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2009-05-31, 06:46 AM
So as life goes, my current character, a swift hunter (Currently level 5 and about to his the swift hunter feat and become effective) is making a fair few enemy's around town and slowly running out of allies.
All the other players are onto their second or third characters, and its not due to bad GMing, we make some really stupid decisions. Currently my CG scout 3/ranger 2 Viridian Lord (We are playing Ptolus, and I have the plant growing on me feat) has insulted a high priest, is working for a pair of LN redeemed Blackguard and fallen Paladin, an epic level level Vampire, and has insulted another high lord.
So I'm expecting another maybe half dozen sessions before he ends up killed by someone, and thus onto creating my next character.

This is where you folks come in. I don't tend to play casters much, but our party is somewhat lacking in the fields of arcane (We have a blaster Psion... Not quite a match) and non-summoning divine (The party druid relys on summoning and his flesh raker companion to deal with stuff, occasionally prepares some healing).
Anyhow, my DM has allowed the Illumian Krau trick to get early into Mystic Theurge, and so I'm going Sorcerer 1/Shugenja 2/MT X where X currently equals 3. A pure charisma based character spontaneous caster (Less paper work I figure...), as our parties highest charisma is 10 and best social skill is intimidation with a +3... Need partial face character, and Shugenja look interesting, never seen one built or played before.
Rambling on again, I'm looking for recommendations on what spells to take. Am currently thinking Fire for the Shugenja with Order of Ineffable Mystery providing standard blaster caster, while Sorcerer gives a bit of the utility.

Edit: Oh, and are there any useful alternate class features I could grab by that point?, give me a martial character and would have no problem designing, casters... Not so much.

2009-05-31, 09:48 AM
Well few things.
1. thats realy cool about the whole sorc/shugenja thing
2. I would sugest playing a utility character alla round or switching your roles about. I belive shugenjas make a better utility casters then sorcerers. Or you could mix and match, though i wouldn't take more then mabye 1-2 blaster spells. Such as magic missle and or sorching ray, or some thing else.
3. Other then that just remember your going to have a ton of low level spells to throw around which is another reason to go full utility, though even in my utility builds i have atleast 1-2 blast spells even if there cantrips.
4. no alternate class features i can thing of that will help this build any. Though i would see if you could obtain eaither improved familiar or some way to ditch it.

2009-05-31, 12:36 PM
If your DM lets you learn new spells with MT, this sounds okay. Otherwise, you'll need a lot of metamagic.

If I were building this character, I think I'd specialize in Air spells with either Order or Water Spells with Forbidding Wasteland.
Air has teleports, Illusions and Enchantments that all will see regular use.
Water has some gems like the Clouds, Heal, Contingency and True Seeing that are always handy. And it doesn't forbid either Air or Earth spells, which both tend to be powerful.

I'd avoid the Fire blasting*, just because it sucks compared to the options Sorcerers have. [I could dig through a half-dozen pdfs for a good blasting spell list or I could direct you to the Evocation section (http://forums.gleemax.com/showthread.php?t=968899) of TM's Wizard guide. The latter's easier and probably more interesting.]

*Unless you want to get into Masters of the Wild's Hexer class. WHich would make sense because it's ridiculously powerful.

2009-05-31, 04:52 PM
Anyhow, my DM has allowed the Illumian Krau trick to get early into Mystic Theurge
Wait. Can you explain how this works? Because the Krau sigil only improves your caster level, while Mystic Theurge requires you to be actually able to cast 2nd level spells of both arcane and divine. :smallconfused:

2009-05-31, 05:08 PM
Let me see if I can remember how this goes.

It is not just the karu sigil, The feat improved sigil (karu) is required. This feat lets one cast a number of spells equal to number of sigils with their effective level increased by one as per heighten spell. So one would take the feat at level 3 and be sure that one has two sigils by then. Then choose one spell from each class to be heightened up to second level. Then assuming that the DM says that entry into a prestige class counts as an effect dependent on spell level one can cast a second level spell in each class.

2009-06-01, 12:20 AM
olentu has it. And the DM has said that it is approved as I'll be two levels behind a pure prepared caster gaining the spells of each new level.
And yes, going with the MT as it gives spells known aswell as slots.

Okay, Water specialization avoid fire descriptor spells on Sorcerer side for fluff reasons (Good fluff and give up a bit of optimization and the DM eats it up, he's good like that.). Pick and mix from TM's guide for blastyness.