for a humorous spell.

I shall try to remember to keep an eye on this thread to use the information here for balancing purposes for my "Corpse Ripper" and "Corpse Peeler" spells when I get around to making them. Those spells will create undead organs rapidly, and without requiring skill checks.

2009-06-01, 06:47 PM
[QUOTE=DracoDei;6196292...a Stradivarius....[/QUOTE]

What's that?

2009-06-01, 07:15 PM
What's that?Stradivarius (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stradivarius).